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perverts are getting bolder.
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Fortunately the police are there to protect the youth.
I can't imagine this makes any more sense in context.

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>the definition of "All style, no substance"
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Sounds like SHAFT to me ,Ignoring the Gatari series of course.
>no substance
here's (you)r reply
Nah, KyoAni focuses more on substance than style. That's why I don't like them.

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It's been five years today.

Sequels = never
Anime = never
Voiced version = never
Translation = still nowhere close to being finished

Soujuurou = still the purest
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nips don't care
the west doesn't care
Nasu doesn't care
Everything Type-Moon makes now is to promote the mobage

Stop doing this to yourself.
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I've spent too much time in this ever deepening pit of disappointment and despair to climb out now. I'll just stay here until it becomes my grave.

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How do you feel about tan lines on anime girls?
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Any skin that is not brown or tan is unacceptable.
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Sometimes I like it on light skinned girls in hentai. But that's about it

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OAD 2 is live and lewd boys

And dreams of season 2 are dead and done
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>And dreams of season 2 are dead and done
Yeah, but... Season 2 when?
Won't you provide any links

so...best anime of this season right?
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Good visuals, nice fight scenes. Depends on how good the story turns out to be, it might turn out to be a mess or (worse) boring.
but that's not SukaSuka, fampai-tachi
If they don't fuck up the story like aldnoah.

Season war and flame time

Potential AOTS list:
Sakura Quest
Bahamut S2
Uchouten Kazoku S2

Enjoyed a lot, but I doubt AOTS Material:
Shuumatsu long name

Fun, but most surely not AOTS:
Clockwork planet
Renai Boukun

Cute overload, but kinda shit:
Hinako Note
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S2's cannot be AOTS.
I am actually happy for this season. It is the first time in a long while where I have something to watch every single day. I got 12 anime on my feeds, counting last seasons leftovers, and everyday at least one.

AOTS: Sakura Quest or Seikaisuru Kado
Great: Alice to Zouroku, Machiavellianism, Renai Boukun, Re-creators, Shuumatsu
Good: Boku no Hero S2, Majutsu Koushi, Hinako Note, Frame Arms Girl
Separate the anime you're watching by days of the week.

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The Valkyria Chronicles anime was a mistake
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So was the game.
Does anybody know if I need to get the guns from the aces from the expert skimrish to get the achievment of having all the weapons, or only the weapons outside DLC?
VC3 OVAs are the only good piece of VC animated material.

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genres that lolis should stay the FUCK away from
I'll start:
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>Being this scared of loli

Pussy wussy Sucy.
You. I like you, and your taste.

Genre to get rid of lolis:
Except maybe magical girl; they actually seem appropriate there, unless you go the Sailor Moon route with older girls.
>lolis should stay out of mecha
You what, mate?

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Let's discuss the second episode and continue waiting for the best boy to appear.
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I liked Sumire's personality but her design feels a little bland. They could have used a better design for her, like our goth loli.
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Favorite Naruto battle?

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Do you get annoyed if it isn't explained why a yandere obsesses over someone? Or do you feel that that isn't the point and thus shouldn't be emphasized?
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We had a lot of yandere threads lately.

>Do you get annoyed if it isn't explained why a yandere obsesses over someone?
I don't, but I'd prefer it it gets explained
Explaination of a character's reasonings should always be emphasized
A character's trope shouldn't be its only appeal
The explanation is the hardest part of writing a yandere desu. A good explanation is nice, but sometimes it might be best just to leave it out, because a halfhearted one is worse than no explanation. Love isn't really logical, so it makes sense even if the obsession is almost baseless.

/m/ has determined the worst mecha and mecha related anime in history:


1. Valvrave- 55 votes, 22% total
2. Gundam: Iron Blooded Orohans- 44 votes, 17% total
3. Code Geass: Nunally in Wonderland- 26 votes, 10% total
4. Serial Experiments Lain- 19 votes, 8% total
5. Southern Cross- 18 votes, 7% total
6. Active Raid- 13 votes, 5% total
7. Gundam-san- 11 votes, 4% total
What are /a/'s thoughts on these results?
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All mecha are shit.
Looks accurate to me
>253 Votes

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Here's a question, why was this animated?

Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and skill, but in what way did the medium help the storytelling? Everything could have been acted out instead and shot live action.

Try to answer something other than just "2D>3D"
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Japanese actors are terrible in acting. Seriously. Compare it with Hollywood or Korean Drama. Japanese live action is often awkward and lifeless.

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Cowtits always win baby
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I agree with you about the Big Boobs.
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too bad its over for her

This is your reverse trap for the season.
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Picked up
is this the male version of the girl from sakura quest?

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