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how does this manga manage to be hilariously cliched yet so fucking hype at the same time
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Good characters and competent emotional writing.
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kafka GROOVY 3.png
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By being groovy.
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Konjiki no Gash-v13 verymelon.jpg
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The author is actually talented, funny, and sincere.

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We would've probably been better off with an adaptation of the 2nd game then those 2 awful original seasons. Even if it was rushed to a single cour, but preferably not.
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I kept watching the series just for /a/ threads
I wish they'd just done a simple side story or something instead of the disaster that was DR3.
They should've just slapped the last 5 minutes of the show onto the end of the second game and left it at that.

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What's the best way to start this series as an outsider? I've heard the new anime sucks, but the nineties one has my intrigue after seeing a few Griffith scenes.
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Read the manga.
Stop asking.
Just read the manga
The manga?
the nineties anime and the movies are both good but the anime is 90% still frames and the movies are 90% poorly done cgi, just read the manga

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Ichigo 100% v04 Cover.jpg
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What the fuck is wrong with this author? Why is the prospect of two characters going out such a big fucking deal?

So what if you like another girl or two, you're in fucking high school. There is literally nothing wrong with simply going on dates without mutual love.
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It's Japan, and it was written a decade ago.
Just consider the fact that omiai are still a fairly common thing in Japan, something you really don't see in America.
Sure, there's online matchmaking, but it's not treated with the same weight that omiai, and if there are professional matchmaking services, they certainly don't operate on the same scale.

At the end of the day, you don't have to read it if you don't want to, and it's not even trying to push some sort of "purity agenda" on its audience, so I don't know why you'd care.
Maybe because the author is a female.
You are not allowed to post this manga here. I still rage about the end.

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Remember to give feedback on others' work.
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>aspiring anime director suffers autistic meltdown during production of a romcom series
>said series drops in quality
>studio needs to use tax code loophole to survive by producing a flop
>gives said director a job
>he decides to rip-off his favorite childhood series with as much random pretentious shit thrown in as possible
>audience thinks it's an all time masterpiece 10/10
what about a sopranos type show but instead it deals with the yakuza?
Can't, the yakuza wouldn't fund it.

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>Best voice
>Body of a pornstar
>Jiggle everytime she moves

Is Tomoe the top runner to be best girl?
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Sagiri, Megumin and Elf are sexier
>body of a pornstar
So fake tits and half a dozen layers of make-up covering her face? I'll pass.

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this kills the flat slut.png
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Can you justify the flat chest fanaticism?
The female chest contain boobs and flat chest have no boobs, loving it its like you order a pizza they send you only the box and you masturbate over it
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I probably would never masturbate to pizza boxes regardless of its contents, anon.
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You sure?
File: 1454376653655.png (28KB, 186x208px)Image search: [Google]
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>loving it its like you order a pizza they send you only the box and you masturbate over it
I don't get it, if the flat chest is the pizza box, then what is the pizza supposed to represent?

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How do you deal with reading so many manga at the same time? Sometimes I have to go back a few chapters when a new one updates so I recall what the fuck is going on.

Do you have an issue with dropping something you dislike, or are you the type that sees it through to the end, no matter how bad it ends (assuming it ever gets fully translated at all for the non-moonrune readers)?
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I only read completed ones.
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3000 days.png
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How do you deal with this?
You deal with it by learning niprunes.

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amano ameno.jpg
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are you happy for them?
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Sure, why not?
Why did she draw the bow like that? Either she has an absurdly strong pinch grip, or the bow is made of tofu.
thumb draw

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How the fuck was this atrocity allowed to be produced?

Why did /a/ shill this garbage?
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>How the fuck was this atrocity allowed to be produced?
It looked good on paper.

>Why did /a/ shill this garbage?
Ironic shilling is not shilling.

Any more questions?
I liked it. Unique premise with cool visual design and some actually great action scenes.
>How the fuck was this atrocity allowed to be produced?
Money laundering
>Why did /a/ shill this garbage?
Everyone dropped it after episode 3

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What does her hair smell like?
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I bet she wears men's cologne for some reason

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Post cute anime girls holding guns please
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Waiting for you to start
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I thought the topic was cute anime girls holding guns

ITT: post your favorite virgins
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Fuck off.

Will we ever get an ending?
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The author died. Unless someone pulls a ZnT revival, I doubt it.
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In fanfics.

MS just dropped a bunch of chapters

Now what the fuck is Matsuo's problem?
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Sekizan a best
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Is this guy a demon
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