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On this day, 10 years ago, a legend was born.

Let us hope and pray that his revival draws near.
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jist howling in the shawders
As much as we all want it, at this point we pretty much have to accept that we won't get any more DtB.
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> no more DtB
life is fucking cruel

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Thoughts on Himouto Umaru-chan, /a/?
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TSF was the best.
new chapters never. fuck norway
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Close, try again

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A friend who's good at deleting threads? Suuuugoii~
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Dank jokes are bad, mkay.
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What's so special about these dogs other than not being extinct like people thought they were?

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I found this image of random stripes.
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S3 confirmed.
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>it's ok, it's my safe day!

What the hell does that even mean? Why does Japan just make shit up for the sake of porn
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That's a Catholic thing, not a Jap thing.
You must be 18 to post on this board.
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>He didn't take elementary-school sexual education

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It's time.
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420 Blaze it

Takatoshi way

"I wanna make a Ousai Academy mascot!!"

"I made a trial product just recently"
"When was that?"

"That's why I called you, Tsuda"
"I'd like to see it please"

"It's the perfect size for you"
"I'm wearing it?"
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Comic 1
Charm point

The Ousai Mascot Sakura-tan (temp)

"He's a loose character in concept"

"This part is loose" [TN: ゆるキャラ is something akin to a PR mascot. But it's literally short for ゆるいキャラ or 'loose character'. Hence the pun]

Comic 2
Hard work

"I came to gather some info on the mascot"

"Whoa, this is pretty nice quality"
"Make a pose"

"Is it hard to breathe in there?"
"Yeah a little"

"It's hard to discern how people are breathing in kigurumi pornos" [TN: 着ぐるみAV literally translates to 'Cartoon mascot porno'. In most of them, people dress up in giant anime character costumes then masturbate via vibrator]
"You don't know if they're stimulated or if they're in pain"
"Does a genre like that exist?"
J udo best girl

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He who slayed 100 Four-Dukes!

Let him usher in a golden age for Roselia!
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How can this guy be so perfect
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Blown away.png
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I don't know but I do know that all the females of his kingdom get wet for him.

Also it's hilarious that Thera buys into his bullshit.
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bad ass.jpg
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hat boy's great too

Jesus, L's death is underwhelming
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The real problem is that the series isn't over.
I don't know why people say it should have ended at L's death, it would be anti climatic as fuck. Sure the second arc could have been introduced in a more organic way, but ending the anime at episode 27 wasn't the answer either.
Yea heard the next part isn't as good

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The balls are inert
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Where did you get this picture of my doctor?
I left it in my other pants pocket
fingers around my dick

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I enjoyed endless 8
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Probably because you could watch them all at once, hell even skip a few knowing what was happening.

The problem many people have is watching the episode, then having to wait a week+sub translate time to watch it. And the name endless eight was briefly mentioned but i guess many didn't know it would be 8 episodes
Not OP, but I had a lot of fun when it aired and /a/ would compare all the differences. Nagato's swimsuits made it all worthwhile.

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Why does Yunyun has no friends?
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Because she lives in a world full of jerks.
She isn't chuuni enough for her village and others stereotype her for being a chuuni. Especially in Axel where before Yunyun arrived, the only resident crimson mage was the "crazy little explosion girl."
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Subs are out

> comfy
> part 1 vibes
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Good thread
How strong is Hanabi
When is himawari going to get it from boruto

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Is there any hope for a new season, /a/?
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No, it sold much less than Umaru. I hope they'll forget about rip-off shit and get back to real deal

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How did you cure your Shinka addiction?
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Realizing Satone was better.
Fapping about six times in a row.
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After Rin beat the crap out of her right in front of me

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So quirkless heroes aren't viable at all in this universe?
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Well, maybe if they were Batman levels of rich and could afford loads of tech from the best support companys or had mary-sue-ish levels of skill
>no quirk
>fight criminals
>catch the niggers too
>get paid
A normal cop
Knuckleduster seems to be doing pretty well for himself I'd say.

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