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Post your waifu of the season
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>waifu of the season
>of the season
You should remove yourself.
That's my waifu of the last season.

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ITT: We write the plot for an anime

There was once a Japanese boy...
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Who used to be fat, but lost weight leaving him with thicc tiddies
who was completely average in every way
in spirit, but there was something on his mind

Space Dandy>Cowboy Bebop
Space Dandy OST>Cowboy Bebop OST
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This statement is true
i agree

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JCs are the ultimate beings.
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It's JK, not JC. But yes.
JK - Female High school Student
JC - Female Middle school Student
>no randoseru

They are cute, but lack something really important.

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What's up with all the Fate/ Grand Order art coming out recently?

Pixiv and Twitter have exploded with fan art of these two.
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They're the hottest new couple.
>Popular series has new content after long drought of reruns.
>Suddenly fanart everywhere.
The mysteries of life.
There's an event going on.

What do you guys actually think of Elfen Lied?

Yeah i know it is cliche, some used to always call it overrated, threads normally go to shit or die out.

But after watching shit for years, i still like it a lot. It is pretty unique when you think about it and the OST was really memorable. People claim it is for edgelords, angsty teens or noobs who watch it for the 'wrong' reasons. but i think it still stands out today if only for its uniqueness/atmosphere.
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The show is repulsive and it's sickening that people like you exist
I liked it when I was 14 but looking back on it now it seems pretty bad. It's probably the closest anime has come to schlocky European exploitation movies of the 70s and 80s, but without the camp factor.

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Was it rape?
Yes, but she liked it.
No, she wanted it, I wish I was a FAG

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Tell me /a/, do you like sluts?
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only if they're pure

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Was savers really that bad?
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No but I can see why people hate it. The main cast was the most generic shounen cast ever (idiotic hot-blooded guy, smart, stoic blue and the nice girl) and there were a lot of powerups seemingly out of nowhere.
Not THAT bad, but the MC is insufferable and the punching thing was completely unneeded and stupid as all fuck. Also final battle was a joke. A bad joke.
Third best Digimon series.

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Precure Thread

Cure Chocolate is a miracle of the universe.
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Episode 10 was a story about falling in love.
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I wish my town had a sweets festival

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Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of Free!?
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>Now that the dust has settled
The first season aired four years ago, Anon.

I liked it way more than expected. It was comfy.
As someone who used to swim competitively i loved it purely because of how accurate it was
Its a show about hot boys that constantly fujo bait and an absurd amount of melodrama. Fuck off with that shitty, pointless buzzword please.

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yamcha stats.png
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in this ITT: no manlets allowed
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>with those muscles

Jesus Christ.
How much should he way?
Obviously a good deal more, but by how much?
At least comparable to his own height judging by his low body fat.

This is Kirito and Shinon

Say something bad about them
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They're trapped in a square!

Kirito's a bad character

Sinon wasn't the focus of the series Seriously she's the only good character from this show. The GGO arc surpassed all the others.
Did Eva rip off this scene?

This is Lala, say something nice about her.
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She is the best sister and main wife.
I want to fuck Lala.
Because you're so stupid it won't hurt so bad when you get btfo by your own sister.

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