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Raphi on the front page!
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demon begone

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I just rewatched Kai recently. Guldo kicks up rocks and dirt while running, and he breaks a cliff, too. Lots of things move. Right after that he releases Krillin and Gohan and they stay still mid-air and look surprised because before timestop they were moving fast. If it was true timestop they'd keep going without losing momentum. This clearly doesn't stop time.
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>caring about the plot holes in dragon ball

just how autistic are you ?
That wasn't him stopping time though. That was just telekinesis. Completely different power.
This. OP is so retarded he can't even understand Dragon Ball.

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New episode discussion; how do you like the new duels?
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Would you a Ema?
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>those hips
>that tight latex suit
I would let her riding duel me.
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Say what you will about Sakura's personality, but her design in the Boruto movie is top tier.
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never noticed how much like a vampire Sasuke looks
That's kinda hot.
He looks like a Japanese Snape.

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"Is it OK if I have Curly-kun's baby?

You know, for closure!"
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This fucking bitch. Get off it
wait is this for real?
Dumb bitch.

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So now that it's been made clear that both Touma and Aleister are the true villains of the series, don't you think it's time you pledged your allegiance to the charming and beautiful Choronzon?
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Misaki a best. A BEST.
Not funsized blondes are the best.

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There is hope
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Looks like it will be his scene from the OP. They wouldn't put an irrelevant 30 seconds battle scene in the OP, r-right?
He will only get 1 minute worth of screen time just like Rui in the last episode.

But, I'll gladly accept it since he's /myguy/ afterall. Better than none.
Call me when they kill off meteora, I have already dropped this shit.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>157288813
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Requesting chibis of Kirito in SMT IV: Apocalypse Lucifer's outfit and Inaho blankly staring in a Beelzebub mascot uniform as cartoonish evil lightning flashes in the sky
Requesting Kaede from [email protected] CG celebrating her new Cinderella Girl title, drinking like a wasted hooligan from a glass shoe while also holding a bottle of alcohol in the other hand, preferably with other idols around her getting just as wasted.
Further references here: http://imgur.com/a/0B9AF
Eris is cute, CUTE!

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is your country well represented in anime?
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>tfw no Korean anime characters
Fucking racist nips
I feel bad for your country.
For some weird reason the nips always show Finnish women as total dykes.

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Rindo is cute

Also color page next week

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Nene got smashed, pure fodder
Yeah, from now on, eternal mocking from Kuga. I mean, he's going to lose too, but it'll likely be to Tsukasa right off the bat.
Is Isshiki going to embarrass the Central side with a box of scraps?

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This is the ideal female idle, you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
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I want to fuck Lala.
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Will Gohan surpass Goku in this arc?
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>Already SSB tier with 4 hours of training
He just needs to become an actual SSJG to leave everyone in the dust.
I don't watch super, but I hope your post isn't implying that gohan hasn't surpassed goku in the past at least twice.

What was your personal AOTY 2016?
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Fucking duh.
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This is a licensed and practicing hero and UA graduate who had a happy and loving childhood, and is also emotionally and mentally mature and stable.

Say something nice about him!
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This is a boy who literally gets trolled and bullied to death.
i admire him for continuing his journey to become a hero even with a difficult quirk such as his
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When will be her moment to shine, acording to hori? Obviously not the 3 pages against mustard-something, in that arc everyone got their 3 pages.

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>tfw this will never happen because TRIGGER
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>25 euro for a golden shower
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>mfw when someone even bother to post in this thread when hes already dislike the show
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Barbara redemption arc when?

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