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>anime girl has even remotely big breasts
>all the doujins and fanart draw her with extreme huge gross monster tits
Why can't they just draw them her actual size?
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Because faggots need to see large breasts to assure themselves of their heterosexuality.
May from Pokemon fanart in a nutshell. It's fucking annoying.
>Said the jealous flat hambeast

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Death game or isekai?
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you're favorite
Death Game is just edgy shit.
Isekai is fun wish fulfillment.

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Nu Gundam.jpg
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ITT a new Gundam show has started and everyone on /a/ agrees it's great (or at least that it's pretty good). Episode 12 has just aired.

Discuss what you liked most about it so far, how interesting the plot twist was, which mecha designs were the best and who your waifu is.
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Man making a Gundam where the Char is the MC is the best idea ever! Why couldn't they do this sooner?
It's overhyped shit, it's brought way too many newfags to /a/ and the fanbase is cancerous.
Please. He's not only the MC, he also has a Amuro expy as a sidekick. Also he seems to channel some Harry Ord, yet the ambition is still there.

Is it? Doesn't seem so cancerous. Also it's still episode 12.

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New chapter!

I'm astounded Erufudu-san is that enthusiastic about jogging, considering what a pig she seems to be.
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boars have been symbols of vitality for ages
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>plump quendi
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Well, if you are not going to dump it then I will.
Also, it says there first tankoubon will be released soon, yay I guess.

>flashback to something that happened earlier in the episode
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>flashback to a character having a flashback
>The whole episode was a flashback of a different character.
But Rashomons are cool.

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How do you feel about Don Patch?
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He's the main character.
Can he defeat Saitama?
I'd fuck him when he wears the dress.

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They did it to get character development and set up Gohan's inevitable awakening of his 'new' form in the tournament

You should know this by now
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Jobbed to a form that made other gods sweat.

That's the biggest achievement he could possibly have.

Plus, things went horribly wrong, he should have gotten SSJ Rage, it would have made a hell of a lot more sense

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It's getting offpaneled isn't it?
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hype is dead
Well I mean it's still over a week til the next chapter, if it's not delayed, and then that's just Bakuzan jobbing anyway.

Real hype doesn't come til Gouketsu steps in or we get another Garou fight.

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Ruby told me you're calling me a dork in online forums anon... is that true?
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No, I want to fuck you in the ass.
President, we all know your an idol dork.
I don't know, is it? Are you a dork, dork?

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Name a better rivalry
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The rivalry was all one-sided up until the very end, Shirou and Kirei had more rivalry and he fucked his daughter.
Literally any other rivalry.
Naruto and Sasuke

Shonen Jump is going to have 3 special exhibitions for its 50 year anniversary. The first part "The Beginning of The Legend" introducing the magazine's classic titles from its launch to the 1980s is scheduled to be held at Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo between July 18 and October 15. The second part "The Impact of The 6.53 Million Copies" for the 1990s works will follow in the spring of 2018, then the third part "The Present of The Evolving Strongest Magazine" for the 2000s and current works is set in the summer of the year.

