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Moms are best
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>she kills people
>doesn't go to prison
Shit manga
you don't have a strong grasp on storytelling, do you?
Chi no Wadachi

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Can we finally settle this?
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Shinobu is cheating, she's a part-time loli. Kuro wasn't ever not loli, she was born loli, skipping toddler stages, and physically can't grow up too, she's perma-loli in the most extreme sense.
Two scoops

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So is this getting a second season or what?
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>flop dragon
>getting a second season
It sold okay but nothing spectacular (about 4k per volume, so "Flop Dragon" it's not). But as I said, it didn't sell spectacularly. Because of that, and because there isn't enough material in the manga, the best you can hope for (for now at least) is a movie.
There isn't enough source material for a second season.

How is Kobeni so sexual and so perfect?
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ofc, my wife have to be perfect an sexsual
Kobeni wouldn't marry someone who types like that.
But doggies can't write either

What is the most well done, tasteful sex scene in Anime?
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IB4 Berserk
i heard the LN have finished, how was the ending? want to read it again

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So, this guy is jumping into the porn authors that turn into manga authors too
Is manga really worth it if you aren't one of the Araki clones or Togashit or The kubo?
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More worth it than porn, probably. Or maybe it's just a dream job that he is willing to barely stay afloat for. Maybe he also has a dayjob.
The porn was never really that erotic, Urban Legend was good because of its writing. I don't mind at all.
sounds good. love his style.

>is manga really worth it

is anything worth it?

just live your life, man.

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Why did he not revive Kaworu?
and why did he revived Asuka?
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Kaworu wasn't an option. Asuka was most compatible to him.
He didn't revive anyone.
He didn't revive anyone. Asuka revived herself through her own will. Even if Instrumentality had been applicable to Kaworu, Misato points out that he had no will to live.


Post yours
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3/3 +NGE, +Lain, +FLCL, -Utena
meant to say 3/4
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That garbage FLCL ruins an otherwise great 3x3.

A special thumbs up for having three of the best SoLs ever made (Aria, NNB, Sketchbook).


Does /a/ still like Utawarerumono?
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Yes. And I really need to go back and finish futari no hakuoro.
It was rather disappointing and didn't live up to the first one.
I never watched the anime, but Utawarerumono was my first VN and I really enjoyed it.

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What does it read, /a/?
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She forgot her towel.
Get in /jp/
Classic literature, while hiding the fact that is also enjoys modern fantasy and pulp fiction.

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Why is this the best anime ever made and why don't other people try to make things like it instead of moeshit?
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K-On and LoGH are the two best anime of all time.
>wanting people to make "things like LoGH"
Because Tytania worked out so well, right?
Don't know, these guys look pretty moe.

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If you had asked me back in 2007, "Should a Touhou anime be made?", I would have emphatically stated, "No, it would never work."

Now, in 2017, after Touhou has gotten multiple good officials manga published and lots of great fanimations showing what Touhou could look like, I can say that, yes, Touhou CAN become a really great and popular anime. There are many deep, intertwining lores that could make the story interesting and intricate while also being atmospheric and comfy.

Touhou is a perfect example of a series that has grown larger than its maker.
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There will never be an official Touhou anime. However, there is no official stance against multiple independent productions, so the only issue here would be lack of interest from creators.
The boats got an anime, so why cant Touhou get one?
I'm eagerly waiting for a moment when Zun dies and his will will contain making Touhou public domain.

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Didn't you accept your Tomo-chan replacement yet?
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>Tomo-chan replacement
Not nearly enough tomboys, nice try.

It's quality though.
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I could never replace Tomo-chan!
>Hot guy
Need "Big guy" edit

>make millions of dollar off the game
>anime looks like shit

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>implying Cygames gives a fuck about Granblue
They only care about Bahamut as they should and it looks glorious.
Don't forget that Granblue was delayed because production issues so there's that too.
They choose fucking A-1, what did you expect?
Doesn't matter, BDs will sell like hot cakes because of the game bonuses they included.

I just love how Cygames threw money at MAPPA and told them to do just whatever they want with Bahamut setting. It's beautiful when you give artists such freedom.

How the hell is this even possible to interpret wrong? There was a five minute scene earlier in the day where a big deal was made of the fact that she was going to request something of him that would keep him up that night. I thought that anon was socially retarded before, but now I think he's just retarded in general.
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Well it would take him a long time to walk her home.
She's clearly asking him to walk her home gently
The only trip she is taking that night is a ride on his dick.

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