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Are you looking towards the upcoming full animated adaptation of this game?
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Are they gonna get the same studio who did the OVA (A-1 Pictures) or are they gonna go with the studio who did the animated cutscenes for the game (Production I.G)?
The game is already pretty much a 100-hour anime series by itself.
But I'm always up for more Y.Aoi and Sugita.

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What is he thinking about?
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>tfw no arms
I want to molest armless shingekis desu.
BRA did nothing wrong.

Endgame right here.
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Endgame right here.
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Reiner is so handsome.
Manlet a shit

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(Despite a full moon never mentioned again), the girls are going to bed. Through Suu, Lala asks how they deal with that "troublesome one". Cerea reflects on a certain incident where Miia was sneaking into Darling's bed.
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Miia's plans are interrupted by Rachnerra, who starts to think about doing some "night robbery" of her own, before Cerea stops her, as Centaurs only need three hours of sleep a day. Rachnerra asks why Cerea has a pillow if she intends to stay awake protecting Darling.
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Cerea swears it was only if Darling wanted to sleep next to her, as Rachnerra ties her up. With no other options, Cerea summons Suu, who stops Rachnerra. Cerea explains that Suu can always stop the three of them if any one of them tries to touch Darling in the night, as Lala realizes Suu is the strongest, and the chapter/Suu's turn begins.
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Solid Suunake disguises herself as a traffic cone to evade men who are trying to get a tanker away as fast as possible. Touching a tentacle to it, she...

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One Page Thread

previous thread >>157305686
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In a few more hours!
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Sagiri is my wife!
>I have shit taste
>doesnt like imoutos

Kill yourself kudasai.

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Tokyo Ghoul is a healing manga now.
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Tragedies are so out dated
thread/chapter theme
Why is Touka pretending that she was a virgin?

is Arararagi a gentle lover?
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The gentlest. He has a slow hand; an easy touch.

Shinobu makes him fuck her as hard as he can.
>ywn have a shapeshifting vampire princess of unspoken beauty residing in your shadow for eternity
Feels Badman

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Who will Veggie inevitably job to in the ToP?
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Wasn't this an old webm?
Poor vegetable
I've only seen 300 anime and even I can see this show is shit

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Does she like her daddy now?

Also, a new episode coming in hours. Get hyped
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Let's sexualize Rui
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What's to say that she can't take away Hime's omnipotence?

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Episode is out
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Momo lost her smile
Aizawa is my husbando
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>entire chapter is just Touka and Kaneki fucking
wtf I love :re now
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Why haven't his arms healed properly yet?
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Why do people want that fat piece of shit to join the crew?
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She's in.

i-it's not fair bros! why does that fat boring fish get to join instead of my waifu carrot. reeeeeeee y-y-year of jinbei's death!
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She's in

Tomodachi PV is up.

Are you ready, yuushabros?
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Yakusoku PV, of course. I don't know what I'm typing.
>inb4 Tougou focus and no mankai matsuri
>Tomodachi PV

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Are those nipples on Lina?
great isn't it?

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