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Why is anime so goddamn awful nowadays?
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Because we've seen every conceivable harem plot ever?
It's not

People have been making shitty posts like yours even back in the 90s.
Because cliche shit sells=/=good cliche shit

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I love the post-apocalyptic feel of the anime's Japari Park.
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Literally hitler
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It's official: I'm gay for hitler
>cheeriofags are literally fags
How suprising
Anti heroes are best heroes

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Your waifu gets posted, you go to bed.
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But I just woke up.
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But I just woke up.
Posting the superior Aozaki

>/a/nons will pretend that they let this get passed of as character development.
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Moeblob to sexy, don't see the problem here.
It's 愛よ, I ain't gotta explain shit
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Homura is still moe

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What was the marriage proposal like? Who took initiative here?
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takagi tricked him into it
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>haha im finally going to prank her
>hey wanna marry me
>tricked again
They played a game for marriage and he lost again

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I want to protect his smile.
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Let's hope he doesn't have a growth spurt to preserve that smile.
Who pre-order vol 6? I see tweet that tell them pre-order got cancel because Avex don't deliver it. Even it is pre-order before the ban happened .

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Who is the prettiest Kyoani girl?
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Mai, Mitsuki, Mio, Muse and Reina
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A lot of people will not agree with my opinion, but Mugi is prettiest for me.
Not Mio, who is very bland.

I guess ErwL and EL are canon now.
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Sieg a best.
Was has there been at least 1 shingeki thread 24 hours, 7 days a week, every month for 4 years straight?
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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A waste of space. Hakunon is superior, especially with Nero.
Where's Tamamo?
My major problem with male Hakuno is that we already know he's going to be. Your standard boring male protagonist. God, look at the Fate Grand Order OVA

>Hi, what's your name?

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Where is the JUSTICE in posting threads below the bump limit?
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reminder that toyotaro has proved once again that his adaptation is inferior to the anime with this chapter,, BTFO
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I'm just happy that Soon anon will still be with us for at least one more month.

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On the last episode >>157315129

We're going to fill up this chart one way or another. Changes, additional characters and more.

We are doing this sketch with paint and when everyone is happy with the slots we will put it on a polished version.\

If you want to change a character's position give a good reason why you want to change it.

To add a character just post the image and point to where it should be in the chart like this:

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Subaru 90/60 and Rem 60/40
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Proposal: Put casshern a bit higher, considering that he's basically an estranged loner who bears the weight of having destroyed the world and everything he holds dear.

Rem deserves to be higher too, her existence was fucking erased.
Rurushu should be lower in my opinion, his only saving grace is how much he suffered before becoming immortal. Same to Suzaku, I am really trying not to put anyone above 50 if they haven't died at the very least.

I'll probably notice that something is off and come back later like a faggot anyway.
Okay, I'll include these changes.

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Green is always the best
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>literally female Joker

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Final OVAs are this December.
What are you thoughts, hopes and expectations?
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For it to be entirely focused on the Nishizumi family and Erika. Also more flashback to younger Maho and Miho's lives so we can have more loli Nishizumis.
This and possibly have a good one last match just like in der film

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Now that the movie's out, what was your favorite shot or scene?
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pick one
let's romanticize suicide. it's a trend now.
>it's a trend now.
It is?

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