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Guilty Crown, Aquarion Evol, Eureka Seven AO, and all but the last episode of Macross Delta. I couldn't even watch the last episode of that bullshit...
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Yozakura quartet and yes I mean hana no uta. Last time I listen to /a/ about anything.

>mc starts out useless
>suddenly gets huge power boost
>princess involved
>something about frogs
>can maybe be classified as isekai
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Wrong one

>mc has glasses

Little hint cuz ya need it
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a little girl is a cat but wants to be a little girl.

Seriously, why is she so evil?
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She wants the Hifumin.
Does anyone have a high quality sub of this yet?
She's responding to Hifumin's true desire of getting bullied by the one she loves.

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Can some one give me a non-meme answer as to why Chinatsu is so disliked by much of the Yuru Yuri fandom? I honestly don't get it.

Her presence is what pushes the stories and relationships forward and makes the Amusement Club interesting. She plays well off Kyoko, Yui, and Akari and actually introduces some conflicts to resolve. Plus she's very cute and fluffy and pink, but also exceptionally lewd and delicious.
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China is for sex
rape is a vile sin against God and Man
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You're right. Doesn't make her the best Yuru Yuri. Pic related, however, is the best Yuru Yuri.

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>boy gets his life ruined by a monster
>boy fuses with said monster
>now hey fight together in an organisation against monsters
It's generic but kinda cool
Generic and cliche

Can you please name one (1) character who could possibly defeat the One Punch Man? Asking for a friend of mine.
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He who reside in His Kingdom in Heaven.

Who else is ready for the shitining and the delicious suffering that is to come this summer?
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im not ready
I can't fucking wait.
The threads are going to be terrible.

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Lets pretend there is only the original 26 NGE episodes.

What would be your theory about the ending scene? What happened?
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Shinji became gay
Shinji accepted instrumentality.
>implying the TV ending isn't the definitive ending
Anno ran out of money

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Wrong hole, Sanae!
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ju$t ca$h $taff
>implying she
Will OP ever learn?
But anon, there are no wrong holes

Who would win?
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King gets by on luck and his reputation. The reason he can bullshit people is because they already believe he's the strongest man on the planet.

Reigen is a skeptic and wouldn't believe it to start with and can bullshit and persuade people who don't even know who he is. He'd convince King to sell all his games and get a real job within 10 minutes.
>worlds strongest man
>world's greatest private psychic

Chirst OP, it's like you WANT the world to end

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Hey /a/
Started reading Medaka Box cause I think I saw one of the images on here.
Started pretty fun with them getting into shenigans to solve a problem in and help everyone,
And then it started to be all about weird psycho kids fighting with crazy abnormal abilities for reasons.

I just wanna know will the manga get back to fun little stuff like the watersports competition was? Or is it super powered kids who all have AB blood type for some annoying reason for the rest of it?
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It's fighting until the end but keep reading, Minus arc is worth it. I think it starts around chapter 60 or so, you can drop it if you don't like Kumagawa.
>high school battle manga

yeah no
I stopped when her older brother was introduced.
Talking about how she was twice as strong in middle school, and how she used to heal injuries within 30minutes.
It was just me realizing the manga was going from her being near-perfect girl to some kinda mutant with heal factor.
Also I kept wondering why everyone was just fine with all the things going on. Little girls with giant wreckingballs and school police who are killing people with bouncy balls and kids with fucking swords in a school? It just felt like it had changed writers compared to the story about "who cut up the running shoes".

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seems like could be good

maho best girl
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by the way, it's called Densetsu no Yuusha no Konkatsu
Yes, but doesnt have shity anime troopes anons eat up or something else to trash talk so dont expect a thread
Really enjoying the manga
But disliked that Maho is the Hero's sister

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>kyouko fight in TDS
>mami was just shooting around kyouko without actually targeting her

>homura fight in Rebellion
>homura was trying to hit her while mami was just shooting homura's bullets away

She is the strongest meguca, you know.
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>She is the strongest meguca, you know.
No, she's beta-max no friends spineless slug who can't even bring herself to hurt other people.
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>Denying the obvious fact of who the strongest meguca actually is
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Do you miss me /a/?
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Literally who?
Face it, it was never good.
Most of this board was too young to watch you when you came out.
Every fucking day. When will Tanigawa write a proper conclusion.

Am I the only person on Earth who didn't like One Punch Man? Almost everyone who discusses anime is fucking obsessed with OPM, but I... just didn't like it. I get the whole 'parody of Anime tropes' part, but I still... didn't like it.

Anyone here who might share my opinion?
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>Almost everyone who discusses anime is fucking obsessed with OPM
This doesn't sound like anyone on /a/.
Fuck off back to where you came.
Then I have found my place

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