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How come everyone likes Sakura now? Does she grow on you.

I still think she's a shit girl that was shoved down your throat.
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>How come everyone likes Sakura now?
What threads have you been reading?
I self insert as Shinji so she's my favorite girl.
cmon anon - not even you are that pathetic

Episode in two days.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
Reminder that Annie will change sides.
Reminder Annie is most likely dead inside the crystal.

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Childhood is to prefer Rock the Dragon
Adolesence is to switch to Cha-la-head Cha-la
Adulthood is realizing We Gotta Power makes more sense
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This is now a Zelda thread.
Why did you post Chrono Trigger then?
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3rd for GT

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Did flip flap flop?
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Is there really so little airing this season that you still shitpost this old crap?
>the most hated show of the year
>with the most criticized plot
>sold miserably
>the staff had to apologize for the low quality
>is remembered only in disgust at how not to make an anime

You tell me. It's among the worst shows ever made, objectively.
No. It seemed to do what what it was expected to do.

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What do you think will be going through her mind when seeing her precious Stanbot destroyed?

EP18 PV text :

第18話 空中大戦争スタンシップ

Episode 18 "Stanship war in the sky"
"Wild Hunt" it is to capture all the wandering ghosts in 12 days.
Wild Hunter also come to Brighton Berry.
Every student and teacher are waiting for this event once a year,
In that time, Constantze is going to take part in the Wild Hunt.
She was making a special robot but Akko broke her partner, Stanbot.
Can Akko and Constanze make it in time !?

Can't wait for the preview tomorrow.
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>She was making a special robot but Akko broke her partner, Stanbot.
Stop breaking my shit Akko

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This is your girltoy for tonight.
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I want to suck on Yunyun's yunyuns.
We will be the best of friends.
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>friendzoning yourself

Fuck you holy shot

You're a comedy show, you're supposed to to make me laugh and feel God
You're not supposed to make me feel lonely
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The moral of the story is that you should get drunk and go walk through the mountains so you can find a cute dragon companion.
Or a bear mauls you and ends your lonely existence in the process. Sounds like a win/win to me.
Kobayashi is cute and so is Tooru.

I wanted to say it before the thread eventually devolves into shitposting

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Can girls love girls?
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Girls can only love girls.
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I don't see why not.
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Oh /u/... I like /u/.

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Jaguar and Slug spinoff series when?
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How is it possible for a friend to be so healthy?
Gohan and exercise
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Who's excited to see Rebecca again at the Reverie?
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CoO is usefu-
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Pudding chan is CUTE
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is this the most "Oda is a hack" moment so far?

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Sorry for being late, here are the translations for the web special chapters.

How are You, Somewhere - 01 - Reg

"Well, this is amazing."
"I actually can't see the bottom."

"I wonder if anyone's tried to jump off with a parachute."

The challenge carried out last year using the airship has ended in failure.
This resulted in the taking of 120 lives by the Abyss.
The challenge to the second layer via air was hampered by the permanent storm area...
"I see."
"So there have been plenty of those."

"Your life is always at stake, no matter what you do."


"I shouldn't eat while walking."
"I have to eat properly."

"I wonder,"
"If they'll show things they took out from the hole to tourists."

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"Look! Give me your hand here."

"What are you doing?"

"I'm making Reg smart!"
"Okay, Reg,"



"Alright! Good boy, Reg, good boy-!"

What a big dog...
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It's this

*Munch* *Munch*

"It's not demanding for it."
"Real smart, isn't it."

"Seems like you're flapping your tongue out."
"You can't have any, okay Reg? It might be poisonous for you."

"Riko! How long is the walk going to take you!"

"It's Leader!"
"I have to go, or I'm going to get killed!"

"Goodbye, big sis!"

That bell
Is something the orphans aspiring to be delvers have on them, isn't it.

Most of them lose their lives in the Abyss...
But your life is always at stake, no matter what you do.

Protect her properly, Reg.
"Time to look for a shop."


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He did it, the absolute madman

How are y'all holding up? (For fucks sake all of you, learn how magnets work)
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>How are y'all holding up?
Getting irritated at all the non-Anime & Manga threads.
Which one is the lastest? Also how far back does the sukebei go for both websites?

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Is her upbringing going to have any kind of mental effect on her or will the trauma of her life affect her behavior minimally?
Assuming she lives, of course.
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Are you assuming that Madman Deku will fail to save her?
Deku's hands can't save her from her own inner evil.
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>Assuming she lives, of course
don't worry, she won't

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How comes no one watches this anymore?
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Normalfag bait
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Ep5 previews out:

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Happy Birthday Minase Iori!
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Why is she such a bitch?

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