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>this guy still draws Hibiki after all these years
How can I be as based as him /a/?
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Become Chine- wait.
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Haruka is way better.

In fact, Haruka is the best.

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Murata is back streaming the next chapter.
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Lots of dead monsters, I guess Tatsumaki did this? Or maybe WDM?
Or wait, didn't see Saitama until a moment before. Tough it doesn't really feel like he's the one who did it.
Is he the only one that does these kinds of streams? I think it's fucking awesome

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Anime that were too early for its time
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How was Chacha ahead of its time? It aired around the same time as Guru Guru and Slayers. Fantasy comedy shows were pretty popular.
its 20 years late for any normalfag to even know about it
Why would a normalfag know about little girl cartoons regardless of when they were made?
Why would you give a fuck whether normalfags know about it or not?

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What is the purpose of this thread?
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Slide thread to kill the generals.
To bring attention to the fact that Akari is 13 years old and highly sexual.
bark bark

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ITT forgotten masterpieces.
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Isnt that platina End? Shit was boring so I dropped it
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Every thread.
It was kind of meh, not terrible but not amazing either

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Has this show been a disappointment?
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Of course.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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Why are good steampunk settings so rare in anime?
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It requires thought.
You could just say that good settings are rare in anime, or even that good anime itself is rare, and you'd be right.
It really doesn't.
It's just a sci-fi with a shit-looks-old-and-mechanical-instead-of-nanomachines-everywhere look.

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So, how are they going to "animate" this "manga" (4koma copypaste turd)?

Are they getting manly voices?
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I will be Nichijou 2.0 for adults
Like Teekyuu? Short and fast jokes?
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The worst part about the anime is going to be the tamed as fuck CR subs since I'm pretty sure Japs don't have a word for "motherfucker"

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"Enbound’s announced a mobile adaption for its multimedia project Onsen Musume (温泉むすめ) today (21st August). The game is titled Onsen Musume: Yunohana Kore Kushon (温泉むすめ ゆのはなこれくしょん) and will be released next year.

Onsen Musume refers to five female idol groups, SPRiNGS, AKATSUKI, LUSH STAR, Adhara, and petit corolla. They are all in fact personified hot springs and aim to promote Japanese hot spring culture. The project has two albums released so far."
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Sounds dumb as fuck like that one isekai'd as a hot spring story but then this is to promote their culture I guess shit works there. Anime when?
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First OnMusu video at their new home of Columbia Music who signed on to back Onsen Idols.

Debut single from Akatsuki, three cute Moe Onsen Spirits not the edgy 9 asshole Ninjas.

Cast includes Miyu Tomita (Yume Nijino from Aikatsu Stars), Yuka Hashi (Kasumi from RE:Stage) and Masumi Tazawa (Ayame from CG)


New MV from their first group SPRINGS.

First two singles uploaded courtesy of P/Shihainin/Helper Sakana Yuki.

Is it any worse then that time Idols had to enter the Diet to stop the rot or that time Idols fought Space Fascists with the power of music?

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Ritsu (aka best K-On) turns 26 today, and so do I.
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Please see >>161388486
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Happy birthday anon!
>Avoid redirecting all discussion of a series to a single thread. Users are free to discuss similar content in separate threads as long as threads are not being spammed.

Fucking generalfags

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Lets be honest, we all wanted to carry Mina like a princess. She is the greatest vampire and loli.
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scans of the artist's new chainsaw loli manga when?
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>Dance In The Vampire Bund
>She doesn't dance at all

What? That sounds interesting
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It's finally out!

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>Extremely horny
>Been trying to lost his virginity since SJG
>literally became a teacher to fuck some pretty school girl
>Has at least over five girls wanting his dick and of some of them like Azusa or Shinomi are his age, so no problem morally
>actually attracted to most of them
>still a 24 yo virgin

Onizuka's story is the definition of blueballing
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he just realizes that life isnt all about getting your dick wet
Urumi should've won.
There's a reason why he is a Great Teacher.

Is Mika a good role model for her younger sister?
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The best possible role model to any little girl
Rika will never be as good as Mika so she shouldn't bother trying to begin with.
How can she be so pure?

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>mc maxes out the main girls affection level in the first episode
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>MC tries to finally confess in the final episode
>They get fucking interrupted
Name 10 anime where this happens.
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