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It's Shoko's birthday, say something nice to her!

It's also been 4 years since Valvrave started, still remembered the reaction thread, Shoko "dying" on her birthday, fucking vampires...
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Shoko did nothing wrong.

The circumstances were stacking against her.
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>4 years
She looks like she has brain problems.

Why don't you learn to draw and make your own manga?
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I prefer to just tell myself I could accomplish things but then say i'm just too lazy so I never have to confront the reality of my lack of ability.

That was a really fun show and all the girls were great.
I lost my hands in the war. And the only people interested in artists who use their feet are perverts.

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What things are Megumin for?

I forget, do tell!
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megumeme a shit.
Wrong answer Anon, I wanna fap.
pedophile bait

Good evening, fucking casual. Why have you not started watching Kintama yet?
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odd jobs bbq.png
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Shut up and go buy me BUMPU
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90 f.png
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gin baby.png
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You fucking people suck. Anyone ever told you that? If you're scrolling past this and saying nothing, you can go fuck yourself. To death.

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>Toy commercial
>Best character is human
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You can be cute like Ao if you buy FAGs
>she goes to the hobby shop
>realizes how low her powerlevel is when she sees the fat sweaty guys hand-painting their figs and asking if Char's suit already goes 3x faster, then would it become multiplicative or additional if he was leading a WAAAAAGH and their mental energy further boosted his red suit?
Those are big feet.

Do Dogs really lose against stairs?
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My dog fell down the stairs recently so yeah probably
only retarded dogs

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There is a disturbing lack of Megumi on /a/ right now.
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Probably because she a shit
Every girls ITT are shit

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What is the best manga that will never get anime adaptation?
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Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa

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Shinkafags, admit you skipped a heartbeat when this happened.
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>remembering anything about S2
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What happened?
I remember her ear-piercing laugh.

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Haibane Renmei is simply great. Doesn't try to be smarter than it is, it doesn't namedrop convoluted ideas, it is simply a wise and very human story about accepting life. It's likeable and unassuming, subdued and relaxing. I love it.
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Yep. I hope you liked it. Now get ready for endless disappointment as you realize that you'll have to watch 200 anime to find one that can even come close to that level of creativity and storytelling.
Abe has a story concept of the season 2.


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who the target audience of this anime?
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Anon, Anonymous and Anon-kun
Don't forget Silly Anon.

Post more.

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Miracle of the universe
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Meat is way better than Erinshit
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A true miracle indeed
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Can any of you who has read the light novel give me spoilers plz
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MC wants a harem. He declares that right in front of his haremettes including glasses girl (who's actually a real hottie)
So did the prez and the najimi turn around and started liking mc?
It should have stayed a single volume LN.

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Do you like candy, /a/?
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I wonder what a Western version of Dagashi Kashi would feature.
Only thing that comes to mind is Kinder Surprise since it has toys inside. Maybe Fruit by the Foot?
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It wouldn't be complete without the 100 Grand. These were genuinely delicious. 5th Avenue was hella underrated as well.

yes, but not anything that crazy bitch recommends

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Screenshot (158).png
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Just finished toradora and I have never been happier for two anime characters in my life. It's about 3:30 in the morning and I had to contain my excitement so I wouldn't wake my roommate. This has been a great night.
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Funny. I finished it few hours ago, and i'm kind of pissed off about the last quater/ending. Maybe because the ending was obvious since the first episode and because Taigi is shit compared to Minori and Kawashima.
It was a nice ride though.
yeah teh ending was so sweet, the psp game gives you a glint into the future, they get married and have 2 kids.

This. People who think that Toradora is anything more than average are totally unfamiliar with romcom tropes.

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