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gate JSDF simplistic art.jpg
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Now that the dust has settled what did you guys think of Gate?

Did it portray combat well? Was the protagonist likable? What did you think of the waifus?
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No, yes, some of the side characters were more waifuable than the main girls.
It portrayed Americuck combat well, even now they are still salty about it. Also, predicted Trump I guess.
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Fucking Dragon .jpg
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it was a good show, any word on season2?

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>main character
>also best girl
what's her name /a/?
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yui smirk.jpg
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Which Lucky Star would you fuck?
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>show is a decade old
Who cares?
I'd pat Tsukasa on the head. She's a good girl.
Wouldn't fuck any of them but would hug and cuddle with Tsukasa.

Why don't shoujo mangas get as much anime adaptions as shounens?
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They don't have as much to gain from adaptions unless it's an action manga.
Maybe because modern shojo mangas suck
they don't sell nearly as well

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What's the best saga?

Saiyan saga, right?
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Dragon Ball?

Red Ribbon Saga imo

Dragon Ball Z?

It's drawn out to all the fucking shit but I'll go with the Frieza saga.

>totally vanilla opinions: the post
DB: Red Ribbon Saga
Z: Namek Saga

Overall: Red Ribbon Saga

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Does she really have to wake up eat breakfast get ready THEN walk all the way from a secluded countryside area TO take a train for who knows how long just to get to work? How is this even humanly possible?
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semon magic
She's not married and impregnated yet How is this even humanly possible?

>THEN walk all the way from a secluded countryside area TO take a train for who knows how long just to get to work

Well a schoolteacher's salary probably isn't enough to buy a car. Especially a new teacher starting off

>How is this even humanly possible?
She wants to be part of society, Her options are literally living alone as a hermit, being a delinquent, or trying very hard to fit in without causing any problems

>Does she really have to

Yes, She can't suppress her succubus powers while sleeping, During the day she covers up her body to not let any pheromones out, All the scenes when she's flashing skin at Tetsuo she's releasing her succubus pheromones at him.

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929KB, 847x1200px
Chapter 4 dump, needs TLC and PR, I guess.
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File: i-0113.png (869KB, 847x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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File: i-0114.png (893KB, 847x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Tohru naked.jpg
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I can see her pussy fluid
damn, dis bich is THIUUCC
File: Screenshot_20170404-222736.png (245KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Pretty hawt

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Do you have what it takes to start the new Keit-ai?
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Theoretically, you and your romantic partner, who is most likely of the female gender, are accompanying each other, when the cellular telephone, of which you are the legal owner, abruptly emits an audible tone, which is highly likely to be your default sound that will play when someone from another location, usually within your country of residence, depending on your telephone carrier or provider, inputs a finite pattern composed of numerical units into their legally owned cellular telephone, which in turn will send a wave that goes through a complex process that includes radios and telephone towers. You walk over to the area that the cellular telephone is physically placed, and you translate the telephone receiver from it’s resting area, where it is mechanically constructed to fit into, all the way in the direction towards your ear drums, and then place the northern part of the device to your ear, and then place the southern part near your mouth, most likely onto your cheek. A voice that resembles that of an adult male proclaims “What activity are you currently in the process of completing, that involves having my female offspring attend!?”. You immediately notify your female romantic companion, and she educates you on the objective fact that the paternal guardian that she normally refers to as “Father” has stopped living some time in the past, and is also currently deceased. If the details of this story are in fact, the truth, than it is now your duty to answer the question of ‘Who was calling you and your romantic companion on your cellular telephone?’.
A boy one day is magically transformed into to a girl permanently by the powers that be and soon finds that all his friends and loves ones memories have been rewritten to believe he was a girl the whole time. She now has to deal with the stress of being a girl and his former best friend being in love with him.
A guy travels back in time to save a girl's life and succeeds but now the guy doesn't remember why he had to go back in time because the girl's life wasn't in danger so he doesn't go back in time to save the girl's life and the girl dies. Fate was too cruel for the girl so the guy travels back in time to save the girl's life and succeeds but now the guy doesn't r

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I don't understand why this is so well liked. It's all pretty mediocre. The only really good thing about it is the soundtrack. It has 2 good eps also, i can give it that (Jupiter Jazz 1 & 2)

The characters are not memorable or very interesting, and the ending is the most cliche "dude how sad but cool lmao" shit imaginable, like a 15 year old wrote it.
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It's a slice of life about a bunch of moronic space bounty hunters.
it has 26 good episodes you mongrel
yeah yeah sure

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You get to live in a mansion paradise filled with all the girls of an anime of your choosing, what anime do you choose?
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ITT: anime characters you would beat in a fight.
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I am become death
Almost all of them.

>implying she wouldn't fucking wreck you in a sleeping duel

Not to mention she must have immense power due to all the energy she stores up with the constant sleeping.

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>Fucking Hell, there's not enough hardcore otaku scum to buy our overpriced niche merchandise
Paraphrasing of what the CEO of Flying Dog is expressing politely.

Anisong industry is lamenting that hardcore otaku ain't buying enough anime anymore. That means no BDs and music CDs either, so several recording companies needed to band together to minimize their losses. Most younger otaku do visit events, but they don't buy the discs at all.


With the hardcore otaku in Japan not spending all their money on j-pop songs for anime anymore and probably wasting it on mobage instead, perhaps gaijins can help save the market.

Or is it all just doom and gloom-saying?
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60KB, 521x593px
Do people even buy Music CD's at all any more?

In the world of internet and pirating they have to come up with other ways.
File: Anime Business 2016.jpg (1MB, 4963x3508px)Image search: [Google]
Anime Business 2016.jpg
1MB, 4963x3508px
To further elaborate, overall revenue in the anime business has increased a lot, but music hasn't changed.
File: 1491180953156.png (424KB, 942x686px)Image search: [Google]
424KB, 942x686px
Elevens are so averse to change and technology that they had been scrapping by, but looks like it finally caught up to them.

It's impressive they lasted so long if you think about it.

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What anime did early 2000s kids grow up with?
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Everything that people bitch about now
One piece
Dragon ball
And I think that's it.
File: dragonball_z_treeofmight.png (139KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
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'94 here
Dragon Ball, Yuyu Hakasho, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, NGE
I vaguely remember GitS though I wouldn't return to it until years later
I missed out on Ergo Proxy but picked it later
it was a better time, I wish I had been able to appreciate it

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32KB, 720x720px
>first episode starts with an epic and extremely well-animated battle sequence

Why they do this? Not only it's impossible to appreciate the fight itself because they gave us no reason to give a fuck about it, but they just burned a good part of the budget with a pointless scene.
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File: reigen1.jpg (22KB, 231x291px)Image search: [Google]
22KB, 231x291px
because it looks cool
Some people just appreciate the craft side of things.
>they just burned a good part of the budget
That's not how things work.

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