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What is happening.
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No mummy, no.

I get the feeling she is going to fucking kill someone in this manga.
>you're awfully quite today
>you're awfully quite today
what did the translator mean by this

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I forget what a cute little gundam Setsuna used to be
This was my first Gundam series. Haven't watched any since.
I like how Setsuna really did became Gundam in the end.

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Be a sport. It's been ages.
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Sure, you can sleep in my bed. I wont be using it tonight. I got other plans
Yeah, but on the couch. Only Chii-chan can sleep in my bed.

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No discussion about Happy Party Train and cute Loli Lives?

Well lets fix that.
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What's all this then I wasn't paying attention
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Does anyone else hate loli!Chika's hair or is it just me?

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Decent anime-only characters
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Kaleido Star and Simoun are just 2 anime that are full of good anime-only characters

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Describe this function.
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It's a sine function.
I dunno, she looks pretty linear to me.

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So this is the end? Really?
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wait, what?
kill yourself retard
Was this better than Konobi's bane chapter? I think its a draw.

What is the symbolic significance of this scene?

What is White Fox trying to tell us?
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>her position
She is sitting next to the window, that is, not directly in the light. She chooses a path of darkness.
>her eyes
She looks longingly into the light. She feels that it is not really her choice. Her fall from grace is not without regret.
>her arms
Hugging herself she tries to subdue her inner turmoil, but more importantly, to check her inner desire to go back into the light. She must not go back. She cannot smile again. Her path is not an easy one, but it is necessary.
>the cups
They are symbolic for a recent loss. A single girl doesn't need two tea cups. She used to have a mate, but that mate is lost now.
And she will have revenge.
She will live revenge.
She will be revenge.
If you push the cups together they will form a heart and the blue and the pink bunny symbolize male and female. So it basically means when a male and a female come together they will have cow heart for dinner and then kill each other off.
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you somehow turned a moe SoL into a fucking bloodbath


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The hell is this shit?
Anyone else seeing these?
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click it faggot.

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>Wazu was an ordinary townsman who shut himself off in "Mountain" because of some course of event. After 2 years he decided to come down from the mountain to meet with people. But there are various misunderstanding about the "Mountain" which he shut himself off. And then he meet with the poeple repeatedly. After that..
Another WN/LN adapted to manga. Now it's a pathetic schmuck for a protagonist that lost his chance from another generic schmuck. That's why he went into the "mountain".
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Did I also mention NTR?
Tanaka also got a manga adaption. They're going all out aren't they?






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Why does anime have such an obsession with "childhood friend" romances?

Is it a common thing in Japan? Do they often date the people they knew since they were little kids?
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It's pure.
People who don't have friends have a hard time understanding these things.
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>Do they often date the people they knew since they were little kids?
No, that's why the osananajimi almost always fucking loses.

>introduce cute girl
>kill her off immediately

Every single time. Why does the author hate women so?
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Women are only good for birthing.
It's cheap shock value. It started being popular after Madoka.
Levi had a hard life

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Who here likes Lupin? I know I do.
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why are these threads always so empty. i refuse to believe that lupin is this unpopular
Lupin isn't unpopular. But some series just don't generate a lot of discussion. OP needs to lurk more.
Curently working my way through the second series and enjoying it. Is the new movie subbed yet?

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Why don't humanity just build combat androids to fight off the Titans?
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Too lowtech except for some specific technologies, duh.
>Automata and Attack on Titan

What an odd crossover
Same VA

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why did they get married in season 2 and why did everyone forget about it when they got remarried in season 4?
isn't it just a fake marriage so Saito can make Louise happy?
Kitty suits her better than bunny it seems

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