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Mai's booty game is ridiculous.
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I want to marry her backside.
I want to bury my face between her cheeks and worship it.

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Admit it anon, you want another season.
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>Implying I'm not already at season 108 in my mind
I just want another novel OK?
Because none of you acknowledge the third season I doubt any of you would appreciate another one. Fucking KyoAni faggots can't admit when another studio manages to outdo Endless Eight

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This is your mother tonight
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Are they gonna fuck anytime soon or what?
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What is this manga about and why should I read it?
just post the fucking already and i hope it's full of

>you can't tell your dad
>ara, ara. you are bigger than your dad
>hearts like <3 fucking everywhere
>suck them like when you were a baby
and other mom son cliches

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"Fun" is a word you use when you no longer have any other arguments to defend a series you watch.
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Fun off
Fun thread.
I don't have to defend shit, go fun yourself

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Little sisters are not for fucking, anime and you guys should stop fantasizing about it.
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are u gay?
If you're not going to fuck them someone else will.
A little sister's butthole belongs to her older brother

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I watch anime because I DON'T have friends. How am I supposed to get an invite to AB or recover my pruned BB account? It's literally impossible to get an account by groveling to people farming (you)s. Mirc groups are mostly dead. Nyaa is nearly worthless. It's over. It's over. It's over.
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I have a working account on both and more.
>start new job
>everyone there watches anime
>I DON'T have friends
Well how else are you supposed to have multiple BT accounts if you've got to share with extra baggage.

A Silent Voice / Koe no Katachi won animation of the year in the Japan Movie Critics Award
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>when you forget the link
BDs next month, boys
I wonder why the guy posting knn and that other propaganda is ignoring this thread.

Thoughts on Utena?
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Should be preserved in the national film registry.
Honestly deserves a spot more than a bunch of stuff already there.

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Reminder that Heine is legal shota
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Shotas are gross
>shota geing lusted after every series there's one
>but loli never, ever in anime
Fuck you, double standards.
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The fifth prince (female) is lusting for heine's wand.
Effectively making this show /ss/

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So what did ya'll think of the new season of Rage of Bahamut?
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could have been better
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Why do you say that? Thought it set up some interesting stuff
I respect the fuck out of whoever's funding this show. They could have easily just shat out some half assed card game tie in, but instead decided to use their loads of money to produce something well made and interesting to flesh out the world.

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>no konosuba episode today
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The show has ended something like 2 weeks ago, you fucking retard
Maybe there'll be over next week?
>like 2 weeks ago
more like 2 decades

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Why do lolis make the best magical girls?
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Because Magical girls are supposed to be loli in the first place.
Not true, genderswapped salarymen make the best magical girls.
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The cuteness factor enhances magical power, that's why loli magical girls are OP.

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There are people in the berserk fandom right now who consider her to be the cause of everything wrong with berserk.
She just happens to make it possible for Guts and the others to fight otherworldy creatures that make the apostles chumps in comparison.
Moves the plot beyond Gut's terrible homo fixation on Griffith. Opened up a whole new world of magic that was only hinted at in the background of earlier berserk making it much more interesting.
Is the most adorable creature within the series.

She's the best thing to happen to berserk since the golden age arc
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About half the decriers wouldn't be complaining if she was some badass old wizard dude or someone like Dark Schneider instead of a loli.
Prove me otherwise.
Schierke is everything Guts needed, and Schierke herself also found something in Guts that she needed.
Definitely best girl
Honestly, I think she's a very good and refreshing character to have in the series.
-Her introduction was a perfect way to bring up the darker fantasy aspects of the manga with the rise in magic and astral worlds
-Thus far we've only followed adult warriors who came from the battlefield, but seeing a younger powerful character shows how strong magic can be
-Balances the team more, has more potential to grow (Serpico and Isidro haven't been developed much recently)
And I agree with OP, it opens up a new door for developing the story instead of just staying at Guts's "HURRR GRIFFITH I FUCKING HATE YOU" rage state.
I do wish that her hair color was brown instead of green though

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Which one was the most erotic bako and why was it Rinko?
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the one with high spiral energy.

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