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Street level heroics when?

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Never that's why illegals exists
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How can class A even compete?
by actually being relevant

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Episode 7 preview


I'm sure glad to see that Meteora is ok
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You guys told me Hiroe was a good writer.
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My Japanese is bad but If I had to translate this it would be:

>A Magical sword gun?
>This world has everything, huh!
>It's fun! It's really fun!
>The World's short weekend
>Weekend... That's a nice word!

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YH is canon
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YH is canonically one-sided.

2 cute girls, but best girl is written down in the subtitle text
What I don't understand is people who say it's not canon because Ymir died.
Just cause she died doesn't mean they won't in a relationship.
It's like saying Bert wasn't Reiner's friend because he's dead now.

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This will happen, mark my words.
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cum inside the succy poster.jpg
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Leave Croix to me!
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have we got another Akko face update lately?

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Last thread >>157298798
We are doing this sketch with paint and when everyone is happy with the slots we will put it on a polished verson. I'll show how it will look like in the next post.

If you want to change a character's position at least say why you want to change it.
To add a character just post the image and point where it should be in the chart
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Here's how it will look like with gimp
Move Eren Jaeger left to (70,50).

As much as an insufferable faggot he is, he didn't actively go out of his way to boost his ego or even purposefully hurt people, like Bert/Reiner. He just whines too much.
please fix yotsuba

This is the worst girl.
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This is a fucking shitty series.
That's not drills ojou.
This is the best girl.

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I want to announce my love for her.
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neck yourself, furfag
It's not a furry, it's a demon.
Juri was better

How about we actually discuss Precure and not just mindlessly shitpost for once.
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Which should I watch between Heartcatch and Princess?
Poisony was really cute.
You should watch in release order

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Find a flaw
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No remake
>Still not playable in FGO
It's not her redesign.

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you have to marry the girl posted below
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ugh, just fucking kill me
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>when you post her because you don't want anyone posting her on you

Pick your poison.
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Both of them are sluts

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Ask akinator to find your Waifu.
25-30 answers: Your Waifu is a cocklusting slut who loves dick and fucks everything she can.
31-35: Your Waifu is a slut who will betray you if you don't fulfill her lust for cock
36-40: Your Waifu was a slut in the past, but will stay faithful to you
41-45: Your Waifu is and was pure and she will blush when you try to hold her hand
46+: This is the purest form of Waifu and nothing can tarnish her faithfulness.
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sashinami shoko, he gave up
Every time this happens, Akinator becomes more adept at finding your waifu. Ergo, the more times you do this, the more cock-hungry your waifu will become. In a years time, what might take Akinator 30 questions now will take him only 20.
He gave up
None of his guesses had the obvious hints I gave him, like red eyes and black hair
Akinator isn't the same genius he was some years ago

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Tofu Friends
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Warning: Nostalgia overdose.
I feel like rocky and bullwinkle would have worked better

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Christmas cakes can be mothers too.
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I want to make okaa-san a real mother
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What's your favorite anime this season, Yuyubros? I think this is a terrible season. The only CGDCT is shit. The continuance of LWA is the only thing I'm really enjoying a lot this season; dropped Hinako Note and Sakura Quest in extreme disappointment.

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