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You gotta admit /a/,

It had a pretty good ending.
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What was it?
The entire anime was just pedo shit so I didn't watch that far.
First half of the show was fairly fun.
Couldn't make it through the rest.
Sounds like you didn't watch it at all.

/ourqueen/ is still enduring for us
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What's your rewatch rotation like?

I don't really have a huge repertoire of shows but I do have somewhat of a schedule.
>One Punch Man
>TTGL (alternated with the two movies)
>FMA03/FMAB alternated

That's all really. Seems kind of pathetic in retrospect.
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I prefer to watch something new rather than rewatch.
I pretty much never rewatch anything unless I want to introduce a series to a friend. So right now I am rewatching Kaiji with my fiance.

In general, I don't think I've ever seen a full anime series so good I just had to watch it again. I'll reread shorter manga series sometimes when the need hits me.
It goes like this
>"Oh i kinda wanna watch x again"
>Watch 3 episodes
>Forget about it and never look back.

What did /a/ think of Belladonna of Sadness?
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nerd bullshit
it looks so much like yoshitaka amano. plus good sounds.
I liked it but I need to try to watch it sober

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Watching Kizu Part 3 soon. Is /a/ here?
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210 reporting in.
Alamo draft house, any /a/nons there?
Which one?

Is Youjo Senki as edgy and chuuni as it looks?
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>It's not a real face, it's a painting of a face
>There are two large bullet holes where the eyes used to be.
>There is someone on the other side watching you through the holes.
It's edgy but not really chuuni, the little girl who happens to be a military genius isn't a little girl on the inside.

Chitose appreciation thread. Praise Chitose in this thread.
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I'm glad Girlish Number is getting a new anime, even if it's an omake gag thing.
Why didn't you buy Chitose's anime?
Chitose has an erotic body made to seduce me

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ITT: girls that canonically prefer anal over vaginal
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OP's sister
Anjou Naruko from Anohana.

name a better skeleton than this one
>protip you cant
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Name another talking skeleton period.
How could I forget? Forgive me Papa Bones.

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So i'm suppose to believe that murder suicide was justifiable for a guy that he hung around for only a few months?
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This is bait.
at least you figured it out fast?

Would you my waifu?
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Does the idea of other people doing your waifu turn you on, anon?
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Of course, that's my fetish

Yomiko is 10/10 for sure.

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Why does Phantom World get dismissed all the time? Because the thing it's deconstructing is chuuni battle harems?
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Quoting an anonymous critic from yesterday "no harem me cant self insert"
>deconstructing is chuuni battle harems
please explain because for me this show was just plain boring
Or maybe because it's just plain boring?

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Woop woop
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[Title is 'An adolescence without me']

Ubukata Shinji
Year 2 Class 2 Light Music Club president
A boy who really likes rock. He's cold and blunt, but he approves of Shibasaki-san's guitar skills.
Shibasaki Erika
Year 2 Class 2: Tea Ceremony Club president
A girl who really likes rock. But she hides her interest so she can keep the dignity of the tea ceremony club.

All of the second years
Are on their school trip now
"Excuse me"

"You don't have practice today, right? You're being noise..."
"We changed plans"
"But we have tea ceremony practice"
"You just drink tea"

"Come on"
"Join our practice as well"
"Wh...what is this about!?"

I want to join the practice too...
Definitely for this year
It feels like last year now......
for a single page thats alot of text to have to translate. my condolences

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>50 years old
>Has been sitting at a desk for most of his existence
>Probably eats fast food

What are the odds that he has a massive heart attack in the next 5 years?
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But Miura secretly has a armor that forces him to be alive, just like Guts and Skull Knight.
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> Fat
>spend 10 years in the dream because another hiatus
>he dies before getting them out of the dream

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Which manga has the best / most creepy monster designs?
I love how detailed and grotesque Berzerk stuff is, it's like it always goes even more over the top by adding tentacles / heads / fangs everywhere to make abominations.

Jungi Ito is good too
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Claymore has some good ones
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Not too detailed but the faces creep me the fuck out.
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Berserk monsters are amazing.

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