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Tsuredure Children

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Woop woop
Woop it Tsuredure anon
What did she look at, /a/?
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[Title is 'Detective']
Nashimoto Yukari
Year 2 Class 1 Cooking club.
A gluttonous girl. She wants to confess to Sonobe-kun during the school trip.
Sonobe Kazuya
Year 2 Class 1 Student council secretary, Wind Instrument club
He often give snacks to his classmate, Nashimoto-san. He thinks Nashimoto-san would eat his leftover snacks in general.

I have
A boy I like
"Did you confess already?"

"Wh...what're you...??"
Separate yourselves by room
"You said, right?"
"You're gonna confess during the school trip"

"I dunno who the guy is"
"But good luck!!"
"I'll give this to you!!"

I wanna cofess
But maybe there's no chance anymore.
...I'll still take this though.
Whats a "Tsuredure "?
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"When're you gonna confess to Sonobe-kun?"

"Well... maybe I'll just stop"
"He doesn't see me as a woman after all"
I think...
"But you get along so well, right?"
"Okay, then should I ask him??"

"No no!!"
"Chiyo-chan, you get along way too well with me"
"And since it's a guy, I'd rather ask..."


"What do you think of Nashimoto-san?"

"Today said to ask..."

[Text] Today
Ask Sonobe-kun what he thinks of Nasshii
Be as indirect as possible

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"Did he ask??"
"I guess he's okay?"

"So tell Sunagawa-kun"
"To ask something along the lines of"
"What would happen if I confessed to Sonobe-kun"
"And be as indirect as possible..."

"What do I think?"
"What o you mean?"
"If Nashimoto-san confessed to..."
"Wait that was a joke..."

"So, Toda-chan?"
"Did Sunagawa-kun ask him??"
"I guess he's okay?"
I think

"Could this be about Nashimoto-san and I..."
"Does our relationship look that way?"
"I wonder..."

"Oh dear..."
"And Nashimoto-san has another guy she likes"
"What should I say?"

"The reply's here"
"Okay Nasshii!!"
"I'm not mentally..."

"He says he thinks he's happy?"
Suna, you goober.
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"Nashimoto-san and I are just friends, okay?"
"But if she confessed to me, it wouldn't be so bad"
"We're friends, but I think I'd be happy..."

"Look Nasshii!!"
"He said he'd be happy!!"
"Wait!! Wait!!"
"Does that mean it's OK??"

"That's a hard question...!!"
"Nashimoto-san's over there, right?"
"If she's there,"
"I can't say it at all...!!"

"He said he wouldn't refuse"
"See see!! Nasshiii!!"
"Wait!! Wait!!"

"He says he wouldn't refuse"
"But I dunno how serious he is about it"
"He might just be watching out for my feelings..."

"I wouldn't do something like that though"
"Wouldn't that actually be suspicious?"
"Th...then at least..."
"Probe into what he thinks of me a little more!!"

"Uhhh... how do I do this..."
"Do you still doubt me?"
"We're really just friends..."

"Have you ever seen..."
"Nashimoto-san as sexually attractive?"
Whats so great about Sonobe?
He's got great snacks[/spoiler
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"N..no! No way...!!"
"Tell her I'd never do that...!!"

"If we seem that way to others,"
"We have to keep some distance from now on"

"I'm okay with it"
"But Nashimoto-san's a girl"
"I'd feel bad for her"

"Sonobe-kun says"
"He looks at you... purely, Nasshi"
"What the, what kinda look is that??"

"She's a girl"
"And she's gonna confess after this..."

"I wouldn't ask any weird questions"
"And just cheer for her"
wait how pure is this?
i came for hand holding
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"...he says"
"So he doesn't think about you at all"

"I'm actually gonna confess"
"I...is that okay...?"
"Sonobe-kun's probably gonna be shocked, okay?"

"I really like him"

"So gimme all your energy!!"
"Here!! Here!! Haaah"!"
"Come on, just sleep already"

"Says thanks"

"I see..."
"Was the misunderstanding resolved...?"

"I dunno who she's gonna confess to"
"But I hope it goes well"

Hi-chew is so goooood!!

If it goes well, I can't see that smile anymore...
I like stoic couple, but God Damn it i want more delinquet x president chapters. I crave for them. I want to see grope and kiss the shit our of eachothers.
We toradora now
There's a story for everyone, really.
There's some light, some medium, and some heavy stuff.
Lots of handholding, too.
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fluffy bubbles.png
137KB, 449x334px
Woot done. Cute. Anyways see you all next week.
Honestly the couple that got me into this series was Kamine and gouda because they dont fuck around
Thanks mate.
v4 omake stuff is being worked on, over halfway, but still a ways to go.
You still have +3 and +4 as well as vol5, 6 omake and extra vol 7 chapters
Yet they are not the ones that almost fuck and get blocked in various ocassions.
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Good Luck TS anon

Thank you TL anon. See you next week
Oh and earlier chapters. If we ever get there.
redoing the chapters or are there ones we don't know about?
I think the only couple I actively dislike is the music club kids. I just don't like their dynamic at all.
Redoing. But we don't have to. It's more of a 'it's there if you want to' thing since I remember you wanting to do it before
astronomy club?
Takano and her friend are in the concert band
Thank you!
Misunderstandings: The 4Koma
Thanks a lot anons.
woop woop
thanks anon-kun
hopefully the elevens that will be new to the series soon will give it sales
waka seems fairly devoted, in his own ways
I heard this was getting an anime adaptation, was I mislead?
Waka is so devoted he still creates doujins for this when he has a chance (the + comics). Non-H of course.
That anime was for "Tsurezure".
This is "Tsure x dure", as shown in the first page of this thread.
How disappointing.
I'd also accept more karate senpai/kouhai chapters.
Seriously, what does it mean?
Best couple strikes again.
God damn where's my Patty at? Best girl.
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Thread images: 13

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