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Wait, if Gilgamesh can beat most other servants just by spamming swords at them, and UBW sword spam overpowered that, then why does Shirou say that he can't defeat other servants with it?

What help does taking one weapon to it's fullest extent do for you when you're demonstrably unable to counter getting a fuckton of noble phantasms thrown at your face?
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Because it's a rock paper scissors situation.
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So what you're asking is, why doesn't Archer use UBW in every single fight?
It's because Gil has a specific weapon that's super effective against each servant he comes across. Shirou doesn't have a legend that points out any specific weakness, so Gil has no hard counter against him. He either spams random shit at him, hoping for the best, or he swallows his pride and demolishes Shirou with Ea. Gate of Babylon and UBW wouldn't be very good against a servant like Lancelot Berserker, for example. Cu Culain, Hercules and Iskander all fought through GoB, but were ultimately defeated because of the Enkidu chain. Sword spam isn't as reliable as people think.

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Why can't modern anime romance compete?
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Because they can't write characters like Rumiko, and really don't even try.
Because they all copy shitty highschool otakubait romance series which have no real substance in characters or writing.
Can't we have an anime that have this artstyle anymore?

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How do you feel about mind break?
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It's pretty shitty.
It's pretty shit.
it's pretty great

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>produced literally nothing since june 2015

pay your respects
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I was brought up very badly. I never learned how to respect people.
Who is that girl and why is she disrespecting Gainax in that way
That's me.

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It's Ellen's birthday, you did remember to wish her happy birthday, didn't you?
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Let's take turns throwing Kasumi
Ellen's birthday pic age released.
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kasumi truth.png
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I get by with a little help from my フレンズ
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Here we go, finally.

>Refresh the catalog for over 15 minutes waiting for this but don't make the thread myself just in case, so we don't end up with duplicates again

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This loli wants a goodnight kissu.

Will you give her what she wants?
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I'll kiss her womb if you know what I mean.
how would you get your lips that far in her vagina? that seems tough to do
You wouldn't a chuuni

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This is the greatest anime of all time.
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I agree
I disagree
>greatest anime of all time.
No such thing. Absolute rankings are stupid, there's only tiers. But it is among those at the very top.

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>Fansubs are dead

What went wrong?
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Its a service issue.

Crunchyroll effectively out competed fansubs by releasing content at the same time as release.

Idiots make the best waifus.
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[x] Touch Tohka's tohkass
Kill yourself.
I want to fuck Tohka.

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So we all know it was Guts and Casca's child, but was it ever directly mentioned or Miura said that himself?
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I don't know, but for sure this is him now
yeah that I know
why do you think it's Guts child and not Griffith?

Don't bother watching any other show this season, or even bother to watch the remaining episodes of this.

I present the AOTS

Its already been decided, everyone move along
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> Second story breaks the rules of the series already

It's boring.
It's shit.

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ITT: child prostitutes
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OP, words can not express how much of a faggot you are. Perhaps your ignominious plummet to page 10 will suffice instead.
Kokona is quite reasonably priced.
Are you a Canadian by chance?

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What's under the paper?
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that's hot.
By the time movie 4 finally comes out, anno will be dead.

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