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Is it just me, or is this the best show of the season purely by default?
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Sakura a cute
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Just look at her
I want to taste her cute anus.

Is there a greater tsundere in all of anime?
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Since no one posted anyone else I guess that proves that she really is the best.
There are no good tsundere.
I disagree anon. Modern tsundere suck but Ayukawa is no modern tsundere. She's tsundere done right.

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Here is Don Patch.
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What's with all the threads today?
Problem officer?

Replace a word in an anime title with shota
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Shingeki no Shota
Fullmetal Shota
Shota x Shota
One Shota Man
Boku No Shota
Dragon ball shota

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It's utterly beyond me why this charming as fuck show never got a 3rd season.

I guess now the light novels are continuing with Spring Log and soon new parchment it's looking hopeful for season 3.

Also why is this charming anime not discussed more, does /a/ think it's not worth discussing such an old anime?
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Holo is my goddamn waifu, I'll happily discuss Spice and Wolf all day
I recently re watched it after 5 years, it was very comfy and Holo was awesome. Honestly, I can't find anything wrong with this
which episode did she say "loneliness is a disease that leads to death"?

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Who is the best keion and why?
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For me it's Polnareff
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Alright kids, hold on to your butts because this is about to get ugly. I know some of you dickwheels think your waifu is hot shit, but think again. Let's pretend a girl from K-ON came alive and started dating you. If that girl isn't Mugi, you just got FUCKED. PERMANENTLY.

Why? You're shit. Fuck your life, kid. You need someone to take care of you, that's why you're still living with your mom. Guess what, the ONLY bitch capable of that in K-ON is Mugi. Yui’s in the same boat as you, Ritsu’s batshit insane, Mio’s high maintenance, and Azusa would get pissed at how you don’t work and leave you, just like your last girlfriend.

Even ignoring that, you still have to entertain your waifu. I bet you can’t entertain any normal person, that’s why you have no fucking friends. The only K-ON girls you could please are Yui and Mugi, because they are easily amused. The difference? Yui likes simple shit because she’s on the border between retarded and braindead. Mugi adores homely things because before high school she lived a luxurious but lonely life. Not only that, she actually LIKES taking care of people, which means that you make her happy BY SIMPLY EXISTING AS THE DEPRESSING EMBARRASSMENT TO YOUR LORD(S) THAT YOU ARE.

And another thing. She’s RICH. With Mugi you wouldn’t need to work a day in your fucking life, yes that’s right you could finally silence that voice in the back of your head saying you’ll never amount to anything cause you just hit the god damn jackpot. Mugi’s so smart, she actually recognizes that a life of wealth is unfulfilling. That’s right; she can see that the simple beauty of humanity is more precious than money, something you’ll NEVER UNDERSTAND. Choosing a waifu other than Mugi is like saying “hey /a/, I plan on shitting on my own dick when I get my ribs removed to self-fellate better so I can recycle my bodily waste as food.” So choose Mugi you pig-dicked minge, or get fucking killed.
Yui because we are both borderline retards

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Does fanservice detracts quality from a show or it's just an extra? Have you ever watched an anime just because of fanservice?
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I like fanservice because it repels the normalfags.
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If you're going to have fanservice, put some effort into it. If you aren't, put some effort else where.
Case by case basis. Sometimes shows inturrupt the real reason you're watching with fanservice you could get anywhere, other times it's not obtrusive at all or even the reason you're watching.

ITT objectively boring anime
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If you think Serial Experiments Lain is boring, then you're right. HOWEVER, it did have a good story.
Most of them.

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So people just like this trash because the girls get naked constantly? But Anno made it so it is "deep"
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>So people just like this trash because the girls get naked constantly?
>look at me everyone, I am so edgy and different!!

gtfo faggot, nobody cares your shit taste
What's your point?

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Dumping and hoping for some translations
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ITT: best end
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I won't accept NTR in my pure manga, prez belongs to Kaguya
>Kaishaku is still assblasted about manga's ending.

Is this the greatest fight in anime history?
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I can't think of anything better so maybe.
Are you sure?

Why does Kumiko have such a plumb rear?
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There's a pretty good edit out there

I want these two lesbians to make out.
They aren't lesbians.

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>Best waifu in years
>Almost 10 minutes talking about how she loves Subaru
>After all the music, effects, best declaration, etc., "I love Emilia"

I... I just feel emptiness ;_;
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Fucking kill yourself she's shit.
>kills subaru
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>Best waifu in years
Kill yourself for thinking that. Also kill yourself for using "waifu" to mean "girl".

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>killing a man who apparently did nothing wrong because he hurt your ego

literally nothing more than a mass murderer with a power trip, honestly.
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L is just as fucked up for using Tailor as a pawn. Doesn't matter if he was on death row. He's no better than Light.
If Light had stuck with his "moral" crusade, it wouldn't have worked anyway, so not really.
If light were even slightly intelligent, he would have never gotten caught.

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