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Etzali is too cool for this image. He'll be back soon enough.
>Misaka doesn't say Kamijou Touma in the iron bridge
>says it when investigating AAA
Bad shit gonna go down on Christmas pretty much guaranteed.
>We got ZERO_Over Fukou Da before FIVE_Over Accelerator

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It's Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell in nip, and if Satania is her first name then the proper English form is Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa.
Coming up with this name should earn japan another nuke.

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Have we learned from the other thread yet?
Yes. That furries have no place here
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not quite

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Does anyone else find this shot in the opening really funny?

The way it's framed in the sequence is like the OP stops for a few seconds for her to tell us "Man, I'm so important. Remember what I taught you, Akko".
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You'd better remember.
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>Two Diana episodes in a row
We've been blessed

Read the guide before asking any questions:

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>9000 JPY

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Kadokawa contest bans isekai.
>Any original novel that does not have a story where the hero finds himself in a different world is eligible for submission. However, submitted novels must feature adult male protagonists.
>The website does not provide a reason why novels involving protagonists thrown into alternate worlds are excluded.
Are they finally trying to mitigate the cancer?

Source: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2017-05-15/kadokawa-holds-light-novel-contest-for-stories-about-adult-men/.116037
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Too many editors on suicide watch, I'd imagine.
Good. It they want to write fantasy, make them put some effort in it.
It's because they always win.

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How many years did I wait for this to come out again? I lost count how many times I've rewatched it
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16 times for me.
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How many years before we get to see this animated though...

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Re=L is cute!

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Celica a best. A BEST.

Sisti and Lumi a shit. A SHIT.
Why the equals sign? I don't get it

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The world will burn before the light of my sword
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Chutulu a shit and a slut
Someone needs to hurry up and die.
Excalibuuur! Soon.

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l love this man. He is the savior of dragon ball. He should get a nobel prize for saving the world. I have a small room dedicated to him. With a picture of him. I once got an autograph with him. I kiss that piece of paper every day. He shaked my hand. To this day, I have not washed my hand. I fap with it, spreading faulconers AURA on m'dick. He touched my shoulder with his hand, I have yet to wash that shirt. I lick the part he touched all the time. It is one of my prized possesoins. I have a cardboard cut out of him, and I pray to it, as if he were god, because he is. If one were to study music for 1 billion years, 1 billion times over, one would not even be close to the level of Faulconer. I fall asleep to his songs. I love hearing that repeated sound in the cell theme or buu theme. Every day,I remember to say "fuck you funimation" for not bringing him back on 3 separate occasions. It's okay, I know they will go to hell. There are no words in the English language that can truly convey my love for him. When I die, I want all my remaining money to go to him. I wish I could kiss his boot. Or wear a sweater he wore, why? Because it has his divine smell.
Get on my level subturds. None of you will even come close to loving cuckoochi ching chong whatever as much as I love Faulconer.
He should have been brought back for DB super.
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What is Hit thinking right now?
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Best female Kai coming through

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Who's your favorite digimon, /a/?
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Wizardmon. Or Machinedramon. Or Belphemon.

But if i wanted digital pussy id go with Ladydevimon or Lilithmon.
I remember I had a weird obsession with floramon when I was a kid

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ITT: Things that will (sadly) never be canon
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I want to FUCK Akko!
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Considering their height difference, I'm willing to think so.
The dichotomy between "sense" and "sensibility" is one of the lenses through which this novel is most commonly analyzed. The distinction is most clearly symbolized by the psychological contrast between the novel's two chief characters, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. According to this understanding, Elinor, the older sister, represents qualities of "sense": reason, restraint, social responsibility, and a clear-headed concern for the welfare of others. In contrast, Marianne, her younger sister, represents qualities of "sensibility": emotion, spontaneity, impulsiveness, and rapturous devotion. Whereas Elinor conceals her regard for Edward Ferrars, Marianne openly and unashamedly proclaims her passion for John Willoughby. Their different attitudes toward the men they love, and how to express that love, reflect their opposite temperaments.

You can literally replace this shit with Akko and Diana's names and then the name of their lovers with "Chariot ".

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Smart and educated predictions on how 1B's currently unknown quirks work:

>Nirengeki Shoda [ TWIN IMPACT ]
Every time he hits you, his phantom double hits you again. Doubles the amount of hits he can dish out!
>Pony Tsunotori [ HORN CANON ]
She can do almost all things pony-like! But that's lame, so she can also shoot laser beams charged up between her horns. The longer she charges them, the stronger they get!
>Reiko Yanagi [ POLTERGEIST ]
She can posses inanimate object and move around with them. But if she goes over heir weight limit, she gets menstrual cramps. She likes to surf!
>Sen Kaibara [ SWIVELING ]
He can rotate his body parts 360 degrees at great speed.
>Shihai Kuroiro [ BLACK ]
He can paralyze you by spraying black colored ink on you. For every 5 mg of squid ink he digests, he can extend this effect by 1 minute!
>Kinoko Komori [ MUSHROOM ]
She can do almost all things mushroom-like! She has a mushy mushy family!
>Setsuna Tokage [ AUTOTOMY ]
Her limbs regenerate after being torn off. Very gruesome!
>Manga Fukidashi [ COMIC ]
He can can capture you inside a comic book and then have guys with pipe wrenches beat you up in there!

Everyone else is either explained or obvious, I think.
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was what does yui does ever explained
Thats it. He's just black

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Will the rockets work on Big Mom?
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I love Sanji and Nami there.
SaNa confirmed
Listen. She gets hit but doesn't die instantly. She's so tough and so powerfull even the most powerfull poison in the world seems to have no effect on her but after a hard fight against her the poison finally catch up to her. That way the plan did work but not as expected.

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Why are all Yeagers so autistic
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Why are they so irresistible to women?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
AM are meant to be.

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