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I'm about to watch Steins;gate for the first time. I've put it off for a while for fear of it being mere psuedoscience that I'd just get bored with, but I figured since I literally have nothing better to do with my life I'd try the anime before the VN.

So what am in for /a/?

Sorry I didn't use the other thread for this, but that was basically waifu posting.. and you guys wouldn't do that to me too.
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Fuck off back to r/anime
I don't use leddit though, is it so hard to believe that someone who loves anime hasn't seen one popular show?
Plenty of pseudoscience, however, at least a lot of it is based on real concepts. The main selling point of this series is the character interactions, they are the driving force of the story. Also, both the anime and VN are great. I personally recommend the anime first, and then the VN just so you can relive the story with additional details instead of being distracted by what's missing.

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March 2017, mark your calendars. History happened.
Fukumoto finally got the game of Washizu mahjong to a conclusion.

It started on April 27 1998, in volume 8, chapter 66 of Akagi.

19 years and 229 chapters later, it is finally over.
That's two and a half times as many years, and over four times as many chapters as Miura's 7 year, 56 chapter boat trip.

"Are they still playing mahjong" can now join the other previously never-ending questions as having ended.
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Was it really over 200 chapters? Where does the time go?
The speed of the game was inversely proportional to how many chapter it had gone on for, first approaching zero as the other approached infinity.

For the last 3 years or more it was increasingly common to have chapters with not a single tile drawn or dealt.
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I can finally post this image and have it be true

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What is the most influential anime ever?
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castle of cagliostro
Astro Boy

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is this the new
>i'm gonna post it everyday until..

thread ?
An OVA would be the absolute best outcome. Just eliminate television entirely

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ITT: worst anime weapons.
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It looks good to me, especially the bankai version.
>Can be easily broken if we compare it with other weapons
> Requires extra blades which you always need to carry with you
>Those blades easily become blunt
>Only one side of the blade is sharpened
>Doesn't work against titans who can harden their skin.
Nope, especially when Zangetsu was the one welding it.

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I'm imagining that's a bottle of her own breast milk and it's making the image like 10 times hotter.
And what about the cake?
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Where's Kurumi?

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Every day is repost day.
Pic related

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ITT: Pleb filters.
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Gundam G no Reconguista
That's not even the episode with the real filter.

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RAW: http://bzland.net/?topic=82552.0
Translation: https://pastebin.com/Guas8YZr

Edit version hopefully soon.
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Thanks OP
>twins Mona and Liza
When will this be up on Batoto?

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Is Devilman the greatest love story ever told?
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Don't take me on satins wild ride again.
Yes. I mean Ryo loved Akira so much he was willing to give birth to him.
Go Nagai was way ahead of its time.

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>just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right
What did he mean by this?
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Just because you're objectively correct doesn't mean you're morally right.
Even if you are factually correct does not mean I am going to agree with you.
That's what he said, OP.
Even if we agree that the universe is fully deterministic there is no way at any single point for any single individual to know this universe fully.
Making logically correct deductions based on the incomplete knowledge you have for a given system at a given time might be internally consistent and acceptable within a certain approximation but does not necessarily reflect reality as we perceive it.

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Have you read this manga masterpiece ?
if so how did you like it?

The representation of religions, the characters sophia, elija and helena, and that ending made it for me
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Kenji the beast fightah
Action sequences, cyberpunk dystopia and the great >overall> story, since Elijah being a bitch was not to my liking.
I was loving it until the stuff with the colloids, then I just lost interest.
Around the end it did lose in quality a little with it's overusage of gore and tragedy but the colloids were in my opinion not one of the problems because they paid off in the end
assuming that you read up until the end because of the...
>then I just lost interest.

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ITT: overrated shit
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But Lain is super Moe.

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