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This is my wife Caulifla. Say something nice about her!
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kill yourself
She probably won't live long enough for you to disappoint her.
so i was watching the last TFS episodes with cell and readin..

>condom pick
yeah i dont think this is the thread i want to be in.

Guidebook delayed yet again, but compensated with smiling Yuri/Yuuri.
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That is so cute. Also they have something to announce? I remember guidebook delayed because they goons announce the movie.
If you want to be optimistic: movie PV drop

If you want to be realistic: fucking nothing
Fairy's smile is a miracle.

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Reaction image thread
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It's Awesome.png
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Was it rape?
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She didn't penetrate Megumi. So no.
It was assault.
A crime? Should Sagiri go to jail?

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Akko is the cutest!
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Akko is married?!?!
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Look at this girl!
Akko is such a precious dork.

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ITT: prove you're an oldfag
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Fucking kill yourself

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>When Mikoto lightly reached out her hand, the mangled metal writhed like a living creature.

>This was not magnetism, the Lorentz force, or the van der Waals force. But the dead machine(?) definitely raised its head after confirming the presence of its owner.

>“Come to think of it, I’ve been getting weird nosebleeds lately.”

And they thought Kamachi will drop the nosebleed and curse thing.

>“Whatever it is, it can apparently be converted into an electric signal since this is built into a circuit. Misaka-san, could you read it by connecting to this pile of junk with your power?”

So AAA actually was brought to life when Mikoto first discovered it as it took a form and now this. How coincidental was for it to be built to create electricity and also taking a form in front of Mikoto.?

The flashback to London and Down was interesting, also Mathers is best smug cat hag.
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Where the fuck are the illustrations for Ice Girl.
The fact that she conveniently stumbled upon the AAA in her hour of need was already an asspull. Now it's just going to be an express route for her to get a grasp of magic, something that should have taken place across the series and not just towards the end.
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Who's your favorite character and why?
Hard mode: Respectfully disagree with other anons picks before you post your favorite character
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>Started to worry about JBA when Iggy randomly gets introduced
>This shit happens in the next part

And thats when I stopped watching or caring about Jojos Bizarre Adventure. Its just too much of a cliched and bad thing to happen in such a series.

So everyone agrees Parts 1 and 2 are the best of Jojo right? Star Crusade is ok, but goes on too long and has an even bigger Mary Sue than Dio, in the form of Jotaro.

Does Hamon ever come back into the series, or does it get thrown away to make space for other shit?
>this shit happens in the next part?

also, a common consensus is that JoJo gets very good past Part 3.
>So everyone agrees Parts 1 and 2 are the best of Jojo right?
Only you and the anime-onlies who love Joseph and are from tumblr.

Does Hamon ever come back into the series, or does it get thrown away to make space for other shit?
There's something in Part 7 that makes it different from the other parts.

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Anime protagonists used to be based as fuck. Where did it all go wrong?
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Japan is a bunch of pussies now. You shouldn't expect much.
>those fonts
Fuck off and die. Also good job posting almost exclusively 90s anime so we know you're a newfag
>Subaru and Touma not manly as fuck
Good job showing off your faggotry

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Annie to return in next chapter, 100%
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BRAM a best.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
A is best
RMB is shit

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>gender bender
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>video game
>MC invents gunpowder
This retarded shit has got to stop.
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>protagonist uses video game logic

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Episode is out.

>Daryl's a cunt
>Paul's a bitch
>Akko has the body and size of an 11 year old
>Diana dies internally
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Where is Diana taking Akko?
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I will break the curse!
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How do you feel about extremely slim girls?
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I want to feed them by force.
Celestia a best. A BEST.

Krul is a disgusting skeleton.
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ReZero EX Novel.png
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Is it actually in English or just an import? Also god you're annoying.
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I've waited so long.

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Gowasu is directly responsible for two Zeno's and the Tournament of Power, as well as his impending doom.
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Reminder to lynch all pedros
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No, Minus-Blooma is 4 years old, Minus-Gokou is 3

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