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>long straight black hair
>blue eyes
>amazingly curvy body in general
>sexy voice
>cares deeply about those close to her
>would be very loving in a relationsihp
>would probably make something out of an unproductive member of society
>is probably a beast in bed

Are the other girls even trying?
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She is a crazy yandere lesbian nutcase who molested poor mousy Hana, probably since childhood. The only thing that makes her tolerable is that she got cucked in the end.
There is literally nothing negative about anything in your post.
>abuses her love interest's only friends

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Which one was better?
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The one that had Oi-chan-senpai in it.
Bakuman was too long.
Shirobako was too short.
Sad world.
I like Moeyo/Hoero Pen more than Bakuman.

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Kobayashi-san. What's her name? Any guesses?
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Something ending in -ko.

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Holy shit, that was equally devastating and awesome.
What a ride.
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welcome to the neet club.
W-Wait, I have no intention of becoming a NEET?!

Is NEET life comfy? Bcs mineĀ“s not rn
Nope, unless you're working at a job you actually enjoy or you're a a neet whose living off of royalties from something you made, that's truly the best life. Having to work a job you hate or being a neet and being despised by everyone or then being cut off are equally the worse hell's.

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what the fug.webm
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b-but girls can't fight!
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Hm, I wasn't gonna pick this up, but that's some nice fightin'. Is the series mostly like this, or is there a bunch of silly drama mostly?
No drama. Some comedy. The rest is fighting and they being stupid for thinking she is a boy.
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I'm not sure what this thread is really about, but let's roll with it, I guess.

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I'll fucking start. How much can I pay to have this shit concussed out of my memory?
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On the contrary, I wish I could absorb all of Monogatari without watching it so I can have a valid experience without the time.
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>choosing to absorb something which isn't extraordinarily long nor good

OnT: Basquash just wasted my time.
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You fucking wot.png
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Because I already absorbed Legend of Galactic Heroes like a madman and genuine enthusiasm.

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just try to name a better sports anime
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One Outs though i like Ippo
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And which manga would you like to see illustrated/written by a comic artist?
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Murata (art) Spider-man.
80's Miller (write) Monster
Garfield as written by Bkub.
One Piece as written by Giffen and DeMatteis
X-Men by Araki

Why is Yano the best Shirobako?
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Fat director is best Shirobako.

Yano was the best girl though.
That's not Segawa
She's not.

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Why is it that a lot of animes have German language or influence on them yet their setting doesn't fit at all into this

Latest I found was in Clockwork Planet, pic related.
But also in rather old ones like Spice & Wolf you find German writings

I wonder why that's a thing. It's really nice to see when there is an "all German" anime like Youjo Senki which had very accurate German except for one Scene.
But as then there's shit like Schwarzesmarken which feels like being scripted by Google Translate; even that title doesn't make sense.
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They love their germans. They have had ties with them for a long time now. It make sense seeing as germany has a long rich history to use.
OP here;
I am German that's why this question has been bothering me even tho I'm pretty new to anime in general.
But I wouldn't consider our history rich actually
because it sounds cool

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>156913483
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Requesting more of this
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jojo ref.jpg
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Requesting the image at the right made Stardust Crusaders related.
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Now that this is canon, requesting cocklust-driven NTR, the best NTR for yuri

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Is this shit coming back or what? Is Fumita dead?
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Even Fumita got bored of the lack of progress between all 3 couples and dropped it.

nozaki-kun juggles three couples and has them progress, and its a MONTHLY
No, it's so shit that even the author hates it now. Tomo-chan was a mistake.

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This is Erufuda, she may be a bit fat but she is trying her best to lose weight.
Say something nice about her.
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Her friends are hot.

>she is trying her best to lose weight.

She is not, though. She backslides at every opportunity, including in the middle of "trying her best".

She should just find someone to marry and knock her up so she can have an excuse for being fat and not actually trying hard at anything.
ganbare, elf-san

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How can you people still deny there has been a decline in quality in the last 10 years? I know you guys will call me a nostalgia fag, but I actually believe anime has reached its creative peak in early to mid 00s

Just look at some big anime from 2007
We got:

Lucky Star
Gurren Lagann
Darker than Black
Macross Frontier
Seirei no Moribito
Sword of the Stranger
Nodame Cantabile
Kara no Kyoukai
Denno Coil
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
5 Centimeters per Second

All of these series are still discussed to this day.
And now we have like 5 decent shows a season at best.
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>Lucky Star
>Gurren Lagann
>Darker than Black
>Macross Frontier
>Seirei no Moribito
>Sword of the Stranger
>Nodame Cantabile
>Kara no Kyoukai
>Denno Coil
>Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
>5 Centimeters per Second
Are these supposed to be good?
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/a/ has become a parody of itself
>muh 2007
Fuck off Diginigger

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honestly so many shows just changed the anime game, such as evangelion gundam haruhi dragon ball. When is the 10's insane anime that changes everything coming out? We only have two and a half years left
>pic unrelated
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Anime is dying.
Classics are sometimes recognized long after.
but classics aren't the same thing as game changers. Nothing was the same after haruhi

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