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>Season 3 confirmed for never

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It stopped being funny 2nd half of S2

shit m8 i just watched both seasons for the first time and fell in love.

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If you got turned into a cute anime girl today, which would you wear?
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But the fun part of being a girl is wearing the clothes
Top, 2nd.
I'm already wet just by thinking about it when every human male wants to fuck me when looking at my plump ass.

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Who the fuck?

This looks like old Takeuchi, so I'm guessing no news on good Type-Moon.
Literally Saber and Cu
SeibArc and CuRei

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Are you ready for the glorious recap episode?
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I just want some Tsukai and that other OL cake porn already
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I want alien and shindo doujins ;_;

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Best Boy Bort edition
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Jean the men.png
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Literally married
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Here lies Blort, he never scored.
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How can one boy be so pure?

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New chapter out.
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By the way, "Greatest Hero" literally is "Sai Ko no Hero"

Or... "Psycho Hero"
Another boring filler chapter

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Why does Toyo hate Vegeta so much?
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>Kale has Vegeta's fivehead

ahahahahaha Kalefags btfo
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Because I don't like him
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We need more of this.

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Here we go.
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>ywn have a pet biribiri
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Stop reminding me, faggot!
How did railgun-only-fags reacted to this? I wasn't here when it was airing 4 years ago.

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>a NEET gets run over by truck-kun
>and gets isekai'd to a fantasy world
>that runs on game mechanics
>where he has a cheat skill
>that makes him ludicrously overpowered
>which causes bitches left and right to go into heat for him
>because he's so strong
>but also so nice and modest
>because muh Japanese morals
>and he knows how to make mayo too
>which is the best thing ever
When will it end, /a/?
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When a new fad delivers all of the same wish-fulfillment highs in a new setting that's just as easy to write.

Protip: isekai isn't popular because people like it a lot. It's popular because it's really fucking easy to write. Like, really, really easy. Any amateur with some spare time can pump out 500 pages worth of isekai fiction where even 10 pages of a real story might stumble them. The amateur publishing market is consequently flooded with them, and since they're easy to write, they also pull in casual fans that find themselves inspired to create from other's work.

We only see about the top .01% of isekai that float to the top by popular recognition, get republished as an LN, then adapted as an anime. The fad is fueled by the ease of creating the subject material, sort of like the popularity of shitty chinese manufacturing.
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Enjoy your stay.
When we get tired of the cute girls.

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You didn't watch her movie in 720p, did you? You're waiting for 1080p, right?
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I'm more concerned about getting actual subs and not just machine translations by some Rasheed but yes, I'm also waiting for 1080p.
1080 is out on KM for the last 3 hours.
I never watch anime in 1080p.

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Korean scans of the new chapter: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/ujghUdY67z4
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God fucking damn that cover is good
overhaul's jacket looks so comfy though
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>mfw Dragon MILF

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Why haven't we seen her room yet?
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Because Hori knows she is the supreme best girl.
Need more time for the grape tadpoles to hatch.
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Why haven't we seen her womb yet?

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Is there anything this studio can't do?
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Kissing scenes
Good anime
average over 45k a volume

This series is amazing, there is no show that sums up everything wrong with modern anime better than this.
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I absolutely agree
I think it brings together a lot of great aspects of modern anime.
Could you give an example?

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