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Which of these is a knockoff of the other? They're very similar and have very similar plots and characters.
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>very similar
Are you literally fucking retarded?
come on now... male characters are complete copies. they even wear the track suit.
One was good and the other was just okay

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Why are fansubs dead?
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This comic is out of date, Crunchy should have the same script as commie but without the fricking tight typesetting
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sub 1.jpg
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Can someone explain me Serial Experiments Lain?

Was Lain an Alian?
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Dragon Ball Super thread?
Man i can't wait for jiren fight with Goku.
Basically this shit is the anime version of the Matrix and Lain becomes one with the Wired aka the Internet
That's the first thing I thought of as well. Is /a/ autismo telepathic?

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Why aren't there more shows like Sakura Trick?
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Because garbage doesn't sell well
Kissing is unhygienic.
Which isn't bad at all, since it boosts your immune system.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate it.
I am the fin of my fish.
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Be careful when eating fish.

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What did Boichi mean by this?
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boichi is a degenerate
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Yumin lives, never forget.
Which Boichi manga is this?

You guys remember these?
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I've got more if you're interested
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Nu-mods probably don't though so expect to see your thread deleted.
I sort of miss the shitty faux-anime artstyle of old. Was it just a sign of better times?

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>Funi is kill
>Amazon is putting it's weight on the anime market and taking a bunch of shows
>Hollywood is taken an interest in anime
>Bakabt is now private
>CR is making their encodes much worse to save money
>CR bought out funi
All in under a year. Anything else I missed?
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>Hollywood is taken an interest in anime
Not really
>Anything else I missed?
Yeah, the day your class learned to spell "taking" in school.
>>Hollywood is taken an interest in anime


(((Ghost in the Shell))) is not a runaway success and has become another textbook case on how not to make anime into live action.

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here are some of the pages
Nikaido is kill?
wait what the actual fuck?
the fuck?

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>fandom interpretation: they must be in love
why is this a thing; this is very unhealthy
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I know it's really probleamatic and homphobic and pedophileish
This isn't tumblr.

How is this manga so engrossing? I just read a chapter where all that happened was Alpha took the kids to a beach, they played around in the water and then went home. But I enjoyed it plenty, just like every other chapter. YKK thread?
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I enjoyed this series too but there isn't a whole lot to talk about. It's comfy but without a purpose.
dropped at the yuri

It's really good. I especially love the backgrounds, they're believable without looking like traced photos.

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Was he a bad guy?
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nah that guy was cool from what i remember of that shit ass show

>A wife and loli that take pride in their husband/daddy's work as an executioner

This both amuses me and scares me

He works for the government that wants to protect it's town from bandits and terrorists

Regardless of the state that government and ruler are in whether it's evil or chaotic, his mindset is in the good

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What's the term they use for emotionless sex where they just lay there like dead fish?
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Being married.
American girl style
"under 7 inches"

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you now remember this meme little shit
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The only memorable thing about that godawful show.
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Satania is not a meme!
Not devilish enough

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Thoughts on the series so far?
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It's going to go in a very predictable direction, but I'm enjoying it.
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Yuzu a cute
Someone explain.

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