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"You still haven't learned how to fly? Mataku..."
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It's time.

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Youjo Senki's been picked up by Yen Press, now we wait for s2 announcement

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>Claps all around @yenpress @SakuraCon panel!
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Tanya didn't do anything evil in her entire first season.
So manga and novels are now postponed for 2 years? What great news you bring to my ears anon!

this episode had 230~ seconds of actual animation (yeah I'm a fucking autist, I timed it), the rest was looping animation, still shots and computer effects.

I've never seen such a lazy fucking anime? Did everyone go brain dead and just stop caring because the girls are drawn cute? Look at the ending theme. They might as well have posted some cute pictures as it's just a couple of looping animations of Sageri.

This whole production is literally a power point presentation. People rag on shaft, but even in Shaft's most poor days they animated more then this one. The quality of this is pure shit. Heck, even the lowest quality episode of konosuba has more animation then this. there is more animation in the TITS of the girls in konosuba on any one episode then there was in this whole episode.

I can't believe the studio is getting away with this, I can't be the only person to notice it's all panning shots and mouth flapping.
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I'm sold, will watch.
>barely has animation
>has way more animation in places where it actually matters, like showing characters instead of cardboard cutouts, than most anime

Kill yourself.
Eromanga-sensei is shit for a lot of reasons. this just feels like nitpicking to me. Though you're right, I was thinking furring the ending theme at least, while cute was very lackluster and lazy.

But then most studios are pretty lazy with the endings of their shows. It still was cute.

Listen this show is shit, but it's cute so of course there boards will be filled with threads about this crap.

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what is this, the 7th one?
We're going to get this thread every fifteen minutes until people learn what the catalog is, aren't we.
├Łou got a problem with that, nerd?

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I want to watch her show, but I know Index happens first, so I'm supposed to watch it first.

The problem is I'm 7 episodes into Index and it's fucking shit. Does it get better? Should I just dump it and watch Railgun instead?
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If you don't like Index you're going to fucking hate Railgun. My advice would be to watch index, then watch Railgun S.
I actually started with Railgun and never once felt lost or like I was really missing out on anything.
I just want to watch the show with the cute tsundere zappy power girl. Are you telling me it's even more insipid than Index somehow? This is distressing news.

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>average age of the audience on /a/ is in late 20s to 30s
>show viewing event average age in 40s

Kemono Friends audience is more senior than just about any show on /a/ apparently.
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I want to sexually impregnate Fennec
I wanna call the Friends a bunch of silly geese.

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Post and rate.
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How good would Doppio be as a dad?
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The best, he's just a kid but he was the most loyal guy in the whole vento aureo arc.
Well it makes sense given how His Relationship with "himself" seems to be very close

Diavolo despite becoming a hermit who couldn't even comprehend that he used to be in love Looked like he cared a lot about Doppio even to the point of calling him "my cute Doppio" and even willing to risk his life and reveal himself for her sake when he thought that Doppio would lose against Nero

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>Chilling with the 104th.
>See this
>Everyone else asleep

What do?
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Armin is ____
Give her a blanket.

Horrible Subs in 30 minutes
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But siblings are already family.
this is family love story
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>most of the chuuni lines got cut off
Thank God.

Damn, this Lucifer is wonderful.
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Never mind Lucifer, I can't wait for the pole dancing.
I too can't wait. My dick is just imagining all the possible scenarios they'll do that episode and it's killing me.
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This, and I prefer useless lewd first-loser anyway.

But seriously man I'm so hyped for episode 3.

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>mamika: what the fuck? People actually get hurt in this world? What type of satanic sorcery is this?
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Shouldn't her invincibility in her anime transfer over to actual invincibility in real life?
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>These are douji- OH HOLY FUCK WHY
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"The madman did it again" Edition.
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he's gonna be the strongest hero.
Raw episode where?
I loved this episode.
Can't wait for him to get fucked up in the next episode.

Is gurren lagann still considered entry-level?
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Why wouldn't it be?

Doesn't change the fact it's a great series even if it's simple at its core
Entry level furry

Now that the dust has settled, what are /a/s thoughts on pic related?
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8/10 it's trash
I mostly remember the gay
The gay segments were forced as fuck, but it great, still

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