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I don't like edge, lolis or ducks. Is there any reason for me to watch Tanya?
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Well there's a lot of military porn in it, if that's your cup of tea.

If it's not, I don't know why you'd ask the question at all, because apparently you just hate fun.
decent comedy
Fuck off and kill yourself.

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Who is Nejire, and why is she perfect for bullying?
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She's perfect for Mineta to put his dick in
How powerful is she compared to Mirio and Sun Emo?
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Here's the JoJo EoH crossover an anon requested yesterday(and a week ago).

WARNING! Big image.

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Lola will make Academy City great again. Don't get tricked into feeling sympathetic towards Aleister. He's still responsible for everything in this series.
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So let me get this straight, Laura was Lola the whole time but everyone always translated it wrong?
But muh end justifies the means
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That demon is gonna learn that AC is already full of them.

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Are you hyped for Elbaf?
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What is her appeal?
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impure angel

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Hey /a/, let's talk about your favourite sports anime
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Eyeshield 21 because Murata. Only the manga though.
See you in three days.
This was boring as fuck. Ginga e kickoff or the fat girls becomes slim after playing soccer or some shit

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Eren and Armin in a fight soon
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Can't wait for this ugly cunt to die while screaming in agony.
Shitren is worst MC.
Armin is worst shingeki.

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Present Trunk's end game.
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He prefers older women.

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How do you feel about tomboy characters in anime and manga?
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pretty gay, even more gay than traps according to platos philosophy and modern research
Not enough bruital rape and mental scarring.
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Tomboys must have thick eyebrows otherwise they're completely worthless.

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Is this the best fight in the series?
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>Gohan fights on par with cell
>Cell fights with full power
>Gohan can't keep up
>Gohan fights with full power
>Cell can't keep up
>Cell explodes and comes back twice as strong
>Gohan can't keep up
>Z fighters finally do something right and swarm Cell all at once
>Cell dies

I think I prefer the earlier Dragonball fights where Goku was fighting tooth and nail to beat his opponents. Jackie Chun, Tien, and Piccolo for instance. Overwhelming differences in power don't make for good fights but they can still be compelling.
Wouldn't that be Majin Vegeta vs Goku?
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TFW Cell shits himself after Gohan is done powering up.

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Hinako is literally BUILT for jav.

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How am I supposed to feel anything but disgust at that?

>bad art
>female lesbian pretending she has it tough
>goes to prostitute

I hope the author kills xerself.
its great
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What do you think about prospecting yandere Mitsuki?
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He's just autistic like Sai when he got presented.
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iruka converted the whole village huh?

Why does /a/ worship cowtits so fucking much?
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Proof of femininity. You look at a chest and see cowtits, you know it's a girl. You look at a flat chest and you can't make the same assertion.
>You look at a chest and see cowtits, you know it's a girl.
Not in this day and age anon.

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