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Why everyone hates ToraDora so much? It's a beautiful love story with some not so well parts, but it is great!
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>Why everyone hates ToraDora so much?
*Why does everyone hate ToraDora so much?
English sentence structure is different for questions.

>with some not so well parts
*with some not-so-good parts
**with some parts that were not so good
"well" is an adverb.
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What are you on about? /a/ has already acknowledged Toradora as the greatest love story ever told.
>everyone hates ToraDora
Last I checked it was still called the greatest love story ever told.

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Screenshot (13).png
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Where were you when KyoAni saved anime?
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>it's yet another kyoani shitposting thread
What's the name of this again?
This is incredible

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Yami Cucks Yugi.jpg
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>Judai and Yubel
>Kotori and Yuma
>Yuya and Yuzu
Is it iust me or are the yugioh series where the protag doesn't part ways with his love interest at the end always shit?
At least shit compared to vanilla and 5ds
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Yugioh and GX are both better than all later series combined.
Wait so did /a/rc-v die?
GX was not better than 5Ds

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betafag eating.gif
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Has there ever been a bigger betafag than this guy?
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every single person on /a/
>is friends with several really hot girls
>some have a crush on him
>teases an actual model all the time
>manager of a future idol
>pursues his love for his blood related sister and gets together with her
Yeah sure.
>implying we are not omegas

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Is Tohru a well written character?
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Maid dragon job isn't to be well written. It's just supposed to be entertaining and funny
Kobayashi is the best written character in the show
The show was written by a ero doujin artist
Take a guess

This is driving me nuts.
Can anyone remember which episode of Baki had Yujiro and Doppo Orochi drinking in a bar, when Yuijiro drinks a whole bottle of scotch and smokes a whole cigarette in one breath?
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It's not in the anime, as far as I can recall. Should be third series, chapter ~one hundred and something.
baki question when is musashi dead
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Here we are; I found it, so I'll bump you.
Chapter 242.

surprisingly, I'm still too sick to seriously respond to your email
I might die idk
nobody knows what's causing it

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This is the first anime I have ever watched and it was absolute shit. This is the last time I'm watching anime.
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Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Which anime ist thath
Death Attack on Little Dragon Maid Piece Friends: Shippuden Z

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mikasa 2.jpg
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Im in love with mikasa help me
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She doesn't even look like that. Also she's in love with a Turkish boy
>Turkish boy
He is not a turk, he is a slav jew named after a turk jew.

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Post em
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please stop with the neon genesis shit its been over 20 years
Slow down there buddy
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> It's lunchtime everyone!


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I don't, currently they're my favorite animation studio. With the exception of DBS and Hero Academia the only other show I'm following right now is Little Witch Academia.
I like Trigger.
I don't I only hate you studio war posters get the fuck off my board

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>AOTS ends in 2 days
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>the entire Spring season without AOTS by Kyoani
End me
Why is this show flopping?
Kemono Friends and Akiba's Trip would be my personal AOTS. Maid Dragon is just okay, entertaining fun but nearly not as much.

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Say something nice about post time-skip Naruto (the series, not necessarily the character). Hard mode: Has to be about the writing specifically.
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Too much wasted potential.
It ended.
Nope we Boruto now

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This is basically just western television in anime form. Prove me wrong.
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I didn't watch it; you tell me your reasoning.

The girls are cute, so it can't be.
>entire plot revolves around everyone having indiscriminate sex with one another

Megumin or Akko?
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Did Japan just stop trying to be creative with characters? Is there a requirement over the last decade that all characters have to look bland and generic?
akko is looks pretty creative
megumeme just look like A-1 uggo shit
Akko. Megumin a shit.

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This was a wild ride. I haven't seen feels captured this well in animu in a while.
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Boring fujoshit. Literal sleep inducing.
I know what you mean,Anon. I wanna buy the blu-ray but I know they'll never release it.

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