63 titles to be deemed for Jump to be featured in the first part (list in following post)
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"Kochikame" (Osamu Akimoto)
"Mashonen B.T."/"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" (Hirohiko Araki)
"Circuit no Okami" (Satoshi Ikezawa)
"Kami-sama wa Southpaw"/"Sora no Campus" (Shinji Imaizumi)
"Susume Pirate!"/"Stop! Hibari-kun" (Hisashi Eguhi)
"Tsuide ni Tonchinkan" (Koichi Endoh)
"Chichi no Tamashii" (Hiroshi Kaizuka)
"Hole in One" (Takeji Kagami/Tatsuo Kanai)
"Samurai Giants" (Ikki Kajiwara/Ko Inoue)
"Wingman"/"Video Girl" (Masakazu Katsura)
"Hochonin Ajihei" (Jiro Gyu/Jo Big)
"Ring ni Kakero"/"Fuuma no Kojiro"/"Otokozaka"/"Saint Seiya" (Masami Kurumada)
"Todai Icchokusen" (Yoshinori Kobayashi)
"1.2 no Ahho!" (Kontaro)
"Moeru! Oniisan" (Tadashi Sato)
"Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken" (Riku Sanjo, Yuji Horii, Koji Inada)
"Sannen Kimengumi"/"High School! Kimengumi" (Motoei Sinzawa)
"Captain Tsubasa" (Yoichi Takahashi)
"Akutare Kyojin"/"Ginga-Nagareboshi Gin-" (Yoshihiro Takahashi)
"Play Ball" (Akio Chiba)
"Yoroshiku Mechadoc" (Ryuji Tsugihara)
"Cobra" (Buichi Terasawa)
"Tennis Boy" (Satoshi Terajima, Kenichi Kotani)
"Astro Kyudan" (ShirĊ Touzaki, Norihiro Nakajima)
"Shape Up Ran"/"Jungle no Ouja Tar-chan" (Masaya Tokuhiro)
"Toilet Hakase" (Kazuyoshi Torii)
"Dr.Slump"/"Dragon Ball" (Akira Toriyama)
"Harenchi Gakuen" (Go Nagai)
"Hadashi no Gen" (Keiji Nakazawa)
"THE MOMOTAROH" (Makoto Niwano)
"BASTARD!! Ankoku no Hakaishin" (Kazushi Hagiwara)
"Cyborg Jiichan G" (Shige Hijikata)
"Black Angels" (Shinji Hiramatsu)
"Doberman Deka" (Buronson, Shinji Hiramatsu)
"Hokuto no Ken" (Buronson, Tetsuo Hara)
"Cat's Eye"/"City Hunter" (Tsukasa Hojo)
"Blue City" (Yukinobu Hoshino)
"God Sider" (Kouji Maki)
"Geki! Gokutora Ikka"/"Sakigake!! Otokojuku" (Akira Miyashita)
"Otoko Ippiki Gaki-Taisho"/"Yamasaki Ginjiro"/"Sawayaka Manjiro"/"Yabure Kabure" (Hiroshi Motomiya)
"Rokudenashi Blues" (Masanori Morita)
"Yokai Hunter"/"Koushi Ankokuden" (Daijiro Morohoshi)
"Koya no Shonen Isamu" (Souji Yamakawa, Noboru Kawasaki)
"Kinnikuman" (Yudetamago)
"Dokonjo Gaeru" (Yasumi Yoshizawa)
Why not start at the 60s where Jump really was born?

Practically all important mangas from beginning to 1989 are there. Except one.

And that is my question: why isn't Mazinger Z deemed to be there? Does Jump hate it for some reason?

Kimagure Orange Road isn't neither for some motive.

>Japanese animators get payed like shit while American animators get payed actually decently well
Why don't we see more Japanese animators jumping ship to places like America where they can actually make a decent living?
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because america is 95% CG now, the other 5% being flash cartoons
>American animators
Those don't exist, or, to be more precise, the kind of animator that exists in Japan, does not exist in America.
And so the Americans do not pay them better than the Japanese do. When they have a 2D animation job, they hand it over to Korea.
But mostly, America deals with 3D garbage.
>CG and Flash cartoons
You say that as if that isn't a plus to an animator because it means they only have to work half as hard for 5 times the pay.

The girl, I mean, not the series.
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Mamika is good, but Nanoha will always remain my favorite.
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The one and only.
Really hard question.
My faorite is probably Homura Akemi because of her fight against the cycle of karma.

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what am I in for?
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I'm Negan.
is it /a/ if it's korean?

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>get beat by Roshi
>now outclassed by every Z Fighter, even Krillin

Strongest human my ass.
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Krillin surpassed Tien after surviving past the Saiyan Saga. Once he got his Guru boost and Namek experiences in there was no way Tien was catching up.
I kinda wish Tien and Roshi weren't in the tournament. It's a little hard to swallow that the strongest 10 mortals all live on Earth.
did they answer where monaka is?
I'm sure goku must have asked.

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