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What's Revy listening to?
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Death Grips disco remix
My Chemical Romance.
Linkin Park.

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I always see people making threads about Shinka and Hotaru, yet it's strange, because always seem to be ignoring how they're both raging homosexuals.

Why is that?
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I can turn them straight.
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I appreciate whoever keeps making threads of their waifus. I will keep making Mugi threads to foster K-On discussion.
By telling them all about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ?

what did they mean by this?
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Does anyone have that blank template version? We never got enough mileage out of that I think.
[forced meme]
J-List is the worst.
Who even buys their shit?

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>Raison d'etre
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Havent seen that word in a while.
I don't understand why Japan loves France and French things so much.
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muh french loanwords

Tell me I have shit taste
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Okay. You have shit taste.
You seem to know already.
what's bottom right

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Do you like the sea?
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I love the sea
>crusty, uptight, 'no fun allowed' cunt

Not really. She has zero redeeming qualities besides making funny faces during card games, but all the raibus make good reaction faces so she hardly has a monopoly on that.
No. She's boring as fuck.

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Old news but if no one still knows, they announced a new season after all these years!

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Literally had a sticky for this.
Old one is still great but I hope Kino dosen't have a potato head in this one.
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When are we gonna get an anime brum

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>risks his life to save others
>loyal to his gf
>easy to get along with
>wants to help random people including NPCs and an AI
>fun around his friends
>raises his child on his own

why do you hate him /a/?
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Because he reminds /a/ of themselves.
Kazuma is closer to /a/ than Kirito.

I can't hate either of em.
Because autists like yourself keep reposting this template thread.

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What exactly is the target audience for this?
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It's very easy to masturbate to

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>this scene was done better in the OVA then in the actual mango

Which is usually very fucking rare to say but they absolutely nailed it. Rereading the scans the entire thing was much more humorous and cheeky in the beginning and immediately went to life ruining fugging. Even the foreplay was extended and fleshed out compared to Griffith lip locking and throwing her on the bed.

Plus they kept splicing in Griffith's foolish lustful sinfest with cuts of Guts and him recounting exactly why he left. Griffith now realizing he was the one who drove Guts away and how he was not all powerful.

The manga did the job of showing Griffith doing the deed and a little glimpse as to why but the OVA actually rubbed it against your face hot and moist and personal.
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yep. music was alright too

its still not on par with the manga but seeing some favourite scenes in motion is nice
It's good tb͏h
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This scene in the first or second movie too.
I didn't know anything about Berserk except it was dark and gritty. I literally screamed "NOOO" because of how out of nowhere and blatant it seemed. No thrilling music, no archer making a set up right before he shot, no nothing.
The movies are so fucking good for a Berserk virgin.

ITT anime /a/ hates for no reason
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But it's objectively shit.
luluco or kiznaiver?
/a/ showed a weird amount of dislike for Ookami Shoujo imho.

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stupid question guys.

i'm learning to speak glorious Nipponese, are there any anime that has slow and simple dialogue, so that i can learn to follow along? i'll watch anything.

i tried watching japanese sesame street, even that was too hard
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Kemono Friends is one of the few series that stands out to me as having especially slow dialogue.
Learn kanji and read manga, nigger
Peeping Life

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Are you just now reading Berserk for the first time ever?

Welcome I guess.
>he is surprised by this
Son you better buckle your fucking autism hug straps in because this ride isn't getting any smoother.
You mean straighter.

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toot toot
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Why does she have a doughnut in her hair? You'll get ants in your house that way.
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Is there anything worse for a girl than being flat chested?
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Having a vagina instead of a penis.
Yes, being big chested.
Being a violent gorilla.

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