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Still requesting Ochako dominating Deku

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Why isn't kazuma raping her everyday in a rape victim competition between her and megumin?

you know what, what's a LN where the guy just fucks every grill? i've never seen that ever
Shut up Yunyun

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I'll try and dump some Cells at Work
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pity the only video on YT is shit tier.
massive spoiler if you haven't seen steins gate
stupid tutturu

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>Android 17 literally on par with SSB
This kills the powerlevelfags.
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Power levels come from need senpai 17 will get kicked off the stage in the first 20 seconds
>doesn't care if universe gets destroyed
>can't join tournament because he cares about the island
Jesus it keeps getting worse and worse. God Toei sucks.

Why is she so best?

ITT: Who is your favorite seiyuu and why?
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I like Asami Imai because she's a female sexual predator.
Ainya because Ainya
Ucchi because muh Kotori. I also like her a lot

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Last thread hit bump limit
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the one chick talks a lot I was pretty bored early on when she was giving exposition but the fight was neat love the animation and sound design the BANG from attacks had real weight imo.
Nice name, OP
I want to sacrifice my virginity to her!

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>Vados will never emotionally damage you
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Consistency is boring, we don't need that in DB.
At times, consistency must be sacrificed for the sake of fun in the show. Toyo cannot understand that and the manga suffers for it.
Can't wait for my boy 17 the wipe the floor with SSB Goku.

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>high CHA faggot presents himself
>the three demihumans don't care
>the two humans already blushing
Humans are sluts.
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>three demihumans
also serrault's pretty strong
why do you guys think he left the party?
An oni, and a catgirl and the feathered priest.
you mean a tengu?

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Do you like these new characters?
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nah, it just went full retard
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first for LH
Not really, no. But Gabi is quite cute.

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2 bombs wasn't enough
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>Look at all these virile young boys
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I don't think he did, he could have had him killed off after he won the fight if he really wanted to
Why are people who could fly and Uraraka who could cancel gravity lagging so far behind?
They ought to be able to cross the minefield and the canyon easily.

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Precure Thread.
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Shitty image, OP.
>"With all that in mind, though, let me just state outright at the beginning that overall for me Mahou Tsukai is probably among the top three of the PreCure seasons that I enjoy "

Score: B+


Score: 7.07

>"Mahou Tsukai was my first "real" introduction to the Pretty Cure series and it gave me a good impression."

Final Rating: 6.98 (7)

>"Mahou Tsukai PreCure is one of my top 3 entries in the franchise so far alongside Suite and DokiDoki!.The magical girl and wizardy combination won me over instantly, the cast are delightful, the mascot and infant are some of the franchise’s best and the vintage Cure action is as good as always. Highly recommended to PreCure fans and magical girl enthusiasts."


>"There was a fear that Maho Girls PreCure! wouldn’t be able to live up to its predecessor, Go! Princess PreCure. For me, I definitely feel that it has surprassed it. For those who are keen on magical girl and fantasy genres, Maho Girls PreCure! is well worth watching."

Score: 9/10

Threadly reminder that Maho being bad is just a meme and that it's actually the best series in the franchise.
Fuck off already. No one gives a shit about your boob edits. kys faggot

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Has Sanji redeemed himself?
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No, 'cuz he's learnt nothing and will continue to blindly let women fuck him in the ass after this adventure
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Threadly reminder that Sanji dodged a surprise attack from Katakuri yet he couldn't do shit againt Doffy while directly facing him.

Reminder Katakuri did not job.

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How do you feel about the new female MC?
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I really don't like the new mc.

I want favoro back.

This show's opening has not been as good as the first season.
>I really don't like the new mc.
Why? She's fun.
She's fun, sure, but I prefer favoro's more gungho attitude.

I honestly might drop this season of the show, if it seriously doesn't improve; she works well as a side character, but as an MC, she doesn't work for me.

side note: ep2 was better than ep1, though not by much.

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The time for the new episode draws MIR.
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>SSB struggles against things it has no business struggling against, like Krillin and Android 17
>SSB Gogeta jobs worse than SSJ2+Knuckles Trunks
>Base Goku and SSB Goku seem to work almost as well as one another against both Hit and Toppo
SSB has no feats
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This is a strawpoll I've wanted to create for a while.


It's a minor aesthetic thing that seems to spark an argument quite a lot even though there is no real official translation of the names thus far.
powerlevelfags are annoying

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