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Do people who believe this show is stupid have even watched it?
Did they understand what they saw?
Why do this show get so much hate?
Do people dislike originality and inventive animation?
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Trigger is too high test for some of /a/.

reminder that half of this board is just little girls posting about how much they like cute things and each other
>Do people who believe this show is stupid have even watched it?
I watched it while it aired. Threads were fun but the story went ass on head retarded after episode 11. Honestly I really like Trigger for their character designs, storyboarding, solid voice and sound production and the sometimes good animation but scriptwriting for them is major ass.
They really need to get some better scriptwriters to work with them, I'd fucking love a Joji Enokido scripted show by Trigger.
Hotblooded student goes to school to make a ruckus is the most original story since girls doing girly things.

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I thought she was flat.
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She was never flat, she's just decent.
her personality was flat tho

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>yeah let's make the manliest character of the show a faggot, what an excellent idea!
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oh man wait til you hear about this show called The Wire
He was?
He seemed to like girls as much as Lizer.
Because manly men are gay. Straight men look like Gackt.

I thought Omar was a great way to poke fun at gangsta niggas who take pride in being locked up but don't acknowledge the rampant faggotry that happens behind bars.

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> tfw no mahou shoujo has a villain this intense
> it's always the mecha series

I've watched Sailor Moon, CCS (which really doesn't have true villains), Lyrical Nanoha and Madoka Magica.

What I've noticed so far is that the villains in these series don't have any concrete goals beyond "gathering human spiritual energy/Dreams/Star seed/ McGuffin of the week/ Lost Logia/ entropy reduction or AI YO"

What would a mahou shoujo series be like if it had a villain as intense as Rau le Creuset for once?
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Creuset was just a crazy misanthropist.
Nirvana is a magical girl manga with a villain that's kind of similar to the Antispiral from Gurren Lagann. Does that count as a mahou shoujo series with a mecha genre villain?
My dream anime takes place in a future where magic has entered our world and the ruling power is now a matriarchy with a large magical girl force. The protagonist gets her first day on the job only to have a run in with the #1 most dangerous criminal, a young man who uses all sorts of technology ranging from mechs to nanomachines in an attempt to rebel.

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She's looking at you, anon.
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Here is my pet pig, Johnny.
No there's probably someone behind me

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How accurate is this? Try to remove one as it seems impossible at first.
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Not accurate at all. There's only three in a trilogy.
That's why the goal is to remove one.
The real revolutionaries in Mahou Shoujo

Sally the Witch: 1st mahou shoujo and was originally based from Bewitched. Target audience was housewives and little girls
Utena/Sailormoon: 1st mahou shoujo that catered to both men and female audience
Nanoha: 1st actual battle mahou shoujo with a decent sci-fi elements

Madoka is a deconstruction but it is not exactly that revolutionary.

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Whatcha thinkin bout?
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/ss/ stuff I guess
Who will Galko end up marrying in the end.
whether or not i should watch this

Why the fuck did this happen?
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Did anyone even give a shit about Anko before she plumped up? I mean, yeah, she was hot in Naruto, but there are at least five girls from that show that spring to mind before I even begin to think about Anko.
Coped with food because Orochimaru got away with everything.
She stopped going on missions so she couldn't burn off the dango and became a teacher.

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What does /a/ think about commies in anime?
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Good, in theory.
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Too bad people are too selfish in order achieve communism, might work if only 100 populations though.
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More cute commies

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How would you have fixed Naruto, anon?
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It ends after chuunin arc
Make calvin the MC
Naruto dies on the second chapter.

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Would you film a sex tape with you're waifu?
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No, but I'd film one with yours.
what's wrong with her breasts?
If she wanted to.

This movie is wonderful, it truly touched my heart!
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Did it touch your penis?

Why do you think i have one?
Did it touch your feminine penis?

Why are lolis so kissable?
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؜ >>155802696
Because you touch yourself at night.
Then I'd better touch myself more.
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No one want to talk about lolis today?

I'm reading this otherwise very good manga, but one thing is really frustrating me.

Why is there an omega male loser hero in this one? Why is there such a hero in every damn manga out there? Submissive, self-sacrificial, socially retarded, can't hurt or kill others, unrelistically gets girls, but won't use any opportunity. I understand, that it's the target audience, but is it all what manga has to offer? It spoils the fun everytime in otherwise good entertainment.

Is there a single manga with a bearable hero, who's not essentially a loser?
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Read this and skip the sequel.

It's garbage.
But i just started a sequel, and it got unbearably frustrating which prompted me to make this thread. Disappointment in something you devoted your time to is not a fun feeling. Is there an alternative?
Is there a single manga out there?

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Trailer is out
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Looks cringy.
The mask looks cool.
Emo as fuck, just like /a/

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