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>Taller than MC
>Older than MC
>Stronger than MC

This is godlike
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>goofy looking asuka
Wow it's a shitty version of Misato
More like shit.

Girls are supposed to be small, young and easy to manhandle.

This is why nobody likes her.

She's never coming back, is she?
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If we are lucky
She's probably married with kids now.
That would be weird considering Ash is eternally 10 years old.

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Why does anime so often feature silly, unrealistic story devices (magic, time travel, etc.)?
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>why is fiction fictuous?
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>This thread

How exactly are we supposed to respond to this?
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> Create your own series
>Make it about real life
For what purpose? If I wanted to know more about Japanese everyday life, I'd rather kill myself.

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Why did he adopt Tsukasa?
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That's Elk.
Tsukasa is not a deer, you're so silly.
To fuck her.

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sleep snug smugs
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Nobody post my waifu, I would have to get up in 3 hours anyway.
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what happens if i don't

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Is this the worst incest doujinshi?
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Best you mean
Confirmed worst.

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What they meant with this?
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"Our marketing team consists of /a/-tier shitposters."
>literal facebook/twitter maymays are /a/tier shitposting
since when
They meant you need to learn English, then kill yourself.

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Can we get a Masamune-kun no revenge thread up in here? Been slacking behind on stuff I've been watching but I just finished watching this series and wasn't expecting I'd like this sort of anime, going into it.

Anyone else go into it not expecting to enjoy or stick with it and end up enjoying it? Wondering if it's worth looking into the manga or does it end up having any other major issues that show up later on?
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Aki a shit.

Neko a best.
No, it's shit.
any real nigga would've went with her right away, damn shame.

What else was there really during that season for anime though, glad my hero academia is back now at least.

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How is this show, should I watch it?
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It's got great music and visuals but the anime is quite the cluster fuck. You won't understand anything from just it. Probably just go trough the music videos first.
>music videos
Is it based off AMVs or something? Does it have source material or is it anime original?

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Been awhile. Due to a communication error this was delayed longer than it should be. Have a couple chapters to make up for it. As always a disclaimer to mods. This is an official series published in a non porn mag. Please don't ban me as it should be within the rules.
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Dammit Tomo, why didn't you confess when you had the perfect chance.

Also what the fuck is Misuzu playing at. Does she want Tomo and Jun together or not? Also why is she such a bitch to Carol all the time.

Also everyone has a milf. Goddamn.
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Tomo-chan is _____

retarded. for beating around the bush so much. but thats a trait in anime and manga I cant fucking stand. no one ever says what they feel. misunderstandings become huge problems. Its just annoying. Why can't people just fucking say whats on their mind and how they really feel in anime/manga. Annoys me to no end.
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Why is Carol so cute?

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Goodsubs when?
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Why does she call herself Eromanga if she doesn't draw Eromanga?
for the cheap humour. BAKA ONNI-CHAN
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>sit your ass down, oniichan
>fuck your ass raw until you can't walk anymore and the only thing you have on your mind is oniichan's dick?

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Why is this anime so popular??

>Boring as fuck
>instigate other people's problems
>Powers where the writers just pull ideas out their ass
>Dragged on scenes/battles last forever
>just arcs of Monkey D. Faggot running to somewhere like an autist yelling someone's name
>Never ending story that's going no where.
>uninteresting characters

Seriously how do you people enjoy one shit?? two years ago I decided to start watching the series and catch up, after East Blue story arcs (Arlong, etc) the show just goes to shit. You notice it immediately in Alabasta.

Thriller bark was fucking lame, I literally just remember skipping most of that boring bullshit. And Marine Ford... don't get me started on that shit.. literally just Luffy running screaming "ACCEEEEEEEE" "ACEEEEE"... and towards the end when they were trying that weak ass emotional shit when Ace died, like that shit was weak Luffy overacted, like the nigga died but no one was invested with him audience wise.

And then finally, caught up to Dressrosa.. they finally fight this nigga Donquixote Doflamingo, someone I've been waiting for them to expand on and for Luffy to fight. This shit gave me PTSD, fucking flash backs to Marineford. And the final fight??? weak as fuck and dragged out. After that I had to take a permanent break from One Shit anime.
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Naruto is better
>watching the anime

There's your problem.

How Sway?? HOW??

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What if Muhammed was in this?
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Japan would finally see a fucking terrorist attack.
Muslims would go apeshit

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So you're telling me he could have killed anyone and he DIDN'T kill Osama bin Laden? What an asshole
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But Bin Laden did nothing wrong.
CIA plants don't use their real names.
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-You can kill anyone by writing their name in this book as long as you know their face
-Never give anyone in public their "real" name and only use it it Temple/Synagogue with other Jews
-Try to use Deathnote on them; dosen't work....

>Why do you suppose that is anon, do you suppose that it has something to do with their notion of the "Book of Life" and how blame gets assigned for certain "crimes" (or not crimes, in a certain culture)?

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