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So apparently this should be up right now? Don't have an account so just waiting for a rip.
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12 hours left and it will be on Netflix
what other anime can be found on netflix?
Already dubbed

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NT18 translation has been completed: https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index:_New_Testament#NT_Volume_18
Railgun 96, Accel 36, and Astral Buddy 2 are coming in a week. An original novel for Railgun's 10th anniversary has also been announced, release date not yet known. With that being said, how did you like NT18?
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NT19 fucking when/10
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Misaki a best. A BEST.

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Seems like King and Dian really got their powerup.
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Notice how she's still at human size, last time she fought like this she was at 900. In mother catastrophe mode it will be hardcore.
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So the 7DS are all together and getting along again now.

What is next? We're finally seeing the 10C again?
>It's ironic guys
>The power levels are just a joke

It's the same shit apologists say about power levels in dragon ball and it's equally false.

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T minus 12 hours until demons launch their unsuccessful attack on Charioce.

But what if getting caught is part of Azazel's master plan?
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>T minus 12 hours until Azazelfags cry bitch tears
I've been waiting for this
Well I doubt Azazel will die, I kinda want him to though.
No matter how bad the demons get btfo both sides will fall to the might of Heaven soon enough, whatever happens between the Ningens and Demons next episode will only add to the glory of the Heavens

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Previous threads: >>157377210

Reminder of the rules: we are ranking characters in accordance with how much they suffered and how much they deserved it. If you want to add a character to the chart, just name them, post their image and point to where they should be in the chart like this:

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What needs to happen is we need to find characters who fit all the empty spots. That's a bit of a harder job, but it can be done. Wrack your brains everyone for who might be a good candidate for those empty slots.
>>157389370 + perhaps move Stocking down, too, I meme a lot but the other anon made a good point.
move togame back per last thread.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>157344983
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Not using >>157358160 as OP
Shame, it was best delivery.
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Akiba's Love.jpg
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Requesting more cute situations with Tamotsu and Mayo from Akiba's Trip as a couple. Like both happily looking at a sunset together on top of a building, for example.
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Requesting an Espurr telekinetically bouncing Wiz's boobs

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What were they thinking?
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Shitren is worst MC.
There are so many other contenders for that its impossible for him to take that spot.

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Are Monster Musume threads banned?
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I guess?

There was a fight between the MM posters who refused to stop having threads and the autistic shitposters who demanded threads they don't like be removed.

Is it FINALLY time for the new chapter?
Not exactly. The threads were turning into full blown cancer again and basically got told to take a break until the manga got back from hiatus. Which going from your OP image I guess it is?
I have it, but I can't do shots until Saturday night/Sunday morning, busy with work. Unless I get banned for this.

Lewd is back on the menu.

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Both Acno and Zeref defeated in one chapter with the power of FRIENDSHIP. Anyone still cares about this?
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Please tell me these are fake images.

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Welcome to Youkoso Japari Park single has reached gold status. This means it has sold 100.000 copies.
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Wow, two threads were made exactly one second apart from each other. Don't think I've ever seen that happen before.
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Source http://www.riaj.or.jp/f/data/cert/hs.html
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Best bat friend bar none

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Am I the only one concerned about this at all?
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Why would I care?
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The casting is actually pretty good, but I'm concerned that they won't be able to capture the feeling of JoJo.

I'm pretty excited to be honest since I love the anime adaptation series. Intrigue but to be fair I'm not going to expect much. Really a passive aggresive outlook for this live-action hmm.

Who's the cutest and most lovely and why is it Eriri?

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>a single Eriri episode is better than Utaha's arc as a whole
Based director-san.
Eriri a shit.

Utaha a best.
>tfw no gf

If she really does have high tier regeneration, I hope she's like a reverse Toga where she likes being ripped apart instead of ripping apart others. The masochist to her sadist.
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>Tfw I would Fuck her in dragon form.

Well she had tits so I'm sure it's not that bad of a thought.
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Is Deku the "kid appeal" character?
Does posting the same stupid question in every thread make you feel good? Honest question.

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So how long until we get a Persona 5 anime?
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>>he doesnt know about daybreakers
BESIDES the ONA I mean.
Three days

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Sex? With Ishtar?
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why is rin ishtar
Every thread ever.
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I'd rather her sister.

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