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Who has the best ASS?
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You're welcome

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Fun exciting action/adventure -----> Boring repetitive faux-harem
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Man, I loved Genesis, but it went to shit right when the crew met the king, and stayed mediocre through to the end. And VS has 24 episodes, so of course it is going to be slower.
Neck yourself.

I liked the original better, but you're just a whiny little faggot.
>Fun exciting action/adventure
That was true only for the first couple of episodes. It was mediocre and boring for the most part.
Virgin Soul is much better so far.

What the first two anons said. The first season was great fun for only the first four episodes or so, but turned into a mediocre show for the rest of it. It was a steep downhill turn after the pirate ship episode.

This new season isn't much better since it decided to go for this deep dark story out from the get-go, but Nina keeps it from getting to the deep lows of the original season. It also hasn't gotten to the highs of the beginning of the first season yet though.

I just want more fun adventures in this setting with these characters. Maybe when Favaro returns, it'll become fun.

>man writes romance manga
>male and female characters are loyal and loving
>woman writes romance manga
>full of cuckolding and back biting
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You do realize that harems count as romance too, right?
Some (wo)men just want to watch the world burn.
Those "men" are obsessed with purity though. They're the scum of Japan so they don't represent the average man. To be fair, the average man isn't that interested on romance and when a non-autist male write romance, it often has a lot of cuckoldry and cheating. Try reading a real book

There is such a thing as TOO tall and 174cm is it.
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Yeah, but with her, your sons would be pretty much guaranteed to be tall.
Manlets, I swear.
Do you feel threatened, manlet?

Come here, Utena.
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Why was this allowed? Is this a promotion to fuck niggers?
>They're big, but very gentle. Like my cock
It's shoujo delusion. This show would have been redeemable if it were pure Yuri.

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God damn it you faggots.

You lied to me, /a/

>It's nothing like SAO
>It doesn't have any of the normal problems of wuxia shit
>The protagonist is mature and intelligent

The CGI is shit, the protagonist is shit, the love interest is shit, and the plot is nonexistant.

I wasted hours on this garbage anime.
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you falling for the constant chink spamming here that animation, you surprised ?
How's the pacing? I've only read the extremely slow paced WN

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GATE season 3 when?
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hopefully never
>people unironically liked this bland JDF wankfest

Some parts were OK like Ride of the Valkyries, but overall a pretty shite show my man.

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Subs are out.
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Nobody is watching this furry shit.
Comfiest show of the season.
I swear this show triggers the most people in this season

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Starting with the best.
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Sometimes I just start with some 90s manga on YouTube and just keep going through the recommended videos until I've watched about 20 eps
I think I've seen most this way, except the classics like GitS and Angel Cop and Appleseed
>90s manga on YouTube
I haven't used YouTube casually since '08 or so, how does this work? is it just panning scanlations?
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I got around to watching the Tetsuwan Birdy OVA and holy crap, it's really good. Fight scenes are fantastic and it has this charming Sailor Moon-ish artstyle.

It also solidified Birdy as one of my all time fav female protags.

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Thoughts on Angel's Egg?
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The Ringed City
Pretentious bullshit

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Is it the pinnacle of game manga?
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I can't think of anything better
Kaiji is the best magna hands down

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Why does she have elf ears?
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Because she's best girl.
They only look like elf ears to westerners. This is an anime, directed at Japanese.
She has oni ears.
Because she is a 2nd generation mutant born from the remains of a Japan devastated by nuclear radiation. Also because it makes my pee pee stand up and those fucking character designers know it.

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/a/ what is the ideal waifu?
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The one in your heart.
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How high is her estrogen level?
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Did I travel a decade back in time?

We must warn everyone about 9/11 and apple stocks

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Beauty and the Beast edition
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Who is best warrior?
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They're perfect for each other.
Bit harsh calling Hange a beast

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