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It will ever exist a scene that hyped /a/ as much as this ??
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Yes, anything not in SnK
Lurk the fuck more.

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The iriomote cat managing to find Sakaki was fucking bullshit.
What the shit man
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Why is Tomo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

So...um...were we okay with this character?
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I was. Wanna fight about it fuckface
What exactly is the problem you redditor?

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>Only one of the main big three of the 3 Bebop Crew able to put the past behind him

>Only one not to end up a complete wreck or fucking dead

Why is Jet Black so based?
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Hate to break it to you if you're new here but we don't talk about good shows on this board. Sorry.
Because he's the oldest, and a man.

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I felt it was very good, but a majority of things i've read say otherwise.
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The name Kyoani naturally attracts contrarians
I thought the overall reception was positive, why are there so many threads about it flopping all of a sudden?
People think everything has to be a 100% original, groundbreaking masterpiece to be good.

Typical /a/.

I just finished season 2. From what I've gathered a lot of people seem to hate season 2. I thought it was a cute love story. Discuss I guess.
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Season 2 rewrote the part of the novel where Yuuta starts dating Shinka. This upset most fans.
The whole pseudo-romantic triangle was bullshit ant it hust sent Yuuta and Rikka back to square one
Dekomori is the worse chuuni and in S2 she has more screentime lowering the quality of the show overall.

Dekomori a shit, she ruined the whole S2

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What went wrong?
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Nothing. Waifufags were too focused on Yin and wouldn't give a fairly decent female character a chance. Also, S2 should have been 24 episodes. They didn't have nearly enough time to tell the story they were trying to tell.
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The ending, what the fuck was that ending?
He lost it.

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ITT imperfect girls you would settle for after your waifu rejected you
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Your waifu.
>clingy, steaming hot girl with huge tits who will love you forever and more deeply than anyone else
>settle for

Yeah, no.
>huge tits
Right, like he said, imperfect

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A little late, but it's here
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You missed it, in fact.
Sometimes /yys/ just dosen't make it.
Holy shit, that girl looks exactly like brown Yukari!
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Be careful not to post too much Aikawa, she killed the last thread.

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One-Eyed Dragon.jpg
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>6 katanas

Is anyone watching this?
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visually uneven. the crap quality, CG band, and still shots do not go together. the characters suck. it gave no time for the emotions to stick. it went from one dramatic moment to another
It was so boring that I was about to skip it that I've done before watching any anime. To be honest, I really want to vomit after watching it.
I was going to, but when I got to the part where she sung along with the band I cringed so hard that I decided to instantly drop the show.

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The best thing to come out of Soul Eater.
With her death the plot went to shit in both manga and anime.
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black blood maka.png
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go and kill yourselves and that shit taste

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How does anyone manage to make an anime with this kind of premise so dull? Why are all the characters so bland? Especially the main girl.

Her voice actor and animators must have had a pretty easy job considering everything she says and does void of all expression and intonation. and intonation.

in b4 this is the biggest flop of 2017
I was looking forward to it too...
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stop resetting
Why the fuck is it called Sagrada Reset on English? This triggers me pretty hard.
>Why are all the characters so bland?
I liked the other girl. But it is too obivous she is forcing shit because she has her personal motives.

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How do you get a scar like this? Seems like any arc that would leave this sort of wound would be fatal.
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Not necessarily, it would just fuck up the bridge of your nose
A hommunculi with scizzor like appendages.

Also, please stop posting my waifu and bringing up her scar. She's very self conscious about it, even if it is a lovely shade of pink.
Tell your waifu I like her OP.

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Which one?
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The one on her way to become an AV idol.
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