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why do you hate older girls
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I love older girls.
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I don't.
I hate everyone

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>spring season 2017
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Picked up 8 shows
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>tfw watching 15 shows
>waiting to see how many I'll drop
I've already dropped one.

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that was the wildest ride i have ever been on
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Where did you read it on english? Cant find it anywhere
>thought it was some kind of serious manga
>it's an H-manga
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Hentai is serious business, man.

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>you will never trade punches with shinka
Why even live?
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she's not even hot
Ill kill myself right now

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Why the spanish are trasnlating this faster than the english people ?
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Spanish people don't work so they have mroe free time, and they also have shit taste.
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Because illegally living in America means welfare, meaning they don't have to work at all and can spend time translating Jap cartoons.

But remember, sucking up welfare and not paying taxes means they help the economy!
>the majority of Spanish-speaking people live illegally in the U.S.
Boy, Trump sure has done a number on the brains of the younger generation.

>What went wrong?
For me the easily foreseeable story and cliche plot twists as well as the more or less forgettable characters sealed the deal. At least the animations were a pleasure to look at.
> other shows that you looked forward to / had great potential but became a huge disappointment?
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it was boring as shit. i dropped it 4 episodes in
>forgettable characters
Did we watch the same anime?
>Humans were the real monsters all along
Do we really have to do this shit every time? I understand that zombies can't really be villains, but still, it gets old.

Find one single fucking flaw in this perfect kitty.

>You can't
>"He's a trap" absolutely isn't a flaw because traps are the best thing ever
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His penis is bigger than mine
He isn't riding my dick.
Thats not a flaw.

>Taller than MC
>Older than MC
>Stronger than MC

This is godlike
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Heard she was a rape victim passed around in captivity for years
MC i unbearable tho, his design and voice alredy bringing me physical pain.
You supposed to selfinsert as that?
You heard wrong, that was your mom.

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>no harem
>no SoL
>no ecchi
>no fanservice
>described as "deep" and "mature"
>popular among Western audiences
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The death note movie?
anime with slight western western influences is incredible though
Manglobe didn't die for your shitty meme
>>no harem
>>no SoL
>>no ecchi
>>no fanservice
Literally nothing wrong with these.

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What does it say about /a/ that the series they gush over the most week per week are mostly those that fail the hardest in the end?
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Because the shows are shit and shit is attracted to shit my friend.
But maid dragon didn't fail at all
Maidragon didn't fail.

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My name is Anonymous
Time to fall asleep, that is.
The next Glasslip

What the fuck is his problem?
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He is sexist.
Fuck drumpf
The industry broke him.
Made bitter and jaded by the horrible work ethic and business practices of the previous company he worked in.
Fortunately, he had Tarou's infinite passion and friendliness right in his face whether he wanted or not.

>characters who have great chemistry
>an actual plot that moves forward each episode with flawless execution
>characters who develop above and beyond their initial archetype
>a satisfying conclusion
>people still complain

Keep adding more evidence to the idea that there is a organized shitposting movement against any and all KyoAni shows.
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phantom world is not as bad as the "OMG WORST SHOW EVER" meme but it is pretty fucking dull
The same could be said about SAO. A few rights don't justify all the other wrongs.
The novels sound way more interesting

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Is this the top gun of anime?
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I thought this was
I'm pretty sure the anime that takes part of its title from Top Gun is the Top Gun of anime
>people constantly circle jerk cowboy bebop
>This has entirely the same staff and just as good
No one talks about this show ever... /a/ really is a board filed with so much new.

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Prove him wrong.
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Eternal Anglo.
He didn't believe any of that, though.
His end goal was more or less the same as instrumentality from Evangelion, i.e., everyone ends up equal.
I agree with him 100%. In fact, I hate the order that was brought about by the French Revolution. Democracy, human rights and the modern international order are illegitimate and I want to see them all burn to the fucking ground.

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