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1. A childhood friend with big breasts is killed off for good after being eaten by a lion person.
2. A girl is hired to work at a food establishment, she serves unusual customers.

Bonus: name the person common to both shows
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The MC sleeps randomly while looking for friends
Little Busters?
Villagers go crazy because their village is next to a swamp.

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Was he actually going to do it?
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>thinking a complete autist like him wouldn't
He's exactly the kind of person who would commit suicide over losing a children's card game. Also, funny to think how the dub changed it to "the shockwaves from the blow of your attack will knock me over the edge" actually made some kind of sense because it would have been more of a murder than a suicide in that case, at least it would if the monsters and attacks weren't just fucking holograms.
I think it was more about Mokuba and less about losing a card game. Lets not be more autistic kaiba okay
Take your meds.
He already was.
Wasn't gonna jump, but if he got knocked down by the magic that is holograms affecting the real world, then Yugi couldn't handle it.

what would be the worst end of Re:Creators
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They kill Altair.
I get the feeling that the ending is gonna be shit regardless, but the worst route is some kind of reset where only Souta remembers.
Souta x Shark kiss when?

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If the mods could stop deleting the threads that be nice
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Maybe don't make cancer ones then fucko
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>no chapter 33
>saving a transparent png as jpg

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How did this moment make you feel?
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Bah gawd he did it!
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>Never really watch Dragonball
>Watch a Gohan vs Cell video on youtube last year
>2+ hours
>just when I thought gohan couldn't get any stronger, he proves me wrong.
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> on my first watch:
mad because I was a huge Gokufag and pissed that he didn't kill Cell

> after that:
sad because I knew, this is from where it goes downhill for him

Why isn't there kamen rider anime?
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it was shit.
Gaim was legitly Urobutcher's best work, even though he lost writing control for the ending which went subpar. A lot of the praise goes to the director and cast who delivered as well.
>Urobutcher's best work
That's Fate/Zero.

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>watch anime with generic high school setting
>get flashbacks of your own terrible high school experience
Maybe this is why Isekai is popular?
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Jokes on you, I didn't go to high school.
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I dont know, I prefer my highschool.
>high school setting
>main cast are those that fucked during high school

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Why is Wing the best Gundam?
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You like men in a sexual way.
No I'm straight.
Because you're under 15 years old

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Shit just got real.

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Yea like nobody predicted this shit to happen. What? Are they going to just ask "What's your name?" and then be too embarassed then proceeds to run away from each other forever?
But is she a virgin?
Nope. Used goods.

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She's my angel and makes me smile every time I see her face.

Happy birthday to my beloved Ritsu.
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will she be hanging out with her friends?
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That is to be expected.

At night though, she goes with her beloved.
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She'll watch the eclipse with them, I assume.

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What's Kouhai's endgame?
Raw for chapter 28
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Is caesar zeppeli quite Literally the best character in JoJo?
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But Anon, that's not Iggy.
No, but he was one of the best and appeared on the best part though.

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Hey, come make a game with us
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Will this game be playable with a joystick?
Probably would have read the VN if the Tomboy has a sex scence. Too bad.

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How did she pop out such a retard?
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By developing a heroin addiction midway through her pregnancy.

i fugged her.

She is an idiot herself.

1 idiot mother + what I assume would be 1 idiot father makes for 1 retarded idiot daughter.

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nu-/a/ everyone
>oreimo is oldfag culture now

nu-/a/ everyone

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