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why is this the worst shonen arc ever?
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It went on far too long, had some really great moments, but mostly mediocore moments, or just flat out stupid moments.
Its not even the worst arc in the manga
>Yeah dude, let's add Zombies for the final battle!

Saw it being shit the first moment it appeared in the manga.

I was expecting a big romance.

But MC didn't even try to kiss the girl.

It was all about self improving bullshit.

What a waste of time.
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>Waaah! I want romance!

Go back to tumblr
>I was expecting a big romance
Stale bait.

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Guess what time it is?
That's right, it's Kumo time!
New manga chapter fresh off the presses today. Also the WN has resumed updating and LN volume 6 is being published next month.
Truly it is a good time to be a isekai'd spider fan.
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Is Rika the quintessential JC?
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Now way JCs asses are actually that big, these girls are are JDs AT LEAST.
Miria is the better choice, she gives off the more potent JC vibes.

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Starting with obvious one
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Yunyun is strictly for headpats only.
Why did Yunyun have such a hard time getting friends anyway?
Why did Yunyun have a miscarriage?

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Can we have one of these?

Write a plot for a space opera anime

Hard mode: no deconstructions
Ultra Hard mode: write a delinquent anime plot
Super Mega Ultra Hard mode: write the most cliched anime plot you can think of
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Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl, yearns to live the life of a boy in the bustling city of Tokyo—a dream that stands in stark contrast to her present life in the countryside. Meanwhile in the city, Taki Tachibana lives a busy life as a high school student while juggling his part-time job and hopes for a future in architecture.

One day, Mitsuha awakens in a room that is not her own and suddenly finds herself living the dream life in Tokyo—but in Taki's body! Elsewhere, Taki finds himself living Mitsuha's life in the humble countryside. In pursuit of an answer to this strange phenomenon, they begin to search for one another.
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I've actually had one in mind for a while. Something akin to pic related mixed with Cowboy Bebop.
A man finds himself reincarnated into another world. The problem is one, his consciousness was simply put into the body of an already established character, retaining the unfortunate guy's rough memories of what happened the day his body got hijacked. The person supposed to be his lover was just brutally murdered by what would be the main villain of the story his party of adventurers was trying to catch. What's worse, everyone in his party at the very least would give their own life for his. With is lack of grief and motivations to chase the antagonist people soon become suspicious.

The protagonist finds himself split between trying to play his role, and actually following his contemporary world morality trying to stop the vengeful moods of his party without having his cover blown. As the plot thickens it's revealed there is a traitor in the group.

At the end of season 1 he gets fucked over and mind tortured badly due to being goody two shoes following the proper trial procedures when trying to judge someone guilty or not and using proper detective logic, as everyone at this point has enough evidence and out of character acts to see that something is wrong with him like his composure in the face of the potential killer of his lover. He is found guilty even by the person he saved. Season 2 begins with the traitor he had already figured out during his cell time rescuing him.

Reminder this (and k-on) are the peak of cute girls' slice of life. Everything else is pointless since they are just mediocre copies that are lacking in any real humanity. Once you have these two, you don't need 100s of shit ones.
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This is now a wide thread
Season 5 never
Yuno is best girl
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>not remembering the 404 girl's manga
Nice original opinion Anon, did you happen to just randomly just say what Digibro said in his recent video?

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/a/ sings Eromanga-sensei (OP and ED)
Mixeranon for /a/ sings Hitorigoto (Eromanga-sensei OP) here. I've started this a few weeks back and over the course of the threads a great many people told me they'd rather sing the ED instead of the OP. I talked to the anons that already submitted and came to the conclusion that doing the ED would indeed be better, but since I don't want to compeltely waste the effort everyone put into this I'll follow the suggestion one of an anon to just do the short Version of the OP and the long version of the ED.

If you already submitted for the album version, you're good to go since I can just use the first verse.

I'll start /a/ sings adrenaline!!! (Eromanga-sensei ED) as soon as the single is out (two days from now).

>/a/ sings Hitorigoto is now the OP(short)-version instead of the album version.
>Submitting the long version is fine too.
>/a/ sings of the (full) ED coming in two days.

I'll keep the deadline for /a/ sings Hitorigoto as it is for now, which is June 1st, so you'll have to be relatively quick if you want a guarantee to be in.

-Record the song (OP-version (short)) with headphones
-Send your submission and questions to [email protected]


Link to song:

Everything you need in a neat little .rar containing the song, instructions and printable lyrics:
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I won't bump this thread too much since the ED isn't out yet. This is just a heads-up so you know what to expect.
Already submitted Hitorigoto a while ago, but I'm definitely looking forward to the ED.
I'm just following this mess for the ED.

I gotta believe
turn it on!
I'm so EXCITE! EXCITE! Raise the beat!
EXCITE! EXCITE! I'll let my heart guide me!
Gonna go down the path it desires!
(Hey!) I'm on a mission right now!
(Hey!) I'm on a mission right now!
EXCITE! EXCITE! The answer is...
(One!) In my hands, I hold
(Two) A life that should continues!
(Three!) You just gotta idle!
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Boys a shit
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I liked WITH's performance.

And they seem like nice guys.
So I'm sort of in love with this Elsa girl. It's especially funny she has such villainous music play during her parts.

When is she going to rape Rola or something?

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How do you make Naruto not shit?
Hard mode: Something more creative than 'it doesn't happen'.
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I brainwash the editor
Make Kakashi MC and Team 7 the retarded comic-relief characters we see only a couple times in between hardcore assassination missions.
Remove the Mangekyo Sharingan.
Team 7 still split up but now Kishimoto doesn't have to make the entire plot about the Sharingan.
Of course it can still become shit later, but I can't control the entire plot.

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Mother Daughter skinship.webm
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Is this a normal thing for a mother to do to her daughter?
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>insert that kill la kill gif
I would if I had it handy. You know which one I'm talking about.
Only if they're preparing for oyakodon
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It should be more prevalent. Mother daughter naked interactions are tip top.

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Is Luluco the sexiest middle schooler?
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I WANT TO Ask Luluco out on a romantic dinner, establish a good relarionship wither, and then one day get married and make sweet consensual love to her in the missionary position while holding hands for the sole purpose of procreation
you sick fuck

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name a sadder piece of music than this


you can't
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YLiA has a bunch

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>still the best anime fight after all these years
Will it ever be topped?
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Every underdog loss ever written wishes it could be Gaara vs Lee.
That's not No Name vs Lou Long
Daily reminder that anime has already peaked so you might as-well give up on watching anything else.

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was there a thread for this? Was a cute chapter

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We usually discuss the raw.
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Tell me more about this goddess
/chem/ has some doki doki going on

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