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Chapter 6 out.
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Would you help a Demon mother take care of her son?
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what a slut
father still unknown
Updates are too slow
For a second there I thought this was Maken no Day Dreamer.

rate, recommend, discuss
no autistic shitmongering about how people are elitists or that 3x3 threads don't need to exist.
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>no autistic shitmongering
Um excuse me? I come here to be roasted.
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Hello friends

Lesson learned. Triple check the catalog next time
3/4 although I might just not be recognizing that middle row

5/6 What's the point of using fanart if it neither makes a show more recognizable or creates a cohesive aesthetic?

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You can't post your idea unless you review someone else's idea first

Hard mode: Right an anime for the genre you hate the most
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MC is crossing the street when he notices a girl from his school is about to be run over by truck-kun. Acting quickly he pushes her out of the way and saves her in the process blacking out. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place and deduces that he was isekai'd. He gets up, ready to be a hero but notices that he's in a muddy trench in military uniform already. He hasn't been sent to another world, but to the past. He makes friends with his fellow soldiers on the Western Front of WWII before being sent over the top and dying in a futile charge across No Man's Land. MC wakes up thoroughly traumatized from dying again and losing his new friends. He notices he's on a hospital bed. Turns out, he didn't die but rather got some head trauma and was in a coma for a few days. He tries to resume normal life and dealing with the fallout of his heroic action on his social life and the girl trying to get closer to him. Periodically, he gets sent to another time. The entire series is him dealing with school life after doing something that would get the MC killed in a normal isekai and be written off and the mounting trauma of being sent across space and time to conflicts across history, from being a line infantryman in Waterloo to a doomed Kamikaze pilot at the twilight of WWII.
>muddy trenches of WWII
That killed the thread even before it even began OP. Hopefully you learnt something from your mistake.

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Has Shaft made anything good other than SZS?
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Everything shaft has done had been good. If you feel like something they did wasn't good, it's actually you who are wrong.

Hey. Scanned some stuff. I don't feel like navigating Mediafire's shitty flash interface to get the links, so just browse the "scans" tag on deadscanlations.

>Noroi Michiru Shoki Kessakusen - NOROI Michiru

Horror anthology, seems to be virtually unknown in the West.
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>Yuubin Haitatsu to Yoru no Kuni - Ooba Kenya
>Yoshio the Cartoonist - Kondoh Akino

4-koma, also has a reprint of a Fellows oneshot.
>Afternoon Four Season Prize PORTABLE

33 volumes of award-winning oneshots. I have one more volume to scan, still.


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Which chuu2 would be the best fuck?
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Piss-smelling childish pussy.

Did everyone enjoy episode 12.1? and will there be a 12.2?

The ride doesn't feel quite over yet!
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Just dottan my battan up, senpai.
>Arai asks why you can't use bent wheels
>Fennec asks why a boat even needs wheels.

its cute how retarded arai is and how discerning fennec is.

It really is the end for now.
" To Love-Ru" Darkness "Darkness" Originally I came up with my own selfish and made a blot and started spinning off Haseyami again, but as a result it has the same number of turns as no mark, and the number of years to serial last longer than no mark Now

I appreciate it sincerely thanks to your support. I would like to talk a bit about the circumstances leading up to completion to everyone who came up to here.

I decided to quit, I told Ms. Haseyami and the staff concerned about 5 S in June 2016 which celebrated the 10th anniversary. There are several reasons for this, but first of all, we can draw the story that can be done as "Darkness" by Momo and Yami who were conceived from the beginning in this episode.

Another thing was that I thought that it would be better to cool down around here a bit because the author and the reader were too used to inflation. Furthermore, it is the same as Muji, but 18 no ban ... not 18 volumes

In other words, it was the best to finish the 10th anniversary and finished here ... Many officials, editor-in chief, got an understanding.

I wanted to keep drawing manga without break I also had a painful part, but it was only judgment that I would not go on to keep dark "darkness" while carefully treating the work.

I think that the next work will be a work other than "To Love-Ru" for the moment, but for me it's no longer a "To Love-Ru" world like my house.

Since I'm thinking about the idea like "Magical girl thing" whose main role is being expanded and the leading role of beauty (lol) I honestly feel that I wish there are places and timing to let me draw someday.

Someday again…! "To Love-Ru" is immortal if everyone keeps supporting !! Thank you in the future! Kentaro Yabuki "

How long before Yabuki gets pressured into making more?
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Go back.
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Which Akatsuki had the best fight?
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Hidan vs Shikamaru
By far the best fight in Naruto period

I agree. Not only was the fight good, but Shikamaru's arc was built in a way that made his revenge very satisfying.

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What went wrong?
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The author listened to the fans instead of sticking to her original plan. The fans are retarded, they don't know what they want.
I will never understand the love for this series.

Which is better animu or mango? I mean anime has music and voices that add more emotion, but manga has prettier pictures.
I'm not talking about which has more good product s overall. I mean if two equally perfect manga and anime went up against each other which would be better.
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This is why I want anime and manga to have different boards.
Anime just can't compete with manga in terms of art, even the prettiest, most worked on anime and with the biggest budget can't compete with the 'prettiest' manga. If there was ever an anime that had the level of art manga achieves coupled with top notch animation and faithful adaptation to a tee then I'd easily call it the superior product.
>I mean if two equally perfect [things] went up against each other which would be better

You're misunderstanding at least one of these words.

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Just get a new one.
I'm sure if those kids had therapy they'll be fine.
I'm so fucking horny.

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>download Pani Poni Dash!
>comes with an entire folder full of pdfs titled "notes"

What am i getting myself into, /a/? Is this really necessary to enjoy the show? Each one is like 10+ pages....
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this is like japanese culture 101 for the time period it came out of. After I watched this I started picking up more references in other shows and it made the experience better.

Also yes, there are a ton of fucking notes every joke in this is a reference to something
>Is this really necessary to enjoy the show?
Only if you have a low powerlevel.
Oh god yes those pdfs. I'm already hit with tons of nostalgia.

Shit was great.

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