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are you drunk.png
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Woop woop
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[Title is 'Mermaid']
Kirihara Youichi
Year 2 Class 7 Homeroom teacher. English Teacher.
He heard a rumor that Chiba-chan like him, and he thinks things are going bad.
Chiba Sayaka
Year 2 Class 7 Library Rep
She likes Kirihara-sensei. She tries her best everyday to get over their student-teacher relationship.

My student Chiba
Seems to like me.
"Look over here!!"

Of course, it's just a rumor.
But ever since I found out, no matter what I do...
"I have to watch over everyone..."

"Can't you just have a little peek?"

I just get really conscious
About Chiba.
Oh great, these two.
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"So over here"
"There's a porcupine fish!!"

In any case, I can't say if Chiba
Has gotten cuter, or more likable
It must be in my head...

"Gegh!! Gogh!!"
"Hey, Sensei!?"
"And I specially found these guys..."

"Chiba, you just got really close..."
"Isn't this normal?"

"Did you get flustered there?"

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Is it true?
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Big breasts are filled with cancer risk and silicon. They have large visible veins and huge nipples. I don't understand why people like them.
Dont forget about the adverse effects of such a weight on the back.

Medium breasts are the brest. smalls breasts are fine too.
Big breasts are filled with dreams because all girls dream to have big breasts.
Small breasts are filled with hope because all girls hope they'll become bigger.

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1 chapter left until the tournament arc concludes according to Murata. It's too late to introduce a new challenger at this point and Suiryu is the only one who can stand a chance against Gouketsu. Maybe Bakuzan will help.
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dude it's not a complete chapter
There's like 7 pages left showing Bakuzan getting up and turning to monster. It didn't introduce a new fighter like Bang/Saitama. No way they are making Saitama or Bang show up in the last minute.
i can't believe that we will see Garou vs WDM so soon

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Which one is better, Re:Zero or Sword Art Online?
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boku no pico
Re:Zero but that really isn't saying much, nor is it a compliment.
SAO has better soundtrack.

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I'm certain we speak the same language.
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is this a Jojo reference?
Am I the only person who feels a burning hate towards literally every character and thing in this series? Whenever I think about it my first thought immediately goes to seeing Godzilla step on everyone in the series or something
They really did a fantastic job with this, the angles they used, music, really created an amazing ambiance.

Him sitting down and blowing all the trees made him even more menacing, good direction and detail is all i really wanted from the animation and they are delivering on level unparalleled by anything else in the passed 5 years.

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no sequel movie, no sequel ova! a tv season!
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Speak English weeb-chan.

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Is Nanako the most beautiful anime girl in existence?
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It only seems that way because most of the girls in her series are literally men.
But Nanako is genuinely a beautiful girl inside and out. I'm not comparing her to anyone else in the show.
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I saw at least three dear brother threads in the last two weeks. Nice.

And obviously Tomoko is cuter than Nanako.

>you're in public transit when this cute girl tries to pull an "it's me" scam on you
How do you respond?
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What's with those silly borders?
He watched a camrip and they added borders to make it 720.
Still waiting for those BDs before I watch it.

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Would you date an older girl?
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Depends on how many dimensions they are.
I would date any girl anon

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Is this still being translated? The last update was in 2016. Should I just be looking up a No Commentary playthrough of the VN for this route?
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You should always read the VN, but somebody translated chapter 12 just today.


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Why? It's really good.
All of them. Started with seasonal shit in 2010 and never bothered to watch anything old.

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Are you going to protect her?
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She's an ex-soldier and I'm a weenie faggot.
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She would go to the ends of the world to fulfill your desires.
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>female soldier
Daily reminder that women are fucking useless in the field and are nothing but deadweight

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kare kano_2.webm
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What do you think of Kare Kano?
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Boy did they ever fuck it up
good....until that ending

also has a catchy OP
Anno > Tsuda.
Get reckt.

This guy walks up to you and says he'll turn you into the loli you've always dreamed of being.

Do you accept?
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What are the cons?
What's the catch?

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Bon Voyage!
As the sky and the sea overlaps, the wind that opens up the blue cuts through

If you fill your trunk up with many dreams
Head towards the unknown paths! (Bon Voyage!)
The compass that points at hope spins around 360 degrees

All the possibilities call to the cruise
Let's meet, let's meet with thrill
And the horizon shines and gleams
(The throbbing surrounding)

(Say) Bon Voyage! As the sky and the sea overlaps (Line) the wind that opens up the blue cuts through
(Now) What is new in the world that's beautiful no matter what Bon Voyage!
During the journey heading towards the future
To the future, /ai/ - idle activities
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>Manaka's new role is to be the NPC guide

She was sabotaged by Yui in their first meeting. And if Yui can't even trust Lala, then she herself isn't trustworthy. Lala would've believed her.

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