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Aren't you going to give seconds?
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You want to get fat?
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[HorribleSubs] Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 01 [720p]

An anime about a manlet shota teacher and his harem of fuccbois.
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This show's name sounds like oh shit. Picked up.
>harem of fuccbois.

Sign me in.
That's my fetish.

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If Black Lagoon got a live action adaptation in the west, who would be best to play Revy?
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Scarlet Johanson
Hmm, chick who played Lara Croft, perhaps?
Angelina Jolie, are you fucking nuts? She´s a worn out hag!

Personally, I would forget about Revy being half-chink, they should her make a hispanic or an arab. Like, from some very violent place.

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"Anon niisan, what's that thing under your bed?"
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It's a corpse, dear. Please don't touch it. You'll get everything dirty.
A hint relating to the case? AHA so the culprit did so-and-so. I AM A GENIUS.
"What's that, little fella? Why, uh...erm...y'see, sometimes a man gets lonely and, uh, well..."

>That's it! Why didn't I notice it before?! If I don't do something soon, we're going to have another murder on our hands!

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ITT the exact scene you dropped a particular show
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>even attempting to watch Lucky Shit

Shiggy Diggy Doo

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
Is this meme old enough to vote yet?
What is this animu? Is it worth or is that clip just cherrypicked?

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This guy is so fucked.
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>Bon Jovi riff
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The title of the manga is based on that song.
Actually every chapter is named after rock/metal songs, or a band in this case.
Kinda like what Araki does.

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I thought it was ok
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your opinion upsets me
It was pretty great

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Who is your personal girl of the season?
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Winter or Spring?
Winter is the season of death. Spring is the season of love.

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Would anime as a whole be better if they stopped making dime a dozen harem shit series' and instead focused their budget are actually good and innovative things? Sure pandering to the safe bet is logical, but it will never be that great.
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>focused their budget
What budget?
You think the government actually funnels some of the tax income to create anime?
>good and innovative things
Taste is subjective retard.
>focused their budget
How the hell do you think Anime is funded?
Well it does sometimes
The first lwa ova was funded with a government grant

This studio made Konosuba and Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.

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with animators
This is also the studio that made Trust and Betrayal, a literal 10/10 ova series.
This is the studio that made tenshi no tamago, anime that hipsters on /a/ love.
They have made some good anime in the past like higurashi, sankarea, read or die, ranma 1/2, rurouni kenshin, korean zombie, sakamoto, simoun, sakura trick and urusei yatsura.

But they made a bad fate anime so that means they are garbage, right?
Konosuba was a garbage addaption and only carried by the writing of the LN, and Showa had too much Fujo pandering.

>Sandstar is already...
What do they mean by this?
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Arai-san is hungry.
Whatever happens, do NOT post Moose in this thread
I will explain later
It means second season

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What is the pinnacle of cute in anime, and why is it Tsumugi from Amaama to Inazuma?
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She just makes everything cuter, no matter what.
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raw 174

Nozomi is bringing out the third stance of Vacuum Ass Cannon
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best girl
S2 never
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DARKER_THAN_BLACK 10th anniversary!
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