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How much of this is gonna be comfy grandchild and grandpa stuff?
I like that part, but the edgy shonen vibe underneath it is telling me to stay way.
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>grouchy 73 year old man
>grouchy 73 year old man
>not comfy
I'm hoping it's comfy, the cute Red Queen deserves peace

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Does /a/ love Lafiel?
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Guess not.
Did the author finish the novels?
Best spess elf.

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Anyone else reading Kengan Ashura?
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I never saw that image of Haruo in the manga. Did that only ever appear in the site banner of Kengan Asura?
the american shitpost image peaked my interest
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Yep. Best boy incoming.

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ITT: Describe an anime or manga with one image. People guess what it is.
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Well done!

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Because I do
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he sure is cute
This picture is from 1976. He still looks like this today.

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Vegeta upset.png
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If Vegeta just learned the Shishi Hokodan he would be unstoppable
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in english doc
If Vegeta just learned the Lion's Roar Blast he would be unstoppable
A technique from Ranma that got it's power from the user's butthurt, despair or some shit like that.

Feels guy would be a literal god

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Time to work on Imouto a bit. Edit anon, if you're there, https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/144710601/#144710601

SYD tomorrow
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How many second season OVAs are actually subbed? I seem to have the first 3.
All of them as far as I know
Anyways, while edit anon isn't on yet.



"There is a 60 percent chance of rain tomorrow"
"Make sure to go out with an umbrella"

"60% is a pretty dicey number"
The umbrella's just gonna weigh me down
"It's not high and it's not low"

"But I think there's a lot of things which we can say is a lot or a few"

"The Japanese population with phimosis"
It's statistical
"Don't look at me"

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Be honest, you want to pin her down and rape her
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No, I'm not really sexually attracted to twigs not to mention her horrible personality.
>horrible personality
That's the main reason to rape.

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I didn't watch past the first few episodes. How come by the end so many people hated her and were starting to say the guys are too good for her?
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cuz she picked 2dpd instead of the tall cute boy
I really hope the mango isn't a ruse cruise and that she really has picked best boy
Who is best boy?

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>Onihei - 13 (Amazon).mkv

Last episode. Get in here.
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I just picked this up last week and wish I had done so sooner. It really slipped under my radar mainly because it's on Amazon.

I'm guessing the threads are usually dead, though?

>1 reply
>Page 8

You are correct.
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Even though it wouldn't be extremely popular, it'd probably have more viewers if it was on Crunchyroll so that the simulcast would get ripped on HS.

It's a shame because the women on the show are quite hot. Onihei should give Omasa the dick. Must be hard for a woman like that to get only fucked once every 10 years.

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An entertaining character for sure.
Did I just make a huge mistake?

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naruhodo phone.jpg
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moshi moshi. This is anon kun. Who's talking?
Moshi moshi! Dare desu ka?

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Why do these retards have such fat butts
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To attract mates
Dragon genetics
Is there a more disgustingly normalfag-pandering studio than KyoAni?

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>Illumi vs Pouf
Both rely on taking control of their enemies and being tricky.

>Hisoka vs Pitou
Both rely on physical force as well as agility, playing cat and mouse, etc.

>Youpi vs Chrollo
Youpi can change forms and develop advantages and Chrollo can adapt by using his copied hatsus.

How would each fight develop? Who wins?
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HxH made it painfully clear that nothing short of Gon san could beat a royal guard in a fight, redditkun.
Gon san vs Pitou was barely a "fight". She cheated and it backfired. I wonder how a proper match would've turned out.
Illumi hasn't demonstrated his strengths, Hisoka is proven to not be hot shit, and we don't know if anything within Chrollo's arsenal can harm Youpi.

I'm going with guards on every account.

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What is her major malfunction?
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Best Girl disease

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