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>Fire up a new anime
>First thing I see is a literal Vagina.

I weep for this season.
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>using the word "literal" to mean "figurative"

Also see pic
Have you ever seen a vagina before? They're disgusting.
The only literal vagina posted in this thread is you.

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an hero.png
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If he wants to save people, why didn't he just become a firefighter?
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He's afraid of fires.
He became a muslimfighter instead.
Because he's like 15.

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Is it better to have a harem with shit girls and a great MC, or a harem with great girls and a shit MC ?
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You watch harem for the girls, not the mc.
Just don't have harems because they're shit.
This is all that needs to be said.

What am I watching here. This seems like anime of the fucking decade.

Forget about that trash called fag-creators and watch this instead.
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What's it about? Kinda hard to tell from your screenshot.
Fantasy story with a twist. What's the twist you say? It's a fantasy story aimed for furries.
not picked up!

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kirino 18.jpg
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Friendly reminder that Kirino is 20y in Eromanga Sensei.

Also, she is now older than the average anime MC.
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That looks so awful, they just put her old face on a body that doesn't fit her. Nanoha made the same mistake when they had Nanoha and her lesbian friends grow up.
So, Kirino is here, but the stupid boy isn't? Did Ayase go yandere and made Kirino a widow?
How old is Kuroneko doe?

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there I posted it now let's get to the bump limit again
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I like this ship, but there's nothing more to discuss.
bumping for the kiks
I like it so much, can someone tell me it is true?

For what purpose does she need a body this lewd, /a/?
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to make our dicks diamonds !

She can be 45% less lewd and still achieve that. What is her end game?
To expedite spilling my loads

Gabdro thread time to post those tenshis and akumas.
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Raphi R18 doujins where?
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hopefully soon. femdom would be great.
looks gross

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Nitori KawashiRO
Goddess of pleasing old men.
For bunnies

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What is the true nature of their relationship?
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BBC (Big Black Cooking)
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Will Furuya ever recover?
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Animeonly here, what happened? Did Sawamura finally surpass him?
They went to Koshien got eliminated at some point against the best pitcher in Japan, who happens to be from the same region as Furuya, after a furious showdown between those 2.

Then started again and they fail to qualify to the next koshien, as Furuya completely lost the plot and started to be obsessed by that other pitcher, and is following his own goals instead of focusing on being useful to the team, and also because their batting line-up went to shit after the retirement of the 3rd years.

So the coach is angry and told the team he'll redefine the players place in the hierarchy from scratch and bring some new blood from the 1st years if they're good, and they start training again for the next koshien.

Meanwhile, Sawamura is improving steadily while training with Miyuki and some 1st years newcomers, and is focusing on his progress being actually helpful to the team, while Furuya still didn't understand that.

So right now they're having a friendly game against a powerhouse from another prefecture, and Sawamura is completely shutting them down, while Furuya once against lost his mind and butchered some plays, making coach mad as fuck. Considering some "hints" the author left at the beginning of this arc, it's pretty obvious that Furuya will be dropped out of the ace position, and he's only realizing it now.
Not really

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What a nerd.

Real men cry on the inside.

time for another episode of fat dragons.
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Iruru soon.
OVA when
I'm glad there will never be another season of this shitty show ever ever ever. Now all there is to do is wait a month until it is forgotten forever.

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Episode 1 should be out, right?
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subs when
maybe later today.
>serious student who wants to be a doctor route
>baka otouto route
>childhood friend who happens to have an incredible penis route

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Would there have been an uproar if he and Rin had sexual intercourse?
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They did
Shirou fucked Rin
Not the same thing
Also, those sex scenes were shoehorned in for pandering/money, they shouldn't even be regarded as canon
>I decide what is and isn't canon
Yeah okay
Good thread

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