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So what comes after the Rebuilds and Eva goes Gundam
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I'm looking forward to Neon Genesis Evangelion BEAN Fate
Probably a series taking place in one of the AUs.

Maybe make it about how Eva would have gone if Shinji was never born. Or maybe Misato died in the second impact and her father survived.
There is a lot of potential routes for them to go with future series. Even the smallest change could radically shake up the events of Evangelion and I'm glad this "time loop" thing is the way they are doing things
Hollywood adaptation

Was this dude always a grumpy, miserable old bastard? According to his friend in the most recent episode, he was mostly the same when they met in his early 40s, and he wasn't even an old man yet. Do you think his personality might have been different at 20, or 16, or 5?
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Uh, maybe 5.
Otherwise no, his personality was probably always the same.
Maybe the dude's wife died early and then his kid died and then he had to raise his grand daughter. Reality hit him pretty hard and he still seems like a pretty chill dude to be around. Just knows how to discipline a child. Not to mention he has to deal with yukuza.
I like him, he doesn't stand for any bull. Reminds me of my own gramps.

Retarded Loopin pronunciation aside, why are americans such prude faggots?

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I also blow my bong like it's a penis.
weed is for retards
Literally who? Get this e-celeb shit away from me.

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Whatever happened to her after this? Does the LN go into detail about her post meltdown?
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She meets me and we live happily ever after with 2 sons and 1 daughter.
The two sons and daughter were mine, by the way.
SHE DIDN'T WIN??!?!?!?

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Have you already forgotten me, anon-san?
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Of.course not; your thst chick a couple OPs back in the catalog

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Is there anyone more perfect
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I fucking hated this series. One of the most boring and unfunny pieces of shit in a while. Hotaru is nothing but candy autism.

Is this really a show for pre-teen girls in Japan?
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>thinking pre-teen girls have the autism level to put something like this together
apparently the show (aka the bundled exclusive kits) is a top seller

What, in your opinion are the best anime/manga live adaptations worth watching?

For me the absolute best adaptation is the 2005 Japanese Hana Yori Dango. The manga is long and bloated and a bit meandering. I never got into it, even though it is generally one of the greatest classics ever made in shoujo. But the drama cuts immediately to the heart of what makes the manga such a classic at all. The story is good and both Doumyouji and Tsukasa are incredibly charming on their own and even moreso together as they bounce off each other. It doesn't get into a lot of the goofy slapstick that too many Japanese live action adaptations feature either. Not just shoujo or romance fans but I think everyone should watch.

The Korean one is way way too goofy, on contrast and not half as likeable.
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That might make it a good drama, but a good drama doesn't necessarily make a good adaptation imho.

I liked the Korean version of City Hunter too, but its very different tonally and plot wise from the manga.
I also really liked the 2013 Itazura na Kiss ("Mischevious Kiss") from Japan. But the male lead has such a baby face. By the time it gets to part II its just too much. He looks 12!

I'm currently watching the new Thai adaptation of the same, and really like what they did with Kinnosuke (or "King"). Like Kinnosuke was okay I guess, but I never honestly saw him as a real romantic rival. He's way too loud and stupid. But in this drama they make him way more sweet, caring and likeable. They got the same leads as in Full House (another amazing manga adaptation) to play Naoki/Tenten and Kotoko/Taliw. I'm really liking it so far. They flesh out Naoki too so his feelings and his initial coldness have some backstory to it.
Nodame Cantabile
Liar Game

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Just a reminder that this guy is Casca's rape son.
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No, it's her rapist in her son's body(also Guts' and Griffith's).
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Father and son are the same, who would have thought that this was a Christian manga.
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ITT Light Novels that will never be translated
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That's because everyone already got spoiled on the ending.
Her real name is terrible.
Kamisama no Goyounin

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Appearances aren't everything.
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First impressions and surface attitudes aren't everything either.
>tfw never Angel Densetsu anime adaptation

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Find one (1) flaw.
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Edgy ninja loli who clashes with the feel of the rest of the show/cast. You can't have superpowered lolibait when you try to give your show a more mature feel/appeal.

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I bought this shit because I was tired of not being able to listen to it, anyone want me to rip this?
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Yes, please! Preferably in flac, kind anon.
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Go for it, my dude.


I completely identify with his mindset and personality. Except for the part where he forms a harem of traps and really attractive girls.
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People are products of their environments and true "GENUINE" personalities don't really even exist. Hachiman is ignoring logic and even science by spouting his bullshit, and anyone who takes that show seriously must be unironically underage. I want shitty teenage philosophers to leave.
>Except for the part where he forms a harem of traps and really attractive girls.
Completely missed the point of the show.
>fan of anime
>hates edgy philosophies popular with teens


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Every girl is ayase. She's everywhere. You're probably ayase right now.
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Holy shit! Does that mean that you're an Ayase too?
I love Ayase!
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