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what are you thoughts on Lupin 2015 vs mine fujiko to iu onna.
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Blue Jacket series was way better
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>mine fujiko to iu onna.
>calling it by it's japanese name
fucking weeb.

To answer your question, Blue Jacket was the much better series for a few reasons. The Fujiko series suffers from the fact that the main focus of the series is Fujiko obviously. She isn't that interesting and the overall story that was being told just wasn't that good. I might as well just put out all the positives and negatives in Greentext while i'm at it.

Woman Called Fujiko Mine Positives
>Incredible art
>about 6-7 episodes that were still real good
>Return of Green jacket (best jacket)
>tried to be a faithful to not only the original Lupin manga but also tried to be a decent prequel to Green Jacket series which I think they did a good job doing.
>great music despite no Yuji Ohno
>series lead to the making of the Koike Lupin films
>Fujiko is main character
>main story wasn't that interesting
>some characters were really out of character especially Zenigata which is a big nono
>Mari Okada worked on the series which is NEVER a good idea
>was missing some of the charm that made Lupin so special to begin with

Blue Jacket Series Positives
>great series
>most episodes were top tier
>art was almost as great as Fujiko series
>Cagliostro references.
>Yuji Ohno music
>Blue Jacket itself is...decent..
>first series in over 30 years
>overall story with Da Vinci wasn't that interesting
>no season 2
>Blu Ray not out yet here and it's taking way too fucking long

Also if you're going to make a Lupin thread, at least make your picture Lupin related, you fucking loser.
>Cagliostro references

Not enough reference if you ask me, the references were only visual, since they choosed to told the story and the prison of the real count Cagliostro, not the one from the movie

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I love 11!
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While Komari is older, I find her a lot more attractive, not having tits helps a lot.
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hotaru rape.jpg
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Being a josei fan is suffering. Is Ep 1 uploaded anywhere beyond a three minute preview? It doesn't look like HorribleSubs is touching it.
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Wait what, that was only a preview? I thought it was the whole episode
50 Shades of Bald
>Duration: 5 min. per ep.
Sorry OP, you only get 5 minutes of Daiz per week.

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>when best girl is also worst girl
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If I wanted to be around a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder who flies into rages at the drop of a hat, I'd go talk to my sister.
Nah she's just worst girl
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le happy asuka.jpg
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>best girl
>treats guys as tools for sexual validation & treats all her teammates like disposable items
>violent and abusive person

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Cutest axe girl.png
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Let's have a good old Mirai Nikkie thread, /a/.
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Yuki is so cool!
Unironically the worst anime I have ever watched

I want to stab Yuki to death
Just finished this yesterday, was pretty good. Though I can also see why people would say its shit, especially towards the end which pretty boring and they dropped the interesting stuff.

Any other anime where the yandere is a central character? I want more yanderes who arent't just a minor part of a harem appearing every few episodes, I wanna see MC fearing for his life EVERY episode, thinking about how fucked up it is he's practically enabling a murderer.
Yuno was such an iconic character, I kinda miss her now. Great design too. Love it when the hair can cover her eyes and long hair made that last scene in the 2nd opening look amazing along with her cloak. Spooky. Same with 1st opening with 2 Yunos and handknife.

Aesthetic was spot on, the EDs riff always gave a nice impact to the scene it faded in in, really liked the music

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Neon Genesis Evangelion homage.png
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Microsoft Paint Thread

You can (not) draw
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That looks more like kaworu than rei.
I spent over half the time i spent on the drawing on the face. I just couldn't get it to look decent no matter what I did
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So what did we learn from this whole Exchange?
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Well I for one learned to hate Canadians.
flags are bad
Fuck Canadians.

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This is your Onee-chan today.

Leave it to onee-chan!
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I want to sneak up behind Cocoa while she's making coffee art and surprise hug her!
I want to hug her with my arms.
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You can always count on Onee-chan, ototou-kun!

What kind of life will Shinka have once she leaves school?
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The life of a prostitute.
The good life.
I never quite understood the purpose of the hairclip here. Isn't the sole aim of wearing a hairclip to keep the hair out of ones eyes.
Was it an artistic choice to add it in her character design or a mistake?

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What makes skirts god tier?
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It's the fact that all the Gods wear skirts.
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The ever-present chance for a panty shot. Anticipation is some good shit.

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Find a flaw.
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too primitive to even bother looking for flaws
it's basically one big flaw
>no bulge

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They say Kanna is a loli, I don't believe it.
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Kanna (Big) is best dragon. Will raging dyke childhood friend win the futurebowl?
TFW we will never got Season 5 to see adult Kanna..
She'll get with Shouta, and go on magical girl adventures

Is there really a need for a fourth movie? Why can't we just leave what happens next up to our imagination?
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Your imagination doesn't give Shaft money.
Because we want to see the suffering as Madoka denies Homura's world, saves her and then enjoy lesbian sex between two godlike beings.
File: HEEEEEERE'S MAMI.jpg (172KB, 850x977px)Image search: [Google]
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because just imagining mami's massive mamis aren't enough like being able to see them on the big screen, anon

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Only complete idiot looks at the premise of this show and all events of the story and doesn't realize that every single human is 100% right and every single ghoul is 100% wrong
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only complete idiots waste their time watching this shitshow
i watched it and this isnt a show to think about. just enjoy the edgefest and shinji ikari formular for what it is if you can.
But what about the Ghouls that don't eat people?

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>[HorribleSubs] Warau Salesman NEW - 01 [720p].mkv
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and the next thread to die out with less than 50 replies goes to...
Not my kind of show, I hated Jigoku Shoujo as well
Can I watch this without the first season? I don't have time to catch up on 100 episodes right now.

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