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Will the anime capture his essence?
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Reminder that this will air maybe in the summer on mobile.
I wasn't even aware it was getting an adaption. Good to know, now we just need the good orc to get one next.

Penguin-kun! Penguin-kun!
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Shirokuma season 2 *NEVER*, sigh
>that episode when polar bear ripped mr seal in half and ate him infront of all the customers
The ost that plays at the previews is forever stuck in my head. It's sad it will remain impossible to find on the internet.

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You now manually remember your favorite show will never have a second season.
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*third* season
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Jokes on you buddy. I hope it's not shit.
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but anon aria got 3 seasons + 4 ovas

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This bear is kind of thicc
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What would you do for a japari coin?
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be well my friend
Stop procrastinating and practice drawing friends!

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After more a decade of waiting. It's finally gonna end with the right girl.
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Isn't he fucking dream in and out of realities, such a cop out finale.
Literally why am I alive when I can't be Hina's boyfriend?
After being stalled for 200 chapters, people stopped caring and check in who won once in a while.

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What kind of anime panties are your favorite?
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Don't matter as long as they are in my mouth.
Which ever pair is on my face
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loli panties.

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Color edition
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I'd rather wait for the uncensored edition.
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A social network screencap, the best of memes! Fuck off.
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He's probably Canadian too.

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ITT: Tsunderes done right
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Tohsaka Rin 8.gif
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Rin is tsundere for Archer
Archer is tsundere for Shirou
Shirou is tsundere for Rin
Best girl.

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Hi there, it's s07195...
Right, let's start.

"Hello, Hotaru-san."

"Oh, welcome back, you three."

"Hm? Aren't you three back early? Were there fewer lessons today?"
"Oh, today was the CLOSING CEREMONY."

"Our WINTER VACATION starts today."
[Side: It's the closing ceremony! It's the winter vacation!! Which means...]
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"That's why we're having a sleepover today! Wanna join, Hotaru-chan?"
"Oh, that sounds good. Where?"
"We're about to decide where, actually."
"I see."

"let me think."

"We were talking about doing a hot pot."
"A hot pot is great idea~ I mean, it's winter."

"Ah, then why not come over to my place?"
"How does that sound?"
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A day of relaaaxing at home.
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"How should I put this... it's freaking big."
"You sort of forget that she's a really rich person."
"I get that there's lots of land in the countryside, but..."
"Is it alright if I join as well? Don't I need to mind the store?"

"Was it a problem?"
"Ah, no! I'm happy, but...."

"It's alright. You gotta let Pops do it by himself soemtimes!"
(As expected of Manager, he's doesn't even let off on his parents...!)

"The preparations for the nabe are complete!"

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>girl has huge tits
>actually complains about having shoulder and back aches

Why doesn't this happen more?
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Cause it's not cute and puts guys off
because we know girls lie when they say their big tits hurt them and how they hate it. its a lie all girls with cow tits love them because of the sexual prowess it brings.

i mean it's like a dude with a big dick saying he wishes his dick wasnt so big. every guy wants theirs to be big
Breast reductions are a thing

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This is your housemaid from now on.
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Blond Rei?
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i want Amelia Bedelia as my maid though
She looks very intimidating and her clothes are not very practical for her job. Why should I hire her?

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Nantsutte Tsuchatta
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What'll his next masterpiece be?
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He was already signed for the next Gundam
Godzilla is going to be his magnum opus.
He's going all out on that one.

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What is the most influential anime ever?
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You already made this thread today.

Please Urusei-fags, if you want to make a constant general at least name it so we can filter it. Enough with your coy OPs.

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