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Oh god. What is happening.

72: An ironic fate
[Center] Their feelings spill out from their hidden heart...
[Bottom right] The newest volume 6 is now selling super well.
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[Right] Ibusuki-kun should have come here to find out 'how to stop seeing the First love zombies', but she was selected to play the princess in a strange festival......!!?

"If we find out how to stop seeing the first love zombies"
"There's no reason for me to be by Tarou's side anymore..."
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"We have arrived, now please get off"

"The dragon's cave is over there"
"The person playing the dragon is waiting inside"

"Maaaan, thank god. This thing is suuuper tiring to climb"
"We really had to have a young person play the role"
"So that's why you gave me the role..."

"This kimono's heavy..."
"Why am I suffering so..."
"I mean, a guy dressing as a girl and marrying a dragon is a strange story in the first place..."
"And I'm a girl..."

"...I'm finally here"
"This probably would've been tiring for old people to do every year..."
"~The previous dragon princesses~"
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"Wah... it suddenly feels so cold..."
"And the guy playing the dragon is in here..."

"Ta... Kurume!?"

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Did they ever reveal who femto was?
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Fem is short for "female".
to means "and".

Femto Miura's response to futanari.
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I think it was this guy.
Why didn't Guts just forgive Griffith so they could join up to fight Femto together?

Just started Yu Yu Hakusho today, can't decide between the dub or the sub. Dub is pretty alright but some of the voices are really bad, what's the better choice here?

Also YYH thread I guess
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Dub is better for the purpose of matching the intended characterization of the main characters and generally has snappier writing. There's not really a bad way of going about watching it though.


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Watch Rocky 1
Shamploo was more than anime. It was art.

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What's up with people liking Konosuba on /a/?

Why do they like such a shit series? Why are they such cancerous retards? Will we ever get rid of/purge them?
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But what don't you like about it
What exactly is good about it? And plus, even if their were anything good about it, most threads on /a/ are just circlejerking on which girl is "Best", and that's how you can really tell a series is shit.
It has some good soundtrack for example.


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You didn't forget about me, did you /a/?
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Worst girl in an awful story.

Shame about the choice of VA, she's decent.
>forget Rori Maaakuri

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>wants to die next


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Croissant continues to be the best
>pyschic research

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Do the Love Live Sunshines make you horny?
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Nah. They just make me want to rewatch the original series and movie instead though.
You make me feel randy
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Left or right?
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anyone but snake
Both at the same time. I want to drown in tits.
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bat all the way

Why was Sato such an asshole? What was his problem?
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how was he an asshole
>self centered
>living off of mommy
>delusions of grandeur
>rude to the few people who care about him

Just to name a few.
If he was a nice person he wouldn't be a hikikomori

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Stop being a creep, Anon.
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That's Himawari
stop wearing short skirts then, slut
That's like asking the sky to stop being blue.

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Are you seriously gonna tell me this bullshit ended with the two of them not ending up together
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Yeah, it was a great ending.
Felt pretty flaccid and like it was generally forcing "realism"
Why do you care anon? Does the fact that two fictitious characters fall in love and ending up together give you a tiny glimmer of hope in your otherwise sad and lonely life?

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How do you know when a girl is best girl?
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By looking it up on the internet.
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She'll let you know, OP.
If you have to ask then she is not.

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Lets have Angela thread!
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there was so much more to develop in this set-up
It was great, isolated solid story.

Why does it have to be something bigger? Something it is not?

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun thread.
Sakura is great and her brother is even greater tha her.
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S2 when
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Never. No Mayu, Chiyotouto and Seoniichan for animeonlyfags.

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