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Oppai loli JC
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And she's wasting no time in showing it off, either.
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Claudia best girl.

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Manga that won't end in your lifetime

I'll start
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Nana is the first anime I ever dropped.
Nah, it's got 10 year max, unless he drags out the final fight to Wolli levels of dragging on.

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ITT: Anime /a/ forgot about
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Remember this fat girl?

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Post some based anime dads
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I consider Hiroshi and pic related the best ones

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What do you think they could improve on in the inevitable second, third and fifth seasons?

More Fumi, right?
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They'll be whole seasons of best girl Yuzu and her gf Yui.
Why is yuzu so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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Deito with Yukari

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1) Nisio wrote that turn of events, not Shaft.
2) She's already back.
>yfw it was foreshadowed in Nise
>she knew she was lying all the time but she really enjoyed being with RRG
That looks adorable. Retarded but adorable.

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>write girl who won't win
>make her superior to girl who will win in every way
2 nukes weren't enough.
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Somehow reminds me of that lewd loli vampire doujin.
>make her superior to girl who will win in every way
Pretty sure that's a boy.

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What was the target audience of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo?
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>Not liking the master of nonsense.
I'm just curious how this became a dubbed serialized show on FoxBox or whatever saturday morning cartoons on the USA were called.

Why didn't they pick something more shounen?

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I would like Kokona-Chan to climb my co... heart
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I'd prefer Hinata.
Hinata? WHORE!
I want her to feel my throbbing co... heart.

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>series starts as comedy
>ends as romance
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>series starts as comedy
>ends as romance
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>series starts as a comedy
>ends as a harem
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>Series starts as a romance
>Ends as a harem

What a fucking piece os shit! All she needed was a trim so she wouldn't trip on her hair and that old grumpy asshole ruined her!
If she doesn't use her powers to grow it back out I swear I will drop this garbage show!
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Didn't her adult version have short hair too?
Short bob was a mistake. It's nothing but trash

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Is she the most feminine anime girl ever?
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Pascal a shit
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cute doggo

You have franchises like Bayblade, Pokémon, Yugioh and Digimon which are still alive to this day except for Medabots. This is really weird considering the Anime was amazing.
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Digimon is barely alive, and Appmon is more or !ess a failure

Medarot has plenty of Japan exclusive games, just no anime attatched to them

Danball Senki pretty much eclipped it in the whole 'robot battling' genre
It was before it's time

imagine if you could watch the show then go fight a medabot after it with some friends at school

Pokemon had the game on the gameboy which blew it up.

Yugioh had the card game.

Beyblade has the toys. When I get my medabot fight league then the show will become popular
It was pretty good, I remember rewatching it a few years back and it still held up pretty good. Can't say that about most childhood shows

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Is this nigga serious
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Who cares, Nakano just admitted she likes Toda in the raws.
How behind are the translations to the raws?
literally a hundred chapters

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